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Vionic OrthaHeel Sneakers + ToeSox Review

When I think “orthotics shoes” nothing like these amazing lens-flare print sneakers come to mind. I mean, not even close.

Vionic OrthaHeel “Tourney” Sneakers Review

As a zealous fan of comfortable shoes, it’s rather exciting to see the innovative strides footwear design is taking, specifically in terms of comfort & technology fused into good looking shoe. That being said, socks are having their moment too!

Check out the full review of these Vionic “Tourney” sneakers, along with a couple of really neat (or weird – depending who you ask, really!) socks with toes & without, from ToeSox c/o Sole Provisions!

Vionic shoes review sneakers

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I love wearing sneakers, because as far as comfort goes, they reign supreme. However, I never realized how much more comfortable Vionic orthaheel sneakers could be! I think they might have ruined all other sneakers for me. No, really, I’m serious.

Although this is not a running shoe per se (as in, not designed specifically for any sport, but more as an ath-leisure style) it’s the comfiest one I own so far. And it’s because of the special orthaheel technology: a biomechanic orthotic footbed that naturally aligns one’s feet and may help to relieve heel pain by reducing over-pronation. I love how the removable microfiber-covered EVA orthotic insole really “holds” the foot in place.

Apparently, Vionic shoes are meant to take some getting used to, but so far I’m enjoying my foot feeling like it’s being cradled & quasi-massaged! These Vionic sneakers also fit true to size & fit my narrow feet comfortably.

Vionic Lens Flare Sneakers ReviewVionic Orthagel Tourney Sneakers Review

ToeSox: Yoga Socks with Toes & Without

I’ve seen socks with toes as a novelty product, but never as serious sock “gear”.  And I’m not being sarcastic either, these ToeSox mean serious business! Who’d have thought socks could be packed so many features?

The ToeSox collection is immense (and Sole Provisions seems to carry most of it!), varying from ankle to over-the-knee designs; five toe socks, no toe socks; under foot grips & without. Each in a slew of patterns & colors. Useful for yoga, pilates, dance or for everyday wear, ToeSox definitely has you covered. Literally.

ToeSox – Casual Crew Socks “Isla” print

Toesox socks with toes for yoga

Aside from obviously being designed as five toe socks (to help spread toes naturally), there’s much more to these tropical print socks: they also have a built-in arch support band that provides a light pressure to support and lift. And there I was thinking that the extra stretch in the middle of the sock was to keep the “toes” from slipping off the….well, toes! Which they do, btw 😉

These socks aren’t right/left foot interchangeable either. Each foot gets its own properly constructed sock, thank you very much!

Yep, they feel a little weird at first, but take very little time to get used to. I absolutely love the beautiful print & colors, that are so incredibly vivid. The only observation would be that the thicker elasticized bands at the top of the socks are very tight (and this coming from someone with small calves).

Toesox socks with toes tropical print

ToeSox – Casual Knee-High “Trance” print

Toesox Socks No Toe Socks

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My favorite Toesox socks style is surely this “scrunch knee” style with feather print! Great for yoga, dance, pilates or more, they’re as pretty as they are functional.  Speaking of functional, these pack in even more elements than the crew socks:

  • Ankle & arch bands for support
  • Fitted heels to prevent bunching
  • Patented non-slip grip sole
  • Half toes that allow for a more “barefoot” experience
  • Can be worn high up or scrunched low
  • Left & Right sock

Toesox No Toe Socks for Yoga

As the first style, these are rather too tight for me at the top when worn up, but other than that, these grippy knee-high socks look great and feel soft & cozy against the skin. And fit true to size (I’m a size 8 women’s & their size S fits just right). Did I mention how pretty the feather print is!?

Sole Provisions Vionic/Alegra + Socks Giveaway

What you could Win:

1 pair of comfortable Vionic or Alegria shoes and 1 pair of socks from either ToeSox o Injinji  for 1 winner (subject to availability)

Who can Enter: 

 Anyone 13+ years in age, located in the US or Canada

How to Enter:

It’s easy! Enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below. Each entry has its own value. Gain more entries by tweeting daily (see all options when activating the widget, below).



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  1. I really pleased to find this web site on bing, just
    what I was looking for 😀 also saved to my bookmarks.

  2. Karen Williams Reply

    Right now my go to shoes are some Dansko black suede mary-janes. They don’t hurt my feet and can be worn with anything. Would love a new pair of Vionics though. I’ve been looking at them and coveting them for quite some time.

  3. Michelle H. Reply

    I wore out my super comfy pair of boots. Now my Asics are my most comfortable pair of shoes.

  4. Peggy Rydzewski Reply

    I have a pair of old moccasins that feel like slippers to me.

  5. i have some adidas slides i put on the minute i get home. they are like heaven

  6. Kendra Noble Reply

    I have a pair of sketchers slip ons that are just perfect and fast.

  7. Jaime Cummings Reply

    These brown Chelsea boots.

    They’re comfy, the perfect heel height, and I don’t usually like embellishments but I like the metal accents on the heel.

  8. I love Sketchers Go Walk shoes and my Puma ballet shoes. Comfy shoes are a must!

  9. I have a pair of sandals that are sooo comfortable…but I need more comfortable shoes please. 😉

  10. Carolyn Daley Reply

    My go to comfortable shoes are my Brooks sneakers with the Powerstep Pro Tech insert.

  11. Nate Fuller Reply

    I have a pair of Adidas that I wear most of the time due to the comfort!

  12. As with many people, my sneakers are my most comfortable shoes–except for my bedroom slippers of course!

  13. Keeley Sullivan Reply

    I really love flip flops! Next best thing to barefoot.

  14. My Merrell hiking shoes – they’re old but well loved & worn in!

  15. susan smoaks Reply

    i love my nike sneakers. they are super comfortable. i would wear them everyday if i didn’t have to work.

  16. It would have to be my backpacking shoes. If they keep my feet comfy for 15 miles a day, I’d say they are great.

  17. Trinh Quinonez Reply

    My sketchers sneakers are my comfortable shoes for moving around.

  18. My favorite comfy shoes are my Skechers running shoes with memory foam.

  19. Stephanie Larison Reply

    My skechers tennis shoes that are comfy and broken in to perfection haha.

  20. I have a pair of Nike mules that are at least six or seven years old that I love. They still are comfy and have good support and because they’re white leather and I’ve taken care of them, they don’t look that bad.

  21. i need to find a new pair of go to comfy shoes. My old faves were a mary jane style Earth shoe

  22. My favourite shoes to wear for comfort are my Fluevog Angel Soles.

  23. Andrea Darst Reply

    I have an old pair of sandals that are perfectly worn-in! I’d love to win these for my daughter, who is on her feet all day and has terrible foot pain!

  24. DeAnna Keller Reply

    My go to comfy shoes are a pair of brown Sketcher slip on slippers.

  25. Kim Pincombe Cole Reply

    My Birkenstocks are the most comfortable shoes that I own!

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  27. I love my tennis shoes they make my feet feel like they are on pillows

  28. ivy pluchinsky Reply

    My skecher’s with memory foam are my all time fave shoes, so comfy

  29. Lisa Smith Reply

    I love my comfy trainers. Also I have a go to pair of flip flops.

  30. katherinek Reply

    I love wearing Vionic shoes so a pair of the black sandals is my go to pair

  31. Crystal Sell Reply

    A pear of black slip on flats. But they are getting so old!

  32. Doc Marten boots or Chuck Taylor All Stars! Nice & simple, my tastes haven’t changed much since I was 12. lol
    For dressier occasions I love Iron Fist, Too Fast or Bettie Page pumps!

  33. Love my Vionic flats. They’re one of the few shoes that I can wear all day teaching without foot or knee pain. Would love to try the tennis shoes.

  34. I have a pair of wedge booties that I have worn to the ground. It’s time for a new pair – I just hate to part with them.

  35. Megan Lehar Reply

    I have a pair of Campers that I really love. They’re comfortable slip ons I wear all summer.

  36. Kathy Tracey Reply

    I love my crocs. I wear them all summer along except at work.

  37. My Nike shocks are my go to comfy shoes. I love them for any running around I have to do in a day!

  38. Elizabeth R Reply

    When I do a lot of walking, my saucony runners are my go to shoes.

  39. Lisa bolduc Reply

    In the summer it’s crocs cause they are super easy to slip on, but for work it’s just a pair of brown booties I got . Don’t know the brand

  40. Theresa C. Reply

    I had a pair of Skechers once that were so comfortable that I wore them to work every day for a year until they wore out ;(

  41. Sunshine G Reply

    I have some really comfortable sneakers that I wear more often than I probably should!

  42. Jeanne Rousseau Reply

    My light weight running shoes when I have to have shoes on, but I prefer barefeet!

  43. Alma Rocha Reply

    The shoes looks so comfortable! I love wearing my nikes even though they are getting old.

  44. My current go to comfortable shoes are my Adidas Running Shoes.

  45. My most comfortable shoes are my old Reeboks. However, as a brand, I find Aerosoles are great.


    I have a pair of black shoes that I got at sears that I wear everywhere! I would love to update my shoes to a new fab pair

  47. Donna Doyle Reply

    My go to comfortable shoes are my keens. I am on my 4th pair. They last. They do not look pretty but they are comfortable.

  48. Crystal Porter Reply

    I have a pair of old gardening shoes that I wear all over the yard. They look terrible though.

  49. Alyssa Regnier Reply

    My running shoes….I can’t remember the brand name I bought them awhile ago!

  50. I just bought this pair of sandals that are incredibly comfortable. They’re my new favorites.

  51. Ruth McIver Reply

    I love my asics. they are very comfortable and I don’t mind running a million errands as long as my feet aren’t hurting.

  52. Sandy Klocinski Reply

    I live in athletic shoes. Any ones will do as long as they are well padded and have a wide toe box

  53. I have a pair of old Disney sandals that are really comfortable. Not the prettiest things but great to slip on and go.

  54. Sandi Tymchuk Reply

    I love my running shoes–lately a lightweight memory foam insole pair from Sketchers. I use my crocs for outdoors quick trips, such as a light watering of my flowers, or emptying my compost pail.

  55. Cindy Peterson Reply

    I have a pair of canvas Mickey Mouse shoes made by Croc that are comfortable enough to spend all day in an amusement park with no ill effects on old feet.

  56. nicolthepickle Reply

    I have a pair of go-walks that I’ve worn for too long. They’re so light and easy to wear.

  57. Bailey Dexter Reply

    I love a Merrels shoe, but the last year they have changed the quality so not sure now!

  58. I have a pair of standard black runners that I use all the time. Still pretty comfy.

  59. AmberSheff Reply

    Nike flex run are my go to but they need a bit more support.

  60. My Crocs sandals are my go-to in summer and a pair of Kigo mary janes for other weather.

  61. Emily Benzing Reply

    My go-to comfy shoes are my moccasins! So fuzzy and soft, great for relaxing & going out when I want to be comfy!

  62. I wear flip flops all year long unless there is snow on the ground. I need a pair of sneakers though because we want to start walking as a family and flip flops are not made long walks. thank you!

  63. Alison Gibb Reply

    My go to comfy shoes have always been my white leather keds. In the winter, I have a pair of boots that I love to wear for comfort!

  64. Jill Jackson Reply

    My flip flops that at one time were white but are grey now. They are so worn that the inside of my foot touches the ground but love them

  65. Maryann Royster Reply

    My go to comfy shoes are an old pair of beat up sneakers

  66. Kimberly G Reply

    My converse sneakers or my flip flops are my go-to comfortable shoes.

  67. My sketchers are my go-to shoes, super comfortable to walk in, especially when walking on cobbled streets.

  68. addrienne mertens Reply

    all of them.. i have the vionic inserts for all my shoes. i pull out the stock insoles and replace with vionic. i cant wear shoes without them anymore

  69. I know they aren’t the most supportive but I love my flip flops from Ardene. They are like $3 a pair and I wear them all summer with no sore feet.

  70. Angela Mitchell Reply

    I have a pair of Skechers memory foam walkers. They aren’t the most stylish but they really are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had.

  71. Ellie Wright Reply

    My go to comfortable shoes are a pair of Reebok Princess sneakers.

  72. they aren’t pretty but i have a super comfy pair of shoes from Marks — i need a summer comfy pair of shoes – i have a pair of Crocs flip flops that are pretty comfy too.

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