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Wearing Birkenstocks with Socks: A Style Guide for Women | ShoeTease

Wearing Birkenstocks with Socks: A Style Guide for Women | ShoeTease

Birkenstocks are a popular summer-to-fall shoe choice. So much so, that I've written a complete guide on what to wear with Birkenstocks! However, many don't know how to wear Birkenstocks with socks.

Yes, they've been made specifically with a cork footbed to wear barefoot, but there's no reason not to wear them with cozy socks. These can fit many aesthetics from minimalist to sporty to contemporary, and of course, granola mom!

Today on, I'll show you how to make these types of sandals work with socks. Birkenstocks can be worn with various socks – from simple to more ornate. Of course, some Birks look better with socks than others, so we'll start there.

I'll also list the 9 best types of socks to wear with your Birkenstocks, and how to style them for different occasions. Like casual, to more casual!

Should you wear Birkenstocks with Socks?

Socks with sandals have been debated in the fashion and everyday world for some time. So you might be wondering if it's ok to wear Birkenstocks with socks. Or you may not care. For those of you who do, it's completely fine to wear Birks with socks!

It's actually a great idea to extend the styling potential of the shoes into spring and fall. And depending on where you live, even winter!

You'll get the most wear with them with socks and get to keep your feet warm in the process.

5 Best Birkenstocks to Wear with Socks

1. Arizona Sandals:

Shop socks & Birks from Free People

Birkenstock Arizona sandals look cozy with socks! The most popular Birks style works well with socks as their laid-back and chunkier aesthetic lends itself to thick socks.

The Arizona is now available in EVA, with a platform base and with big buckles and a slew of colors & finishes!

Try them with striped ankle socks or with a fun ankle detail, as they'll stand out more in this style.

ShoeTease Facebook Group block reading: don't know what to wear join our free facebook group for styling and outfit help beside an image of a woman organizing her shoes and another woman standing in a fashionable outfit with jeans.

2. Kyoto Sandals:

The double-strapped, fold-over sandals will wrap your feet up like a warm croissant! Because of the extra coverage, you'll see your socks less – just the top and bottom edge.

These will look fun with socks that have a contrasting color toe/heel area, but will look just as good with plain socks.

Kyoto Birks from Free People

3. Boston Clogs:

The most popular of the Birkenstock clogs, I've seen these styled from high to low, with everything from maxi dresses to wide-leg pants.

Their aesthetic is minimal and the shoe comes in many neutral colors. Like the Arizona style, you can find them with or without a shearling footbed or fully covered in it. The latter will look like you're wearing teddies on your feet and I fully recommend them!

4. Buckley Clogs:

Less popular, but still conducive to socks are the Buckle Birkenstock clogs. These remind me somewhat of grandma slippers, which makes them extra quirky.

Pair them plain or frilly socks or fun prints if you feel like going all out!

Close up of woman's feet wearing black Birkenstock clogs with wooly socks.
Buckley Birkenstocks from Free People

5. Siena Sandals:

Cropped view of woman's feet wearing criss coss brown birkenstocks with socks in beige color.
Siena Big Buckle Birks from Free People

I'm a big fan of this Birks style without socks, but they can also work with them. The criss-cross straps might make things tricky, though, as the sock can get pinched in.

So keep your socks tight, stretchy and on the thinner side of thick, if that makes sense 😉

Shop Birkenstocks from the following retailers:

Birkenstocks We Love:

Arizona Shearling
Madrid Big Buckle
Arizona Teddy

9 Best Socks to Wear with Birkenstocks

If you've ever wondered what kind of socks to wear with Birkenstocks, there are quite a few great options for you to try out!

Generally, when looking for socks to wear with Birkenstocks, something with texture is best. Looked for ribbed or cable knits, or speckled materials with a certain amount of thickness.

Thin, barely-there socks or no-show show should be left for other shoes, like loafers or ballerina flats! Below are the 8 best socks to wear with Birks:

1. Cabin Socks

Shop Clogs from Urban Outfitters, and Birkenstock socks at DSW
Shearling-lined Birks at Urban Outfitters, similar socks from Birkenstock

Birkenstocks can be worn with a variety of socks. But for a cozier look, cabin socks aka hiking socks aka slug socks are one of the best options!

Wool pairs provide extra warmth in colder weather, but you can also find them in cotton blends too. It's no surprise that Birkenstock makes these socks too!

But no matter the material, they'll give a more rugged, cottage-core feel when worn with your Birks than other types of socks.

I love the classic grey melange style with a cream top with a red ankle stripe, popular here in Canada. Any grey or mixed knit material like a cable knit pair, will look great and add texture to your Birks styling.

Make sure your socks fit snugly, so they don't bunch up in your Birkenstocks (especially if you're wearing sandals). Cabin socks and Brkestocks look great with sweatpants, joggers and casual shorts outfits.

2. White Crew Socks

Shop Teddy Birks from Anthropologie and crew socks from Free People
Shop Organic logo socks from Free People

White ankle crew socks (tube socks) are all the rage and don't need only to be worn with sneakers! These make great boot socks, Mary Jane socks and loafer socks too! They'll give a bright sporty look to your casual outfit. 

Wear them pulled up, or opt for a mid-calf pair that you scrunch down for a more laid-back feel. Love a white crew socks with Birkenstock EVA Arizona sandals.

You can add some interest by pairing the shoes with a sporty logo such as a Nike Swoosh or Balenciaga B's

3. Chunky, Slouchy Socks

Shop Tie-Dye Knee Socks at Free People
Shop Slouch Socks from Free People

The thicker and more slouch they have, the comfier these socks will look! You can go for an exaggerated aesthetic, like the chunky knit socks above, or opt for a tighter pair for less of a slouch. For extra slouch, wear over-the-knee socks pushed down.

4. Tone-on-Tone Socks

Vegan Platform Birks from Free People
Patent Birks from Free People

Black on black, white on white, beige on beige. Well, you get the drift! Matching your socks to your Birkenstocks is excellent if you want less contrast and a more cohesive look.

If you prefer a slight contrast, try pairing the socks with a slightly lighter, darker shade of Birks. I also love the look of matching color socks with patent Birks to give a subtle and modern opaque vs shine.

For more casual, rugged looks, pair wooly and speckled socks with suede Arizona or Birkenstock clogs.

5. Striped Socks

Cozy Stripe Socks from Free People

I love a great pair of striped pulled-up socks with Birks, as much as wearing them slouched down. Wearing them up makes the look more sporty. You can fully contrast the Birkenstock color, or match it.

Striped socks can come in all-over small stripes, large chunky top stripes and all kinds in between. Of course, you can always opt for a pair of most subtle striped crew or camping stripes with a couple contrast stripes at the top of the socks.

6. Frilly Socks

Lace Ruffle socks from Free People
Shop socks from Free People

Choose a pair of frilly socks if you're into going full-on quirky with your Birkenstocks and socks. You can reach for plain white rubble socks or ones with some texture and patterns.

These pair well with simple black Arizona sandals and Birkenstock clogs, but you can bring in some grandma appeal with a pair of teddy Birks!

7. Patterned socks

Checkered Socks from Free People
Patterned socks from Anthropologie

Add some interest to your Birkenstocks with socks that have a pattern. I like larger designs and geometric patterns myself, but smaller ones can work well too.

Try polka dots, jacquard, or floral prints and knits with your Birks. Even floral prints are great if that's more your look!

8. Gradient Color Socks

Shop dye socks from Free People
Shop Slip Color Birks from Free People

If you like color, but patterns and stripes aren't your thing, why not try a pair of ombre socks! The subtle transitions can blend into your Birks color or contrast them.

You can opt for a pair of tie-dye socks too. These will look fun with a pair of EVA Arizona Birkenstocks too!

9. Over-the-Knee Socks

Over the Knee Socks from Free People
Cable Knits Tall Socks from Free People

Try a pair of knit over-the-knee socks if you want to go all-out on the cottage core aesthetic! These will keep your legs warm when wearing your Birks with shorts or a mini dress.

Go for a ribbed or cable knit sweater-like pair. Free People has so many amazing ones in all colors and textures!

You can keep them pulled up or slouch them down depending on your mood. If you're curious how to wear them, check out Gigi Hadid, looking cozy-chic in a matching knit set, Birks and OTK socks, here.

Where to Buy Socks for Birkenstocks:

Birkenstocks and Socks Outfit Ideas:

Unclear how to wear your Birkenstocks with socks? Below are a few outfits from Free People and Urban Outfitters that showcase a range of options for wearing Birkenstocks with socks!

For more styling advice, check my post about all the best slides outfits and how to wear clogs outfits.

Birkenstocks with Socks and Pants

You can't go wrong with adding socks to your Birkenstocks with casual pants. From jeans, to pajama pants, sweats and other cozy pants, it's just a match made in comfort heaven!

If you'd like more styling advice, be sure to look over my posts about how to wear wide-leg pants, cropped dress pants and joggers.

Socks with Birkenstocks & casual pants from Free People
Birkenstocks with socks and plaid PJ pants from Free People
Birks with Socks and Sweats from Urban Outfitters

Birkenstocks with Socks and Cozy Knits

Birkenstocks with socks and cozy knits just make sense. Whether you're keeping warm at the cottage or adding Fall vibes to a knit set, or sweater dress, adding ribbed or thick-knit socks will do the trick!

I particularly like Birkenstock clogs with socks and knits, so be sure to check out my post on how to wear clogs for more styling tips!

Cozy knits shorts combo, Birks and socks from Free People
Knit skirt-set with Birkenstocks & socks from Free People

Birks with Socks and Shorts

Want to keep on the shorts at the end of summer, but still want to keep warm in your Birks? Add some socks! I love slouchy socks with pj shorts with Birkenstock clogs and knee socks.

Be sure to try striped crew socks with denim shorts for a sporty appeal with any Birks style. Speckled slub socks with utility shorts look fab with Arizona Birkenstocks.

But don't worry, you can mix and match to your liking! Take a look at my post all about how to wear slides for more outfit tips!

Rugged shorts with Birkenstocks and socks at Free People
Clog Birkenstocks with socks and pj shorts from Free People
Birks with socks and denim shorts from Free People

Birkenstocks with Socks FAQs

Can you wear Birkenstocks with socks in the winter?

Birkenstocks are the perfect shoe for summertime weather. They're light, airy, and breathable – perfect for days when you want to feel like you're not wearing shoes at all.

But what about Birkenstocks in the winter? Can you still rock Birks when the temperature starts to drop?

The answer is yes! In fact, Birkenstocks with socks in the winter can be a stylish and practical choice. Pick a pair of wooly camp socks.

These will help to keep your feet warm, while the Birkenstocks will provide support and stability.

Birkenstocks are tough sandals so they can withstand much more than you might think! However, I would not recommend wearing them in the slush or snow, as you'll get your feet wet and may hurt yourself if you slip on a patch of ice.

Is it weird to wear socks with Birkenstock sandals?

Is it weird to wear socks with sandals? That's a question that has divided the fashion world for centuries! Some people believe that socks should only be worn with closed-toe shoes, while others think that socks can be worn with any type of shoe, including Birkenstocks.

I believe that socks can add a touch of whimsy to any outfit, and I often pair them with Birkenstockssandals when the weather is cool. However, I understand that not everyone shares my opinion on this matter.

For those who are still on the fence about socks and sandals, I say this: just go for it. Life is too short to worry about what other people think of your fashion choices, anyway!

Birkenstocks We Love:

Arizona Shearling
Madrid Big Buckle
Arizona Teddy

Final Thoughts about Birkenstocks with Socks

Birkenstocks can be worn with a great many socks! I recommend trying out some of the styles we've highlighted to see which look best to you and suit your style best.

Mix and match different Birkenstocks with socks depending on your outfit, mood, or weather conditions. Socks can add comfort and extra warmth to your Birkenstock sandals or clogs, so don't be afraid to try them out!

Which Birkenstocks and socks combinations will you be trying out this season? Let me know in the comments, below!

xo ShoeTease

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Tuesday 3rd of October 2023

I've been wearing Birks with socks 4ever, at least 4+ decades! If Birks weren't meant to be worn with socks why does Birkenstocks have their own brand of socks?


Thursday 5th of October 2023

VERY good point!


Sunday 30th of July 2023

I’m 64 today, but my point is and has always been that I do as I pleased. My life, my business. I had used socks with my sandals, either to keep my feet warm in cold weather or dry when’s hot. To add style, I could combine sock’s a color with the outfit, either casual or sporty.


Monday 12th of December 2022

Hi. People have been wearing socks with birks for over 40 years, especially men. I hate that it's become a "fashion", but oh well. Deadheads are rolling their eyes. Anyway, I read your article even though it's for women. I miss my Arizonas but would love any tips on how to get them at a discounted price.

Thanks!, Bill


Monday 12th of December 2022

I love it when everyday looks become trends! Right now comfort is in, so the current socks with Birks trend makes sense. In terms of finding discounted Birkenstocks, your best bet is to shop during sales and off season times, or scour the Birkenstock site for sales (a few on right now). Birks are the types of high-demand shoes whose best sellers generally never go on sale, or if they do, they sell out very quickly.