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6 Months in My New Balance 990 V6s: A Dad Sneaker Experience

6 Months in My New Balance 990 V6s: A Dad Sneaker Experience

The funny thing about sitting here writing this New Balance 990 V6 sneaker review, is that I almost returned them!

Once handling the shoes, I felt a seam inside the toe box. That usually means a trip to Blisterville for me.

And the $260+tax (Canadian) price didn't do the sneakers any favors. Made me wonder if the price is due to a higher quality shoe or as a fashion trend markup.

But as an avid city-walker who loves a stylish sneaker, these just made sense. And as I didn't feel the interior seam once my feet wiggled inside, I hung onto them.

So here we are, 6 months and a hundred years later, reviewing these New Balance 990 V6 sneakers!

Women's New Balance 990 V6 Sneakers Review

Collage of woman holding New Balance 990 V6 dad-style sneakers at 3 different angles out of box.
New Balance 990 V6s – new, out of box

Sneakers Overview

The New Balance 990 V6s are a less chunky dad sneaker style due to their sleek design as running shoes vs. walking shoes, which dad sneakers usually are.

They have a suede and mesh upper and FuelCell foam midsole that claims to give a forward-propelling bounce and a comfortable, durable fit. 

Above is how they looked new from the box, below, after a few wears (and a quick clean with a damp cloth), and then again after 6 months of frequent wear. 

Close up of woman's legs wearing grey New Balance 990 V6 dad sneakers with rolled up faded straight leg jeans.
New Balance 990 V6s – after 2 weeks of wear

They've been my go-to walking sneakers for school drop-offs and comfortable weekend wear with jeans. 

Note that I did use waterproof shoe spray on them before use, as I recommend to friends and readers with all new shoes. This helps create a protective barrier to prevent stains and allows for easier dirt removal. 

Close up of side view and top of grey and white New Balance 990 V6 sneakers on a wooden floor after 6 months of wear.
New Balance 990 V6s – after 6 months wear
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Comfort and Fit

Close up of woman's legs wearing grey New Balance 990 V6 dad sneakers with rolled up faded straight leg jeans.

For disclosure, as someone with high arches that need support, I swapped out the original New Balance sneaker insoles (they're removable) with my Vionic insoles (similar to these).

I do this with all my sneakers and it will not sway my review, as the insoles are similar in shape and thickness. The only difference is that the Vionic insoles are more rigid and offer more support at the arch and around the foot exterior. They don't add more or less padding to the foot base.


Since day 1 of wear, they have been very comfortable. Like wearing comfy slippers, really.

They are well-cushioned and offer great support. I've had no issues walking or even quickly sprinting in them. They really do propel my feet forward as I walk/run and offer a great bounce in my step.

After 6 months, I have no blisters or pain. And worn with socks, no inside seams can be felt. No breaking in required–they're good to go on the first wear!

The only times I've had any issues is when I've power walked 3 hours in a day and felt some soreness at the top of my longest toes: my big and second toes.


That's my fault, though! I read that the New Balance 990 V6s fit larger, so I opted for a 7.5 instead of my usual 8s. My mistake.

After buying these sneakers, I went to the New Balance store here in Toronto to get my foot sizes for their shoes (they do them for free with this high-tech machine that gives you details on foot width, length, and positioning. They told me I should wear a size 8.5 or even 9.

Given that my front toes clearly touch inside the toe box as I walk (although not noticeable unless with extended wear), the New Balance 990 V6 sneakers fit the size of someone with slimmer feet like myself. 

However, for optimal comfort during extended wear, I recommend sizing up by a half size, or even a full size if you have wider feet.

Durability and Performance

Close up of woman's legs jumping in grey New Balance 990 V6 dad sneakers with rolled up faded straight leg jeans.

After 6 months, these have held up great. They show very few signs of wear on the outsole and upper. And they still feel the same as when I first wore them.

And considering I've taken them on dusty roads, grassy parks, and cobblestones, they don't look grimy, and I've only had to wipe them with a damp rag a few times.

I've cleaned the sides of the outsoles with some soap and water and dirt and scuff marks come off easily. 

Clearly, they are as high quality as they claimed to be. I'm curious to see how they hold up after a year! As in true ShoeTease fashion, I will update this post in another 6 months and report back. 

Style and Versatility

As one of the main reasons for buying them, they're still stylish and relevant to my current outfits and general fashion trends. The grey tones easily match with many colors, including black, white, and in-tone grey outfits. 

They look great with sporty fits, like straight-leg jeans. And also great with my sweater dresses and everyday black leggings, with which I match the sneakers with these grey tube socks.

Close up of the back of a woman's feet wearing grey New Balance 990 V6 dad sneakers with rolled up faded straight leg jeans.

I've yet to wear them with summer dresses, but I suggest giving that pairing a go this spring!

Even as a chunkier sneaker, it's sleek enough not to overwhelm my size 8 feet, as many similar shoes do. I've tried the size I ‘should' have bought, and it still looked great.

Close up of woman wearing grey in tone stripe crew socks with grey new balance 990 V6 dad sneakers.

The narrower design, with its light and dark lines and multifaceted uppers and heels, gives it a sleek rather than clunky look. This differentiates it from many dad sneakers, like the New Balance 530 style.

Pros and Cons of New Balance 990 V6 Sneakers

Close up of side view of grey and white New Balance 990 V6 with a hand unboxing the shoes.


  • Comfortable – aside from mistakenly sizing down (and you still can if you're not planning on doing long-distance walking), they're very comfortable, easy to slip in and out of and keep my foot stable. 
  • The Look – even as larger “dad” sneakers, they don't make my already slightly larger than average feet look big, so I can pair them with different clothing items without looking silly. 
  • High Quality – other sneakers would be worn out, with a ‘squished' outsole, but they're not at all. They look very similar to how they looked initially, with little to no maintenance on my part. Clearly, they are built to last for performance and wear. 
  • Practical – a great blend of comfort and style, so you don't have to compromise on either, so you can be effortlessly stylish! 


  • Price – I'm sure there are equally comfortable sneakers, even from the same brand, at a fraction of the cost. There's undoubtedly a $100 markup for the trendy design! I justified the price as just being part of the job, which might be the case for some of you too, not as a shoe or fashion blogger, but for those with jobs where comfort along with an updated look may be important. 

Shop New Balance 990 V6 Sneakers

If this New Balance 990 V6 review has sold you on these sneakers, many retailers carry this NB style in the US, UK and Canada.

Shop them all below in the grey and white colorway, although they're also available at most retailers in black and white.

Similar Sneakers to New Balance 990 V6

If these New Balances aren't for you, don't worry! There are similar styles not only from New Balance itself but other brands as well. Aside from the Golden Goose dad sneaker in the mix, most are much less expensive!

Final Thoughts on my New Balance 990 V6

I am thrilled with my purchase and would buy these again. They offer function, comfort and style, fitting my lifestyle perfectly. 

If you're looking for a durable and sleek dad sneaker, the New Balance 990 V6 sneakers could be for you. They make a statement, but not so much that they're difficult to wear. Great for those like me who enjoy walking and looking cute, no matter what they wear.

Keep your eyes peeled for my following review of New Balance 960 sneakers–the chunky statement sister of the 990s! 

Have any questions? Ask in the comments below, or join my Free Facebook Group for styling, shoe, and fashion feedback! 

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Photos by Bruna Rico Portraits

xo Cristina

Close up of side view of grey and white New Balance 990 V6 with a hand unboxing the shoes over text reading new balance 990 V6 sneakers review.
Darkened close up of woman's legs wearing grey dad sneakers with rolled up faded straight leg jeans under text reading new balance 990 V6 sneakers review.
Collage of woman holding New Balance 990 V6 dad-style sneakers at 3 different angles out of box.

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