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What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dresses & Outfits

What Color Shoes to Wear with Burgundy Dresses & Outfits

One of the most popular dress colors for special or casual occasions is red. More specifically, burgundy dresses, as they are extremely trendy at the moment & the burgundy outfits look great on all women, all year long.

Best Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Dress’

But what color shoes to wear with burgundy dresses or outfit is the real conundrum. So if you’re looking for what colors to wear with burgundy dresses, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re calling your dark red dress burgundy, wine red or maroon,  you’re here because you want to know the best shoe colors to wear with burgundy or a similar shade of deep red.

What I’ll also suggest are purse colors & accessories to go with burgundy dresses. Looking for shoe colors to pair with bright red dresses?  You can skip directly to my red dress what shoes post! 🙂

No matter what burgundy outfit shade you’re wearing (maybe it’s slightly more brown, purple or orange-y), each of the shoes colors below will work. Some better than others, so I’ll definitely let you know if one maroon shade with a certain shoe may look better or not so great.

Shop Burgundy Dresses from Net-a-Porter or Nordstrom, below:


What Color Shoes to Wear with a Burgundy Dress

Silver Shoes with Burgundy Outfits

Shop Silver Shoes:

Metallic shoes are everything at the moment & silver shoes are pretty high up on the trend list. Silver shoes with burgundy dresses look amazing, but this metallic hue also looks great with every color dress/outfit under the sun!

So grab a pair of silver ankle boots, strappy sandals &/or pair of patent silver pumps to complete your maroon outfit.

Chinese Laundry from Nordstrom has a perfect pair of strappy sandals that make fabulous bridesmaid & formal heels. And priced at under $100! Also featured in the silver shoes, above. J. Renée’s Maressa metallic silver pointy pump which is also a great silver shoe to wear with a maroon dress. Perfect shoes for a cocktail dress!

Black Shoes with Burgundy Dresses

Shop Black Shoes:

You will likely already have a pair of black shoes in your closet to wear with your burgundy dress! I love to wear black colored boots with maroon dresses & outfits myself.

Ankle boots are my fave & if you’re looking for an updated, yet understated black ankle boot this season, look no further than Vincent Camuto’s Themlin booties.  In terms of pumps, Sam Edelman makes a great, simple but comfy pointed pump called the Hazel

If you’re looking for a strappy black sandal, Stuart Weitzman’s NudistSong (available here at Nordstrom) is a great choice & comes in a ton of colors, including black. 

Or if you’re looking for a lower price, Steve Madden makes a nice minimal sandal called Stecy that you can also buy here and they have more colors than black. But this sandal style is a great basic to have in any shoe closet!

Sam Edelman makes a great, simple but comfy pointed pump called the Hazel. It comes in many colors & you can take it from ballroom to boardroom to the bar!

Purse Styling Tip: When you pair black shoes with burgundy dress & outfits, anything goes in terms of purse color. I would opt for a metallic or white or blush pink for an evening out. For a less formal look, you can easily pair your maroon dress and black shoes with a caramel brown bag.

Gold Shoes with Burgundy Outfits

Shop Gold Shoes:

Burgundy dress with gold shoes? Love it! Gold shoes with maroon dresses look fabulous in high heel form for a special evening or as a bridesmaid shoe choice. These Sam Edelman Yaro lovelies are the perfect sandal for such occasion, unless you’re looking for a strappier one like these from Vince Camuto.

Then again, gold shoes do look good with so many colors! You can kick it up a notch by wearing rose gold sandals, which are a trendy metallic shoe hue at the moment.

Purse Styling Tip: Burgundy outfits with gold shoes look best with a black, beige white or black purse. A contrast silver clutch can work well too, as seen in the image above.

If you’re going to match your black shoes with a black bag, it’s much more fun to pair a, say, suede or matte shoe with a shiny/patent bag.

Beige Shoes with Burgundy outfits

Shop Beige & Blush Shoes:

I’m really loving beige & especially blush shoes with a burgundy dress. The pale pinkness really adds warmth & prettyniess and is especially a good combination with wine red & purply maroon dresses & outfits.

Purse Styling Tip: With a burgundy dress and blush shoes, opt for a black or white purse. A brown purse can work well for a more casual outfit. 

White Shoes with Burgundy 

Shop White Shoes:

Never underestimate the power of a white shoe or bootie with a burgundy red dress! White shoes are generally unexpected & look great in optic white or even off white if you’re looking not to distract too much from your burgundy dress outfit. 

Purse Styling Tip: A maroon dress and white shoes looks good with a bright red, black or blush purse. You can also opt for a metallic if you’re going somewhere fancy!

Brown Shoes with Burgundy Dresses

Shop Brown Shoes:

Brown shoes with burgundy outfits make a subtle & elegant combo. Best for casual or office outfits, brown shoes are understated & can look very chic.

I prefer brown shoes paired with burgundy dresses for laid-back setting, but it’s a great shoe color if you’d like to play up the dress in the outfit & make it stand out.

Especially if the shade of brown or beige matches your skin tone. Brown shoes and a burgundy dress is a good combo for conservative office attire. 

Purse Styling Tip: A maroon dress with brown heels, shoes or boots works well with almost any purse color. Opt for black, beige white or gold handbags. 

Contrast Red Shoes, Burgundy Shoes

Shop Red & Burgundy Shoes:

Likely not the most popular shoe color for burgundy dresses, but if you contrast a dark maroon dress with a bright red heel or a bright red dress with a wine hued shoe, it can look fabulous. Definitely not for the faint of heart, as you will definitely steal the spotlight! I definitely recommend contrasting red shades here.

Purse Styling Tip: I would choose a beige, blush, white, black, gold or even navy purse to wear with your burgundy outfit & red heels. Pretty much anything goes!

Turquoise Shoes, Purple Shoes with Burgundy Dresses

Shop Blue & Purple Shoes:

Does turquoise go with burgundy? Or purple, or any blue for that matter? Well, a burgundy dress or maroon outfit with blue shoes or purple shoes can look absolutely fab! But it all depends on what shade your burgundy dress is.

I would say all blue hues, from navy to cobalt to bright turquoise would look fab with any red or burgundy outfit! Purple shoes look best if they are paired with a brighter shade of burgundy.

If your maroon dress is wine-hued, purple may look too similar but it can be determined better if it’s a good fit on a case by case purple shoes and burgundy dress combo!

Purse Styling Tip Play is safe with black or white, or get a little creative with a contrast yellow or gold purse!

I hope I’ve clearly answered your what color shoes to wear with burgundy dresses & burgundy outfits question. Of course, as I always mention at the end of my dress styling posts, the way you put your outfit together is relative to each dress, each shoe & occasion.

In the end, if it makes you feel fierce, just do it! But if you do feel like being more conservative with your burgundy outfit, great understated shoe colors to wear with burgundy (that always work!) are black, beige & brown shoes.

Any questions? Leave me a note down below and feel free to check out more posts about certain dress colors to wear with specific shoes.  

xo Cristina