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A Vibrant Look at Teva’s Universal Platform Sandals (A Review)

A Vibrant Look at Teva’s Universal Platform Sandals (A Review)

I'd been eyeing Teva's platform sandals for a while before I finally scored them on sale last summer. I needed comfortable, everyday sandals that could give me lift, and these seemed to check all the boxes!

I wore them all summer, and into our warm Toronto fall, to give you all the details.

Read on to get a full review of Teva's platform sandals- the Universal Flatform- including all info on durability, fit, maintenance, and styling versatility.

Teva's Platform Sandals Review

Teva Universal Sandals Overview

Teva's Universal Flatform sandals are lightweight, water-resistant, and vegan shoes with a 4.8cm/1.88-inch heel height.

Technically flatform sandals (because of the evenly raised platform), these fashion sports sandals have polyester canvas straps secured by velcro, an EVA insole and a fine rubber outsole.

It's a recurring Teva style with many different colors and patterns. The chunky look will make a statement no matter what you wear with them. 

The current (2024) retail full price is $70 in the US and $100 in Canada. Their platform sandals with leather uppers can cost $85 US.

Comfort and Support ⭐4/5

Close up side view of woman wearing teva platform sandals with green leggings.
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Generally, these Teva Universal Flatforms are very comfortable and cushioned. They provide arch support thanks to the arched outsole that molded great to my high arches. 

The straps keep the whole foot and ankle stabilized in the shoe. As a clumsy person, I didn't trip or fall in these sporty sandals or ever have trouble walking. The platform height didn't give me any issues, either. 

The textured insole surface is perfect for preventing sweaty feet from sliding around, which happens to me when wearing sandals that have a rubber or artificial material insole. That said, the friction at the foot sole during extended wear can cause some soreness.

Do the Teva straps cause blisters? Well, it depends on the feet. The straps at the top edge of the outer foot (where they're joined at the ring) rubbed on the outside of the toes at the top and caused some small blisters.

But not during each wear. Loosening the straps did help, but the foot needs to be secured better in the shoe.


Close up of woman wearing colorful Teva Platform Sandals.

Overall, Teva sandals fit a bigger, and this style is no exception. I recommend sizing down a half to full size when buying the Teva Universal Flatform.

For instance, I'm closer to an 8.5 US and sized down to an 8, and they fit great. This size gives me the perfect room to give my toes and heels space when walking while also fitting me well width-wise. 

These are made to fit a medium width foot, but the adjustable straps allow for a slimmer foot like mine to fit in.

Close up image of Teva platform sandals strap pulled down on side of foot.
Teva strap hanging down from being pulled on a slim foot

The issue is that the straps keep my foot in place, but I have to pull at the upper strap around the ankle more. This causes an aesthetic problem, as the strap hangs over the platform, making it look…odd. I may have a dress or shoemaker to shorten those straps!

You can't actually see the overhang in the images of this post because I was posing and didn't need to strap them on as tight as I would when walking. 

Durability and Performance ⭐5/5

Close up front view of woman wearing teva platform sandals with green leggings.

I wore these sandals in city streets, parks, around pools and splash pads, and on various surfaces for prolonged periods.

They're excellent sandals to walk in thanks to the upturned outsole and soft, yet firm footbed. And they're much more robust and sturdier than you might expect. 

The shoe is also waterproof, with a non-slip outsole, making it an excellent choice for pool areas or walking in and around wet surfaces. 

Unlike a part of the upper purple strap frayed at the edge (you can see it in the above photo), the outsole, sole and upper straps are strong. The velcro on the straps did not wear out and is as strong (sticky?) as ever. 

The sole at the sides is free of any knicks or scratches, and the outsole has no visible wear. Like 0.

However, I would hardly consider 3-4 months of wear to be' long term.' So, I plan to wear them on vacation and during the upcoming spring/summer months and report back!

Keep your eyes peeled, and if you don't see an update, feel free to ping me in the comments section and I'll get right to it! 

Maintenance and Cleaning ⭐5/5

Top view of woman holding Teva platform sandals in hand on a wooden floor.

I purposely chose a black-soled pair of Teva platform sandals because I have a pair of light green Teva slip-ons that get dirty and look grimy after each wear. So, heads up when buying, unless you like to clean your shoes daily!

With my platforms, I can trek in them for multiple days without giving much or any cleaning. The upper straps are light-colored, but thanks to the high flatform sole, dirt doesn't easily get to them. 

Cleaning these Tevas is as simple as dunking them in a soapy bucket or washing them off with a rag of soap and water.

Any dirt in the straps comes right off. I literally hosed them off at the end of the season and they dried quickly and looked as good as new! 

Style and Versatility ⭐4.5/5

Close up of woman wearing colorful Teva Platform Sandals.

Platforms, in general, make a fun, statement shoe during the summer. And the sporty look of the Teva Universal Platform takes it up a notch.

It doesn't hurt that they've been a trending style over the past 2 years–just as much as they have since I was a teenager 30 years ago!

They go with many more outfits than one might imagine, including sundresses, jumpsuits denim dresses and even slim midi dresses.

However, the stark black outsole can look heavy with certain looks and items. Regarding bottoms, I prefer these platforms with extra long, wide leg pants or cropped flowy pants. I really like wearing these with my black jumpsuit! 

And don't forget you can have fun with crew or colorful socks! And because they're light and waterproof, these make for great vacation shoes.

Pros and Cons of Teva Platform Sandals

Close up outsole rear view of woman walking away wearing teva platform sandals with green leggings.


  • Comfortable
  • Fun and Fashionable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive for what they are – I know, as a former shoe designer, that the cost of making an EVA outsole shoe with canvas velcro straps is low.
    • The cost is even less, considering a large percentage of the outsole has an added felt layer.
    • Companies purposely do this to claim reduced duty rates when importing shoes, as having over 50% felt bottoms put them into the ‘slippers' category. So they're definitely looking for ways to cut corners! The upside is that the ‘felt' is sprayed on and rubs off with wear! 
  • Slight Discomfort – from the friction of the straps, where joined by the metal ring, and its textured insole. 

Teva Platform Sandals FAQs

Are Teva flatform sandals comfortable? Yes, they are, but depending on your foot size and shape, they may give you blisters where the ring is. 

Do you need to break in Teva flatform sandals? No, none of the Teva's I've ever worn have needed breaking in. They were comfortable on the first wear. 

Are platform Tevas good for walking or standing? Because of their comfortable, arched, and soft sole that molds to the foot, they are great to walk in and stand in for more extended periods of time. 

Are Tevas Waterproof? Yes. A feature that I was surprised to find out is that these Teva platform sandals, along with many of their other styles, are waterproof. I confirm via Teva's website. 

Do podiatrists recommend Tevas? 

Should I size up or down for Teva sandals? Teva sandals fit a bit bigger, so I recommend sizing down. For instance, I'm closer to an 8.5 US and sized down to an 8, and they fit great, with the perfect amount of room to give my toes and heels space when walking. 

Where to Shop Teva Universal Flatform Sandals:

Shop Alternative Sporty Platform Sandals from Other Brands

Tevas not your thing? Brands like Sorel, Cougar, Birkenstock, Kuru, Dankso, Echo and Camper have created many similar platform sandals with sporty straps too. Check some of my favorites, below:

Final Thoughts on My Teva Platform Sandals

Top view of Teva platform sandals on a wooden floor.

On the whole, these Teva Universal Flatforms are a great everyday sandal. They're comfy enough to stand and walk a ways in while flattering most outfits and fitting most foot sizes and shapes. 

Yes, the price is steep for the materials, but the sales were phenomenal at the end of the season last year. So if cost is an issue, wait for the summer sales to get them as low as $19.

This is the price I paid for my mint green Teva Universal Slides and I saw some platforms close to the same price-range. 

Photos by Bruna Rico

Close up side view of woman wearing teva platform sandals with green leggings.
Close up front view of woman wearing teva platform sandals with green leggings.
Close up of woman wearing colorful Teva Platform Sandals.

xo Cristina

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