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Today I’m happy to show you what color shoes with navy dresses to wear! Matching a neutral dress with the appropriate shoe color is usually a simple endeavour. But with a particular shade such as navy blue, getting the right shoes is sometimes tricky.

What Color Shoes with Navy Dresses?

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Ok, so like I said, finding the right shoe color for some dresses may be more difficult than others. Navy blue might seem like a more difficult color to pair with the right color shoes, because of it’s almost black-but-not-quite-black shade that might initially stump you.

However, you’ll be surprised to see how many fabulous & unexpected colors that go with a navy dress. This applies not only to shoe colors, but also to accessory colors. And don’t worry, alongside each shoe color choice, I will suggest the perfect purse color to match your navy dress too!

Oh, & these proposed shoe color choices are all perfect shoes to wear with skinny jeans that are a deep indigo or cobalt-ish blue too! Then again, what shoe hues don’t mix with this great classic? But I digress….back to what shoes to wear with navy dresses!

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1. Navy Dress with Nude Shoes

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

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Nothing not to love about wearing nude shoes (especially heels!) with a navy dress. Of course, I intend “nude” as the color matching your skin tone. If your shoe hue matches your legs, they’ll look like they go on for miles!

However, a beige “nude”, as the ones worn above will look fab with a navy dress, not matter what your skin tone. A great nude pair of heels to have in your closet (that will last you forever & totally worth the designer price) is Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandal & the designer’s lower heeled stiletto sandal called Nudist Song, which is also amazing!

Louboutin’s Pigalle Follies pump is also amazing & comes in different shades of nude.  Three lovely shoes that are also striking color shoes to wear with purple dresses & outfits too! Looking for a less expensive alternative? Try Sam Edelman’s perfectly minimal Patti Strappy Sandal.

Purse color tip: A white, gold or brown purse will work best with your nude shoes & navy outfit.

2. Gold Shoes with Navy Blue Dress

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

Shop Gold Shoes:

Ok, so these shoes aren’t completely gold, but they look pretty good with this navy dress, right? Gold, unlike silver, is a warm metallic which creates a more contrasting effect when paired with a navy outfit.

I prefer ‘paler’ golds with navy blue, but if you like a more orangey golds, then go for it! Gold shoes & accessories are the perfect solution to your “what color shoes to wear with a navy blue dress conundrum” and  also makes a great color shoes for cocktail dresses & wedding outfit combos.

Unfortunately the heels I’m wearing in the photo above are no longer available, but popular, wear-with-everything gold sandal, are Sam Edelman’s Yaro. Out for a pump? Vince Camuto’s  Gabe pump is a great contender. Looking for a more casual flat? Check out these gold Gucci-inspired loafers, which are amazing!

Feel free to scroll through the above gold shoes styles, above, for more of my favourites available in store. 

Purse color tip: White or nude & if the gold you’ve chosen in a less saturated hue, you can also grab a small matching purse and still look stunning!

3. Black Shoes with Navy Dress

what color shoes with navy dress black

Shop Black Shoes:

Shoe color & navy dress planning getting you down? But more importantly, can you wear black shoes with a navy dress? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that & guess what you CAN wear black shoes with a navy dress.

Funny enough I’m not the biggest fan of black dresses & navy shoes, but I love a navy outfit with a black shoe. Especially in a patent leather, particularly if the dress is a matte shade of navy like the one I’m wearing.

For specific shoe types, I love Stuart Weitzman’s NudistSong strappy sandals (available here at Nordstrom). Or if you’re looking for a lower price, check out this pretty sandal, here.  

Sam Edelman also makes a great, simple but comfy pointed pump called the Hazel. It comes in many colors & you can take it from ballroom to boardroom to the bar!

Purse color tip: A jewelled black purse is more fun than a fully black one, which may get visually lost when carrying near your dark blue dress. A metallic purse would look amazing as well, whether silver gold or rose gold. But don’t discount a white bag. A small one can look great with this color mix!

4. Navy Dress with Silver Shoes

what color shoes with navy dress silver 2

Shop Silver Shoes:

A navy dress with silver shoes is such a fabulous combination! I love mirror metallics, but any silver, opaque or otherwise will do. Silver shoes & accessories look especially great with navy blue bridesmaid dresses or formal gowns. But they can be the perfect shoes to wear with a grey dress too!

Popular silver heel choices at the moment are: Leith’s Chinese Laundry from Nordstrom (priced for under $100!) and J. Renée’s Maressa metallic silver pointy pump.

Purse color tip: I love matching silver heels to a silver clutch. Paired with navy it never looks ‘too much’ due to the neutral nature of this metal. A white purse would look great thrown into the mix as well. Keep all other small accessories & jewelry silver, rather than gold or bronze.

5. White Shoes with a Navy Blue Dress

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

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If you want to play it light for the summer months, grab a pair of white heels or sandals to liven up a navy frock! I’m wearing white “Lovisa” cap-toe pumps by Alexander Wang.

Purse color tip: As with silver, you can play matchy-matchy with your white shoes & purse. Just make sure your purse is a small cross-body or clutch, otherwise it’ll not only take attention away from the blue dress, but overwhelm the outfit as a whole.

6. Navy Dress With Green Shoes

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

What color shoes with a navy dress you ask? In terms of bright colors, I’m partial to navy with green! Apple green specifically (like the Nine West “Martina” pumps I’m wearing) is my absolute favorite color to pair with a dark blue anything! It creates a beautiful, yet not too eye popping because of its complimentary cool tones.

If you want to go green but are hesitant about the display of color, you can always opt for a deeper emerald green. This way, you get to keep a more subtle contrast to your dress. Even forest green shoes can look amazing with navy, especially at work, worn with a pant/skirt suit or simple navy shift.

Purse color tip: You can either play up the look with even more color when it comes to your purse! A sunshine yellow, burnt orange, or even a hot pink clutch will look great. If you want to keep the color party strictly on your feet, opt for a beige, white or chocolate brown purse.

7. Navy Blue Dress and Red Shoes

what color shoes with navy dress red

Shop Red Shoes:

Red is a classic hue & works wonderfully with navy outfits, particularly dresses. It gives the look a nautical feel.  Just add a navy/white striped trench to complete the style! Nautical or not, red heels or flats, even coral heels, can perfectly compliment a dark blue dress. Or any blue dress for that matter!

Purse color tip: You’ll find that a white, silver or even an gold purse (as long as kept on the smaller side) will work. Feeling ballsy & opting for red heels & navy dress at work? Pair it with a black or beige briefcase. Although how cool would a mirror metallic silver handbag look for an edgier office look?

8. Hot Pink shoes

what color shoes with navy dress pink

Nothing like adding a hot pink shoe to a navy dress to make a statement! More flirty & less serious than red, it’s the perfect shoe color to wear with a casual or fancy shmancy deep blue navy dress.

Purse color tip: You can either have a lot of fun with this & carry a yellow or green clutch, or keep it simpler with a gold or black patent purse.

9. Purple Shoes & Navy Dresses

what color shoes with navy dress purple

Purple, warm burgundy & even lavender hues look phenomenal with a navy dress or navy outfit. It detaches itself enough visually to be interesting, but doesn’t overwhelm. I love how the rhinestones from these sparkly platforms catches the navy color of the dress!

Purse color tip: I’d steer clear from matching your purse to your shoes when dealing with purple. Instead, I’d go for a bright yellow, white or silver clutch. Remember: the more formal your navy outfit, the smaller your purse ought to be!

10. Navy Dress with Brown Shoes

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

Shop Brown/Tan/Caramel Shoes:

I’ll be the first to admit that I do neglect this shoe color, but it sneakily works so well combined with different outfit colors. And of course, brown shoes look great with a navy dress! This color shoe matches a more loose-fitting, casual dress & isn’t ideal to wear with a formal or navy cocktail dress. I love brown shoes with a navy office look myself!

Purse color tip: A matching brown, orange, or even baby blue purse would look great.

11. Leopard Print & Reptile Print Shoes

What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

Shop Leopard Print Shoes:

If beiges & browns are highly considered colors that go with navy blue, then leopard print or natural colored reptile prints will be a smashing hit! And it doesn’t matter if the animal print is light or dark, largely printed or small. Just make sure you pair this printed shoe with a plain navy dress.

A lace or patterned navy dress like the one I wore in the first set of pictures wouldn’t work well with leopard print shoes. But the smooth navy frocks above surely do!

Purse color tip: Brown, beige, gold or a colorblocked combination of these would make a fab addition to your look!

Alright, so the selection above is in my view the best shoe hues to answer your, “what color shoes with navy dress,” question. And I truly hope I did help you along the way to shoe styling success! As always, taste & style is subjective & you might, for instance, like wearing a pair of orange or yellow shoes with your navy outfit.

Which can look good, but may look a little “crayola” if the navy dress steers towards cobalt blue. It’s really all about how the outfit works together & what you feel most comfortable in!

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How About a Navy Dress with Navy Shoes?

However, I’d not pair navy dresses with navy shoes. Unless you’re going to an awards show & your shoes have been dyed to match your navy dress perfectly. A la Jessica Chastain on the 2015 Oscars red carpet, below:
What Color Shoes with Navy Dress

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xo Cristina

Photography credit: Conrad Collaco


  1. Carolyn Milton Beckwith Reply

    I am wearing a navy blue cocktail dress with rhinestone button the sleeves. I am thinking silver heel shoes with rhinestones, would that be too much

    • Since I can’t see the dress or shoes, or know what event you’re going to, I would say that it all depends on how many rhinestones are on each item. I would say that if one has a minimum amount of sparkle and the other has a bit more, that should work just fine.

      However, if both the dress sleeves and shoes are heavily ornate with rhinestones I would switch out the shoes to something more simple. In the end, however, it depends on how the outfit makes you feel. If you love how it looks, go for it!

  2. I have a navy and white stripe dress. There’s just as much white as navy. 3/4 sleeve semi fitted dress. What color shoes with it?

    • Hi Cindy! I would opt for white or silver for more of a Spring vibe, especially to a wedding or formal event. However, if you’re wanting to add a punch of color, a hot pink or yellow shoe would be so fun & playful. But if black shoes are what you have in your closet, thoes will look subdued and classic. For more casual looks with a partially navy dress, camel colored shoes work great, especially in the Summer. Hope this helps and happy dressing!
      xo Cristina

  3. I have a navy blue dress that has many sparkles and rhinestones. Do you think nude,silver, gold, white, or black shoes will go with it.

    • Hi Andrea! It depends on what colours the sparkles are. If they lean more towards gold or silver, I’d match the shoes to match metallic shade. Black & white shoes would be my second & 3rd selections. I hope this helps!
      xo Cristina

  4. Hanna Causey Reply

    Hello, I have a dress that’s a ball gown and it has silver accents on it and I was wondering if I paired some silver shoes to it would it be to much?

    • Hi Hanna! If the dress has silver accents and the main colour is not silver, than silver would not be too much at all.
      xo Cristina

  5. Hanna Causey Reply

    Hello, I have a dress that a ball gown and it has silver accents on it and I was wondering if I paired some silver shoes to it would it be to much?

  6. Endy Olaniyan Reply


    I have a navy blue cocktail dress and i want to match with a coral necklace but can i go with a wine shoe and a coral bag
    Please help

    • Hi Endy,

      All sounds great, but I think the coral bag would be too much. I’d swap it for a navy or wine coloured purse instead. Black would work well too, but wouldn’t be my top choice.

      Hope this helps!
      xo Cristina

  7. Hi i have a navy sequin dress and was thinking silver or white shoes? What would you suggest as its a dress that stands out

  8. I have a matte navy blue dress that looks quite formal. I’m trying to dress it down a little. Would you have any suggestions?

    • It all depends on the dress really & just how casual you want to go. I find adding a belt and pairing a navy dress with brown accessories makes it automatically more casual. You can also try adding a pair of flats or if you want some heel, clogs or booties with a chunky (vs stiletto) would be good choices as well. Hope this helps & let me know if you have anymore questions!
      xo Cristina

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  10. I have a navy blue off the shoulder with rhinestones dress for my homecoming. Should I wear white/silver heels with rhinestones or black heels?

    • Hi Hiro,

      I would go with the black heels, otherwise there may be too much going on between the dress and the shoes. For more information, check out my post on what shoes to wear with a sequin dress:

      xo Cristina

  11. I have a navy dress with a dark gold zipper down the middle. Can i wear a cobalt blue shoe or what color purse with a mustard yellow shoe.

    • Hi Rhonda,

      I would much prefer the mustard yellow shoe with a navy dress. If you go with the yellow shoes, choose a simple black, white or cream colored purse. If you have a silver clutch, that could work well too.

      Happy dressing!

  12. I have a dark dark navy lace dress with a champagne color underneath the lace. I need a shoe to with it but it can’t be a high heel. Please help. Thank you

    • Hi Alyce,

      If you can’t wear a high heel, your best next bet is a sleek pointed toe flat in black, gold or beige. With straps or without is up to you. I’m partial to black with this type of shoe, especially if you have a larger shoe size, as it will make your feet look smaller. For example, I really like these (and they’re on sale too!) or these

      Hope this helps:)

  13. Judith Englehart Reply

    I have a navy dress with silver and rhinestones at the neckline for my granddaughter’s wedding. Should I wear silver shoes or navy shoes?

    • Hi Judith,

      I would definitely recommend the silver shoes, as they’ll tie in well with the neckline. And you could match with a silver or white clutch. If you do feel inclined to match your navy shoes with your navy dress, however, (I’m not a big fan unless you’re part of a wedding party or going to a gala ), make sure it’s an exact match.

      Hope this helps!
      xo Cristina

  14. Icefishinglady Reply

    Another solution: a colorful patterned scarf or other accessory – any shoe color found in the scarf can give you a pulled-together look. 🙂

    • Agreed! Navy & lavender is a stunning combo. I will add it to the post. Thank you Candide!
      xo Cristina

  15. Very nice combination.Wish I can have all the shoes…..lovely.Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Oh my favourite is with white and nude, but your gorgeous pins suit everything so it doesn’t even matter if you wear matching navy heels or uggs hehe!

    Love the dress too!


    • Aawe, you’re so sweet, thanks so much Tatyana!! I love white and nude shoes with a navy dress too…so classy, crisp & clean. I can see you rocking a red pair with a navy outfit!

      xo Cristina

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