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Best Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses & Skirts

Best Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses & Skirts

Sequins top the list among the many glamorous holiday party & 2022 New Year's Eve outfit choices!

Yet picking the best shoes to wear with sequin dresses or what to wear with sequin skirts & even pants is an important part of the outfit process. 

Footwear almost always is! Between hand-picked celebrity shoes, blogger shoe pairings & online catalog styling, below are the top high heel style choices for your sparkly attire! Since this is the time to go glam, flats need not apply 😉

Shoes can certainly make or break your sequin outfit. You want your sequin pieces to shine & the best shoes for sequin dressing should complement rather than compete for the sparkly part's attention.

Of course, boots & flats can look cute too, when styled appropriately. But since we're chatting about New Year's Eve & party outfits specifically, it's one of those events where shimmer is best served up with a good high heel.

If your sparkly dress/pants/skirt is going to shine, fab heels in the form of pumps, sandals & peep-toes (pick your favorite!) or booties are great choices.

These will literally prop you up & make you sparkle at center stage. And that's kind of the point, isn't it? 

Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses & Skirts

Collage of 6 women wearing different shoes to wear with sequin dresses outfits.

Below are my suggestions for the best shoe colors & styles to suit your sequin dresses, no matter what their shade or how intricate their print!

And just as I mentioned in my post about what shoes to wear with a lace dress, busy dresses – such as those with sequins and intricate patterns like lace – tend to look best with minimal shoes.

That's because the simpler the shoe style, the more your dress will shine (literally in this case)!

Style note: Emerald green, silver & gold frocks are trending this year. This is great because if a gold sequin dress is what you're after, I've written up full posts on related warm-toned sequin dress shoes & color pairings:

Not to mention I've written up a whole post on the best shoes & heels for cocktail dresses of any kind, including sequin, lace and tartan frocks!

Black Heels with Sequin dresses

Collage of 5 women wearing different black shoes with sequin dresses.

Black heels, sandals & booties are probably my favorite & possibly the best shoes to wear with sequin dresses. With a personal preference for black suede in a classic slinky pump, any black shoe will do. 

Just as long as it's not any clunky high boot! If I were to say what shoes not to wear with sequins, it would be that.

Why? Boots, especially taller ones, if not chosen correctly can be too “heavy” looking. However, a skin-tight tall sock bootie that hides under your dress can look chic.

Over-the-knee boots, on the other hand could potentially make you look like Julia Roberts (& not in a good way). That being said, it really depends on the exact sequin dress you've chosen and the look you're going for. 

Remember that taste and what your event calls for make all the difference when choosing your sequin outfit accessories!

1. Black Pumps with Sequins

Best Shoes for Sequin dresses

When in doubt, wear black pumps, n'est-ce pas?! Whether with an exposed or hidden platform, pointed toe or almond toe, with chunky heels or stilettos, the heel you most likely have in your shoe closet is your no-brainer best bet!

If you're going to be on your feet and can't handle the heels, you can opt for a classic black pointed-toe flat pump. Which can look just as chic!

And if you don't have a pair of black high heel pumps or simple black shoes already stuffed in your wardrobe, then we need to talk. And go shopping. Stat.

Shop Black Pumps:

Black suede pointed toe pumps on white background.
Sam Edelman Pointed Pumps
Christian Louboutin So Kate
Black cut out suede kitten heel pump shoe on white background.
Sam Edelman Kitten Heels

2. Black Minimalist Sandals

Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses

Surely the most prominent shoe of the century is a black minimalist, barely-enough-straps-to-hold-in-your-foot.

These strappy yet minimal sandals make a great choice when choosing footwear for your sequin dress, skirt or jumpuit. Think Stuart Weitzman Nudistcurve or Sam Edelman's Yaro heels, if you want a sturdier strap.

This will be the most subtle shoe style that will let your dress sparkle & your feet look glam. A fabulous pedi is required!

This type of black sandal is also the perfect shoes to go with silver dress and are often paired with darker sparkly dresses.

Shop Strappy Minimal Black Sandals:

Black leather square toe adjustable ankle buckle closure sandal heels on white background.
Stuart Weitzman Nudiscurve 100
Kitten strappy black sandals on white background.
Sam Edelman Kitten Heel Sandals
Black suede block heel sandals on white background.
Sam Edelman Yaro Sandals

Sequin Dress with Black Shoes + Tights

What Shoes to wear with Sequin Dresses

When it's chillier outside, but you're itching to wear a sequin dress, you might be wondering what tights to wear.

I love the look of opaque black tights & black pumps or booties worn with a medium length or sparkly mini dress.

This pairing works well with any color sequin dress & is especially visually seamless with matte stocking and suede shoes. Since the dress will be the only shiny part of your outfit, it will get all the attention.

When you're wearing shiny clothes, that's usually the part you want people to notice! Added bonus: your legs won't freeze when ringing in the New Year. And if you live in Canada, that, my friends is a big deal. 

However, semi-sheer black tights can also look great paired with black heels and a sequin dress. Some even prefer having a sheer stocking with a sheen to add some sparkle all over! This is just a matter of preference.

Shop Black Stockings for Sequin Dresses:

Close up of woman's legs wearing opaque black stockings on beige background.
Anthropologie Opaque Black Tights
Close up of woman's legs wearing semi-sheer black stockings on grey background.
Anthropologie Black Tuxedo Tights
Essential Edit Semi Sheer + Opaque Pack

3. Black Multi-Strap Heels

Black Sandals Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses

Strappy black heels add a dash of sass & loads of seduction to an already sultry look. Thinner straps will look daintier, while thicker black straps will add some edge, if that's your vibe.

Your choice on whether you prefer to wear an open-toe style or a closed-toe version, or if you want a lace-up strap that wraps around the ankle.

4. Ankle Boots with Sequin Dresses & Skirts

Black Ankle Boots and Sequin Dresses

Wearing your party look on a particularly cool day or in the middle of winter? Why not opt for a simple black ankle bootie?

The right simple bootie – such as the ones featured in the image above – will look fab with your sequin dress outfit.

Stiletto heels, whether tall or kitten height will work together with a pointed toe or slightly square toe. Avoid low-heeled booties with a large chunky heel. Otherwise, you risk looking clunky instead of sleek. 

Of course, black ankle boots aren't the only option. You can also opt for white booties, a neutral such as beige or even go full-on shine with patent, metallic silver, or gold ankle boots. A red bootie can also be festive & fun – especially with a head-to-toe red look!

It all depends on your sequin dress or skirt/pants. But if you want to keep on the ‘safe' side, pick a black or white boot with your sequin dress.

Make sure that it is slim and fits tight at the ankle. Sock booties outfits with sequin dresses are never a bad idea – especially in winter! I love how sock-like ankle boots make it look like you're wearing an enclosed high-heeled pump.

Check out all my styling tips in my post on how to wear ankle boots with dresses.

Shop Ankle Boots for Sequin Dresses:

Black stiletto heel sock ankle boot on white background.
Sam Edelman Ulissa Boots
White leather stiletto heel sock ankle boot on white background.
Dolce Vita Spade Boots
Black patent chunky heel ankle boot on white background.
Sam Edelman Fawn Booties

5. Nude Heels with Sequin Dresses & Skirts

Nude Beige shoes to wear with Sequin Dresses

Nude heels that are close or an exact match to your skin tone are the best way to go if you want your sequin dress to stand out the most.

Wearing a naked or minimal sandal creates a shoe-vanishing effect, that, paired with a shorter sequin dress will look like your legs go on for miles!

If you're going for this effect, pick a streamlined nude shoe, such as pointed-toe pump with a fine heel, minimal stiletto or kitten-heel sandal.

Shop Nude Heels – Available in Various Tones:

Beige leather stiletto heel sandals on white background.
Sam Edelman Stiletto Sandals
Beige leather pointed toe pumps on white background.
Sam Edelman Pointy Pumps
Beige patent leather strappy stiletto sandals on white background.
Calvin Klein Strappy Sandals

6. Clear Heels with Sequin Dresses

Collage of 6 women wearing different clear heel outfits with sequin dresses.

Clear heels are the ultimate ‘nude' shoe as they are literal transparent heels or shoes that go with everything! Whether a clear bootie, slide, strappy sandal or clear pump, they will all look fabulous with a sequin dress.

Pair a clear, colorless pair of heels with your sequin frock, or match a transparent colorful heel with the dress hue.

Check out all the ways to prep your feet and maximize their look in my post all about wearing clear heels outfits!

Shop Clear Heels for Women:

Steve Madden Clearer Sandals
Clear PVC strappy mules with clear heels on white background.
Tony Bianco Sabelle Sandal
Chinese Laundry Slides

7. Matching your Shoes with Sequin Dresses

what shoes to wear with sequin dresses matchy

Black heels, step aside! Another alternative footwear option for sparkly dresses & skirts is matching them to your frock. Even matching them to a shade (or two!) of your dress can be fun.

I find metallic mirror sandals or pumps to be the “wildest” choice, as they will double your shine. This combo is best for the woman who likes to shine from head to shoe for NYE or her birthday party!

Be sure to match your metallic heels to your dress. That means choosing gold shoes with a gold dress, silver with silver & so on. A minimal mirrored pump or sandal is a great choice, as it will reflect any color.

If you'd like to take a lesser high-octave stance on your matchy-matchy shoes, leather & suede materials are good contenders, as are slightly colored clear heels.

You could also match the shoes to one color in your sequin outfit to switch things up a bit.

These shoe choices are a bit daring if you ask me, but if you're feeling gutsy, go for it! Check out all of my posts on which shoes to wear with dresses.

Colorful or Matching Stockings with Sequin Dresses

Collage of 3 Women wearing different shoes with sequin dresses and colorful stockings.
Sequin dresses & tights from Anthropologie

If you're looking for a bold option for your sequin dress that isn't directly shoe related, check out colorful tights! You can either use them as a stunning pop of color for a little black sequin dress or match them with your sequin dress.

I love the aesthetic of a head-to-toe colorful look, where the tights, a sequin dress, and shoes all match to create a monochrome look.

You can really up the ante on a holiday such as Christmas or Valentine's day to sandwich your colorful stockings in between a matching dress and shoes!

Festive & Colorful Stockings for Sequin Dresses:

Emilio Cavallini Wrapped Up Tights
Close up of woman's legs wearing dark green opaque stockings on grey background.
Emilio Cavallini Check-effect Tights
Close up of woman's legs wearing hot pink opaque stockings on grey background.
Anthropologie Opaque Pink Tights

Final Words on Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses + Skirts

So there you have it: all the best shoes to wear with sequin dresses and skirts. And a few tights to add to your look if you are inclined!

As you can tell, there are many possible shoes for sequin dresses. Although black heels are great, ankle boots, sandals and even bolder choices can work, like western-style boots and thigh-high boots!

In the end, if the outfit makes you feel good, go for it! But don't forget to keep warm going to and from your party. Any topper will do, including a long puffer jacket, leather trench or peacoat.

Whatever you do, don't forget to have fun! How are you planning on wearing your sequins next time around?

Shop Sequin Dresses:

Collage of 3 women wearing different shoes with sequin dresses.
Sequin Dresses from Zappos
Collage of 3 women wearing different shoes with sequin dresses.
Sequin Dresses from Revolve
Collage of 3 women wearing different shoes with sequin dresses.
Sequin Dresses from Anthropologie

xo ShoeTease

Shoes to Wear with Sequin Dresses black


Friday 20th of May 2022

I'm getting married in september, 5 days of outfits and events. Black sequin jumpsuit for a welcome party on a boat- inspired me to hire drag queens for entertainment..Greta Constantine sequin jumpsuit and i dont know if i should do white or balck heels- I have super high arches so heels are not too uncomfortable but i love a platform. Looking for designers like Jimmy Choo, Manolo, Paris Texas... any ideas appreciated. I have shopped the heck out of every website but shoes are hard!!


Sunday 22nd of May 2022

I could help you better if I knew the cut of your jumpsuit, to determine the best shoes for you. Take a look at my post on the best shoes to wear with a jumpsuit for ideas!


Friday 29th of October 2021

Hi. I have a 3/4 sleeve mesh overlay (black&nude) dress that will fall right at or just below the knew. What type of shoes would you suggest? I was thinking about pattern leather but was not sure sequins and pattern leather could be worn together.


Saturday 30th of October 2021

It's really hard to say as I'm not able to see your dress. That being said, sequin dresses look best with shoes that have a single color and no patterns, such as black suede or white leather. I hope this helps!

Linda Hemesath

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

I am wearing a long burgundy sequin dress for my sons wedding. What type of shoe should I wear?


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

For longer formal attire, I would recommend pointed toe pumps or a strappy sandals. If you need to wear flats, a fancy flat such a pointed toe flat is a great choice.

I also have a post all about shoe colors with burgundy dresses that you can check out right here!

J. Kearney

Saturday 19th of June 2021

I am wearing a sequins gold spaghetti strap top with a gold and silver sequins skirt to a wedding. I will wear silver strappy sandals. What earrings can I wear?


Saturday 19th of June 2021

Hi there! Because your outfit has both gold and silver, you have a lot of options. You can either wear gold or silver earrings that match the same gold/silver tone of the sequins. If you want more contrast, you can wear opaque black earrings. It's all up to your preference, but I would go for either silver or black earrings, myself.


Thursday 13th of May 2021

My daughter has a navy sparkly ball gown for prom what colour shoes and bag should we get?


Saturday 15th of May 2021

So many possibilities with a sparkly navy gown! Purse and shoe color choice really depends on how much a statement she wants to make. She can keep he look more subdued with 1) matching navy shoes + silver or black purse 2) black shoes + matching navy purse 3) nude (for her) shoes + black or navy purse. Or she could make more of a statement with 1) silver shoes + a colorful purse (ex pink) 2) burgundy shoes + black purse (or vice-versa). I hope she had a fantastic prom!