Privacy Policy

This post was most recently updated on September 16th, 2019

Privacy Policy

I have included a privacy policy on my website to inform you how may collect personally identifiable information & how it may be used.


A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. uses cookies to store information about website visitor preferences over time. 

Most Internet browsers support cookies; however, users can set their browsers to decline certain types of cookies or specific cookies. Users can also delete cookies at any time.

Display Ads uses Mediavine to manage all third-party advertising on the Website. Mediavine serves content & advertisements when you visit the Website, which may use cookies.

Mediavine may collect IP addresses & location to serve personalized ads.  If you would like more information about this practice & to know your choices to opt-in or opt-out of this data collection, please visit:

Affiliate Links

Links to items in my posts may sometimes be of the affiliated variety. If you purchase any product by clicking on an affiliate link, don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything extra! I may, however, make a tiny commission off of the sale.

I try my best to link to the exact product being showcased, but if not possible, I will make an alternate suggestion. Any product I have received for free will be marked c/o. Sponsored posts will be marked as such within the post content.

Monetizing my shoe blog allows me to not onl ontinue creating what I hope is interesting & inspiring shoe & fashion-related content for my readers, but it gives me an income, y’all 😉

General Disclaimer is not affiliated with any brands, companies, products or services other than ShoeTease & Pombons. All opinions (and I have many!) expressed are 100% mine and don’t reflect anyone else’s (except if they happen to share my same opinion).

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures are owned by me, aka ShoeTease. I also own all ShoeTease t-shirt, tops & product illustrations, designed by yours truly, which you can find in the online shop. Please don’t copy them. Or the content of this shoe blog!

Credit me over social media by tagging my @bloggerinheels handle on Instagram and @shoetease handle on Facebook/Twitter and mentioning me in your caption. But kindly ask first, thanks!