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Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

We’ve all seen the top Spring 2015 shoe trends by now, & it’s pretty hard to miss one particular shoe styling trend: statement hosiery. Whether socks and sandals, or socks with heels, many high-end designers thought it an important enough aesthetic to showcase on their Spring/Summer runways for the upcoming season. And let me tell you: these aren’t your run-of-the-mill tube socks!

The most notable socks + shoes trend involved not only ornate shoes, but stylized socks as well. Designers featured metallic socks & hose, two to three tone socks with intricate detailing, lacey knee-highs and more. Whether you’ll be buying into the pairing or not, it’s definitely worth checking out these haute looks with socks + sandals, socks + heels & pretty much every shoe type for the warmer seasons! Here are the 5 designers who opted for this original pairing in almost every one of their Spring looks.

Socks and Sandals – Spring 2015 Runways

Prada – Intense Sock Styling

Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

Prada had the most original socks & heels look for Spring ’15. Not only were some of them metallic, they were full of funky patterns, stripes & colors, bringing sock styling to quirky new heights! I love how they showcased their fun socks with a more basic pointed pump as well. Probably a good way to ease into this very particular trend.

Anna Sui – Disco Ball Glitter Socks

Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

Anna Sui had some fun with her socks and shoes, showcasing her various sandals, boots & flats with glittery ankle socks in grey, blush & charcoal tones. This is a great type of sock if you want to dip your toes into the trend but don’t want to get too wet, so to speak!

Rochas – Varsity Pom Pom

Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

Rochas continued on their tradition of over-the-top shoes with cheerleader pompom-inspired slingbacks & sporty socks. These shoes, with their mop-sweeping properties, are fairly unwearable in real life, but so quirky & original that I can see how they’d be difficult to resist. But on top of their out there heels, there was an added touch: varsity-emblazoned ribbed ankle socks with heel cut-outs, some even with added pom poms for that extra cray!

Vivienne Westwood – Net & Hose

Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

Westwood didn’t hold back when it came to hose for this coming season; she added leg-warmer-meets-grandmas-stockings to each & every shoe style, including flatform sandals! And when she didn’t, she opted for large fishnet ankle socks. I’m rather partial to the white dance-inspired stockings styled messily with the criss-cross sandals. To me, this is a perfect, almost effortless way to wear socks with sandals when transitioning seasons & particularly great for keeping your stems warm. Perfect styling for those that don’t want to look like they’ve tried to hard to put themselves together!

Dolce&Gabbana – Black Lace

Spring 2015: Socks and Sandals

And then there was lace! Dolce&Gabbana had fun with lacey black ankle & knee socks in their sandals. Some of their footwear even seemed like a hybrid: one can’t really tell if the socks were actually socks or whether it was simply a part of the shoe itself. Full-on shoe or not, the bedazzled heels mesh with rhinestones & beads are gorgeous!

So what’s your view? Will you be attempting to wear some funky socks and sandals or hose with your flats, sandals & high heels this Spring? I’m not too sure if I could pull this look off myself, but I think I oughta give it a try!

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