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3 Fun Ways to Wear Summer Socks with Shoes

3 Fun Ways to Wear Summer Socks with Shoes

There are so many shoe accessories that can't. And more often than not, we forget how socks can so easily accomplish that!

So if your summer shoes & sandals are boring, or you prefer wearing socks, there are many simple and cute summer socks in many styles you can try.

Not to mention, socks can help transition your sneakers, flats & heels into the spring and fall seasons!

If you're uncertain about wearing socks with your summer shoes–and yes–even heels, think of it this way…

Vintage-inspired ladies style their socks with Keds & oxfords, and it absolutely compliments their look. Japanese street style fashion is no stranger to the pairing either.

If you're still not convinced, socks are extremely on-trend right now. So why not have some fun with your current shoes & socks and take your below-the knees style to the next level?

How to Pair Wear Summer Socks with Shoes

1. Sheer Ankle Socks with Pumps

Sheer floral summer socks

These sheer, blush-colored floral ankle socks are just too adorable for words! These are my favorite to pair with dark or black pumps, strappy or otherwise.  

They make such a statement, that the simpler the shoe, the better. I think they look fantastic with patent leather. What do you think?

2. Metallic Socks with Oxfords

silver summer socks with brogues

These silver sparkly loose ankle socks are probably my favorite pair from the Rachel's Box collection. And some of my favorite socks to wear with loafers and oxfords.

The metallic shimmer is subtle & they pair well with so many shoes that it was hard for me to pick just one shoe to style with them for this post!

Of course, if you're going to go loud with sparkly socks & brogues pairing, you can't beat a high-shine mirror metallic silver oxford to go with. I'm obnoxious like that 😉

3. White Frilly Ankle Socks with Sandals

White Lace Ankle Summer Socks with Sandals

For all of you who want to emit the ultimate Lolita vibe (and can pull it off!), there's nothing more suitable than a semi sheer pair of frilly lace summer socks to do the trick.

I mean, didn't we ladies all wear some version of this sock growing up, with our black patent Mary Janes? Ah yes, those Bobby socks! (Or was that just me?). Style with your baddest, highest, platform sandals for the most dramatic effect!

Of course, you can always opt for no-show socks if you're keen on wearing socks, but keeping them hidden.

So what is your take on slipping your summer sock-clad feet into a pair of heels, sandals or sneakers? Would you do it!?

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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Emily | Style Me Tactical

Wednesday 10th of August 2016

I've always been a bit intrigued with the cute socks and shoes combo. These socks are the perfect match with those shoe choices.


Wednesday 10th of August 2016

Thanks Emily! Sock styling intrigues me as well. It's such a specific look that's often difficult to nail down perfectly. xo Cristina