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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black & White Dress

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Black & White Dress

I absolutely love the look of black & white: black and white footwear, dresses, outfits, decor…you name it! But what color shoes to wear with black and white dress es or outfits, you ask? That, my friends, is a very good question & one that I can definitely help you answer!

Whether you’re looking to pair a black & white dress or outfit that has stripes, polka-dots, random black/white color blocking or pattern, it really doesn’t matter. This guide takes into account & includes all of the above & more. This way, you can go out looking like the street style star you know you are 😉

What matters most is that the outfit is a contrasting monochromatic frock or look with no “beigey” or warm undertones. Below are my top 10 favorite shoes colors & patterns to pair with monochrome.

aShop Black & White Dresses:

Shoes to Wear with a Black and White Dress

1. Black Shoes, Boots & Sandals

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Shop Black Shoes:

An easy answer to what color shoes to wear with black and white dress es is black. No big surprise here, as black shoes look great with pretty much any outfit & are an easy go-to choice for black & white outfits. Opt for a black boot for a more casual shoe & dress pairing, while a minimal sandal, high heeled or not, compliments an evening look.

2. White Shoes With Black And White Dresses

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Shop White Shoes:

White shoes, heels, sneakers or sandals are a great match with these monochrome dresses. Just make sure the while in the heels is the same shade of white in the dress, otherwise your outfit will look mismatched to the shoes. White shoes with hot pink dress es also look amazing! 

3. Black & White Shoes

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Shop Black & White Shoes:

You wouldn’t think off-hand that this pairing would work, but it’s my absolute styling favorite! Black & white shoes look fabulous with white and black dresses, jumpsuits or the like.

For optimum impact, aim for more of a black shoe if the outfit has more white in it & vice versa. Black & white shoes also work great with most colorful dresses too. And are awesome shoes to wear with black dresses!

4. Black and White Dress With Silver Shoes

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress 8

Shop Silver Shoes:

If you’re looking that isn’t black, or white or a combination of the two, silver shoes are a great best. Because the best metallic shoe to pair with a black & white dress is hands-down, a silver one!

It’s kind of like the shiny version of white shoes & happens to look amazing on all skin tones. Shoot for mirror metallic silver, which is much more dramatic & striking with black and white dresses. And my personal color shoes to wear with navy! 

Colorful Shoes with Black and White Dresses & Outfits

Bright, colourful shoes look amazing with black and white outfits. Too be honest, there isn’t a color that won’t complement them, but the brighter & more saturated the color, the better it will look!

Are you familiar with the color wheel at all? Well, any primary or secondary color will look fantastic & contrast great with black & white.

Keep in mind that bright, colourful shoes are a great way of how to go about adding color to your black & white dress/outfit. But the real question is what color shoes is best with these ebony/ivory outfits? Here are a few of my faves:

5. Black and White Dress with Red shoes

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Shop Red Shoes:

By far, the most popular color to wear with black & white outfits is red. Blood red, specifically! And you can’t blame the prevailing pairing: it looks incredible, with a high contrast!

I mean, there’s a reason it’s a showstopper (and the chosen color for a stop light & sign!). Find out more outfit options with this bright shoe color on my newest post on what to wear with red shoes.


6. Bright Green Shoes

How to Wear Colorful Shoes

People don’t normally think of adding green shoes to an outfit, but seriously folks, many of you are missing out! Apple green like the Nine West pumps I’m wearing above are a great shade that looks smashing with black and white outfits, but also pairs well with a ton of other colors & pattern.

And best of all, green is an unconventional shoe color & a great change to the more ubiquitous pink & red choices. 

7. Black and White Dress with Pink Shoes

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Fuchsia & hot pink are fashionista favorites when it comes to matching shoes to black & white dresses (striped black and white dresses in particular!). But it doesn’t mean that other pink hues won’t look just as good.

An orangey-pink or salmon, magenta or purpley-pink shades–as long as they are bright & happy–will make your contrasting outfit fashion blog-ready!

8. Black and White Dress with Blue Shoes (Love Cobalt!)

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Cobalt is such a trendy color & it’s ability to creep into high & low fashion looks season after season is a testament to this hue’s staying power. It also happens to match &/or contrast well with almost anything!

In pump or sandal form, cobalt shoes look great with black and white dresses & outfits and can easily take you from day to night. It’s also a great alternative to other colors such as red, which might be too racy for certain work environments.

If you’re keen on wearing blue shoes with a black and white dress or outfit, other blues that will work well include turquoise, royal blue & a deep baby blue.

9. Orange Shoes & Coral Footwear

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

If you want to break out of the simple ruby red mold, why not give orange a chance? A great, unexpected shoe color & coming back with a vengeance within fashion in general is coral, an orange-red hue that beautifully combines with black and white outfits.

10. Black and White Dress, Yellow Shoes

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Yellow, whether an orangey hue, bright sunshine yellow or in-your-face neon looks spectacular with black & white outfits! I’m partial to a basic crayola yellow myself.

11. Leopard Print Shoes with Black & White Dresses

What Color Shoes to Wear with Black and White Dress

Shop Leopard Print Shoes:

I was debating whether to include leopard print shoes with black and white outfits, as a styling choice, as this one can easily go in a yay or nay direction VERY fast. This, pretty much all dependant on the animal print itself. A larger leopard print with a more prominent contrast to the base color works best. And the less brown & general warmth in the print, the better.

This animal printed footwear looks awesome with black and white striped dresses. I’m just a sucker for a pattern on pattern, what can I say! See how great these shoes are with the first two looks (even better paired with the first that has the wider striped dress?).

But a smaller leopard, or cheetah printed shoe, however, will feel a little ‘cluttered’ with black & white, especially when the print in the dress/outfit is a similar size to the shoe print.

See image on the far right, which doesn’t quite right, as the wrap dress is just too busy to mesh well with also busy small dotted animal print. One simply doesn’t compliment the other & just looks a little blah (this, compared to what it might have looked with a brilliant green or shimmering silver mirror high heel!).

Shoe Colors to Avoid with Black & White Dresses

Some of you by now might be asking yourselves if there’s a shoe color that doesn’t look good with black and white dresses. Since I’m sure you feel as if I’ve mentioned all of them at this point! Well, actually, there are a few that aren’t my first choices.

Of course, taste & style is relative, but the following are definitely not on my top 10 list for black and white outfits! These include:

  • Dark purple shoes
  • Almost-black navy shoes
  • Pastel shoes, especially very pale ones – look to similar, but not quite right with the white)
  • Gold shoes – it’s not disastrous, but the warmer tone doesn’t do B&W justice
  • Brown shoes – too similar to the black of the outfit to compliment or contrast
  • Nude, off-white or beige shoes – makes a bold monochrome look boring. See below:

What to Wear with a Black and White Dress

Now, it’s not that these colors look TERRIBLE, but being so dark (or light!), they won’t contrast well enough to liven up the outfit, nor will your shoes “pop”, so to speak. Most of all, you don’t want people guessing if that beige shoe is white or not, of if that dark navy pump is a faded black that you’re trying to match with the outfit.

I mean, the above shoe colors don’t look bad, but they’ll just look a little, “meh”, if you know what I mean. This is a shoe blog after all and we’re looking to make a bit of a statement with our footwear 😉

While I (hopefully!) still hav eyour attention, you can take shoe & outfit style guide as way to accessorize black & white outfits, not just with your heels, but with your purses, jewelry, hats etc.

Just remember when pairing these monochrome looks with one bright accessory, such as shoes, you’ll be best off to go neutral (black/white/beige) with the rest.

Conversely, you can choose to pair that bright accessory with another color that contrasts & enhances the other one. Sunshine yellow with hot pink or green or turquoise with orange & so on. You can some examples of these in the images pictured above.

So if next time you’re wondering what color shoes to wear with a black and white dress, come back to this page & get re-inspired 🙂

See more shoe styling & find out what shoes to wear with a white dress, here as well as the best types of shoes to wear with a black dress.

xo ShoeTease


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

Where could we find shoes like the apple green nine west you are wearing here online?


Thursday 24th of November 2016

Hi Mia, It depends where in the world you are wanting to shop! Some suggestions, below:

These are similar (and believe it's INTL shipping): These are Nine West styles (buy in US) in the same green, just different heel heights: and Nine West, slightly different style, same colour (buy in CAN):

Hope this helps! xo Cristina


Tuesday 8th of November 2016

Is it okay to wear a black and white dress with a maroon shoes for a formal occasion.


Monday 14th of November 2016

It's not "not" ok, but brighter colors tend to look better with black and white outfits, because of the contrast they create. However, if you already have a maroon shoe that's not too dark in color that you'd like to wear, go for it! You won't be breaking any rules and will definitely be more original than opting for simple black shoes :) Have fun at your event! xo Cristina


Saturday 8th of October 2016

hi i will like to know what colour shoe i can put on with a yellow dress thanks


Saturday 8th of October 2016

Hi Vanessa, Yellow dresses look great with black, white & black and white shoes. If you'd like to add some color to your outfit, bright hues such as hot pink, coral red & cobalt blue look fabulous with yellow. If you're thinking metallics, silver & bronze are my faves. I'd avoid beige & gold shoes, as they'll look washed out next to the yellow. Hope this helps! xo Cristina


Sunday 25th of September 2016

Hi there! I'm wearing a full length striped black and white dress. Can you pls email me what shoes I should wear with it. The dress has a slit on either sides thus showing a bit of my legs(above the ankle).



Wednesday 28th of September 2016

Hi Nancy, glad to help!

What type of event will you be wearing this dress too: casual or formal? If casual, you can wear a brightly colored or black pointed toe flat with a slight heel, or block heel sandal.

If your event is formal, why not try a minimal silver, black or red sandal (depending on your mood)? Like Stuart Weitzman's Nudist or Steve Madden's Stecy. See them here->

Cheers! Cristina

tina smith

Saturday 9th of July 2016

hi there, i would be grateful for suggestions. I am wearing black maxi skirt and white seqinned top and want to be stylish with colour of my shoes bag and had so if anyone can help please email me. many thanks tina


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Hi Tina, I would opt for a bright red purse (or hot pink if you prefer) and a pair of classic black stiletto heels. xo Cristina