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StinkBoss Review | Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box

StinkBoss Review | Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box

StinkBOSS Review: Ozone Shoe Deodorizer Box 

Most emails that hit my shoe blog inbox are a bit of a snooze fest. StinkBOSS‘s email about their ozone odor removal machine was in no way, shape, or form, one of those.

Come on, an oven-like contraption made specifically to take the smell out of your stinky shoes, skates, sneakers? Called the STINK “BOSS”?!!! I mean, how freaking weird and AWESOME is that!?

StinkBoss Review | Ozone Shoe Deodorizer

OK, so your likely initial response to this post is surely going to be of the “Whaaaaaaat!?” variety. I get it. It was mine the first 20 some odd seconds as well. Until I realized this is one of the raddest shoe care items to cross my path in a while.

I've been shoe blogging for almost 7 years & thought I had seen all possible shoe accessories, contraptions & the like. But thankfully, technology, innovation & creative thinkers continue to keep us on our toes. Yes, pun intended 😉

So I'm sure your reading this thinking that I'm out of my mind. Or really excited about StinkBOSS because my shoes smell THAT bad. Owning as many shoes as I do, they actually don't. None of them get enough wear to achieve stinky extremes. 

However, I know many people who play sports where sweaty, smelly shoes & gear is a problem. Including some of my friends. My mission for this post, aside from reviewing the StinkBOSS, was to find the “right” footwear to test it on.

So I blasted out my quest to seek out the most foul smelling pair via my personal social channels. Among those questioned, were some parents of teenagers at my son's school (yes, they thought I was crazy!). In the end, the worst offenders were a pair of hiking boots from a close friend's husband.

Let's just call him “Tom” for the purposes of this post. For aesthetic reasons, you won't see these boots in this post. It's bad enough that I'm talking about fetid shoes, don't need to showcase them too, right!?

Shop StinkBoss:

Instead of going through the motions of a regular product review, this time around I'm going to get right to answering your questions. Actually, these were my initial questions prior to reading about & testing out the StinkBOSS.  I bet you're asking yourselves similar ones, so here goes:

1. What is the StinkBOSS?

The StinkBOSS is an ozone shoe deodorizer box that dries, sanitizes & disinfectants. And most importantly, it's built to eliminate shoe odor. It's not a washing machine, though, so soiled shoes going in will come out just a dirty!

2. Is it heavy?

I thought it was, especially due to the enormity of the package it came in! Turns out it's very light & easily portable.

3. How does it work?

Ozone odor removal is the game! Yes, scientifically speaking, StinkBOSS uses Ozone — a gas that reacts with anything it comes into contact with — to kill the bacteria associated with odors.

The StinkBOSS box creates the Ozone to break up oxygen molecules and to circulate new ozone molecules throughout your shoes. The shoe horns found inside the StinkBOSS are actually air vents that allow the gas to pass & circulate directly inside your shoes.

4. Is it difficult to use?

Not at all. And this coming from someone with no technical expertise! Essentially you plug the StinkBOSS in, & turn it on. Then open lid using the black release button & place your shoes onto the shoe horns.

After which, you digitally select your time, decide if you need to use the heat function or not & press start. Voilà! The machine comes with a fool-proof illustrated quick-start guide as well 🙂 

5. Can you use it for items other than shoes?

Yes, absolutely! Since the StinkBOSS eliminates odor by killing the associated bacteria, so it's safe. easy & totally makes sense to use for products other than shoes. For instance, various types of sports gear such as gloves, hats, socks, knee pads & more.

6. Can it damage my shoes & Gear?

Whether your using the drying function on damp shoes or not, StinkBOSS does not generate enough heat or produce any bi-product to damage your shoes & items.

7. What's the biggest size shoe that can fit inside?

The shoe horns inside the StinkBOSS that hold the shoes upside down can hold up to a size 14 shoe.

8. How long does it take?

A lot longer than I thought! At first my friends & I (yes, I had an audience!) thought the digital timer indicated minutes, but reading more closely, we realized it can take anywhere from 30 minute to 6 HOURS (!) to completely odor-proof your shoes!

The stinkier your shoes & gear, the more time it will take. Expect it to take extra time if you need to use the heat function.

9. Is it safe?

I asked StinkBOSS & they stated the following: “As with anything else, ozone can be used incorrectly or in unsafe amounts. However, the ozone generated in the StinkBOSS complies with UL Standard No. 867, which regulates household use of ozone. Be sure to close the lid while operating, and follow the user manual”.

However safe, the Ozone produced by the StinkBOSS has a strong smell (think jet plane fuel with a splash of chlorine) that my friends & I didn't particularly take to, while we were using it in my living room.

Unfortunately for us, with the -15 Degrees Celcius weather outside, opening the windows was not an option! Next time, I will  use it outside, in a garage or larger, well-ventilated area. Especially if I'll be using it for longer periods of time. 

10. How often do I need to use it?

StinkBOSS recommends running the machine at the full 6 hour cycle for the first use, and then for shorter 2 hr cycles after every time you wear/sweat/stink up your shoes or item. 

11. Does it actually work?

Ha, so the MOST important question I have saved for last: does the StinkBOSS actually work? Considering we used the ozone shoe deodorizer for only 1 hour vs. the recommended 6 on Tom's stinky hiking boots, it most certainly eliminated the smell.

And I've been smelling them every day for a week now & still no sign of the original stench! And although the boots do smell like the Ozone produced by the machine to deodorize & sanitize, it doesn't appear to be masking it. 

StinkBOSS REview | Conclusion

To that sums up my StinkBOSS review for today. The StinkBOSS ozone deodorizer machine is definitely an innovative & useful tool to have at one's disposal for eliminating odor from shoes & smelly gear.

Especially if you have a larger family with sports gear you'd rather not foul up your home with!

I already have a few parents asking me if they can use it to neutralize their teenage son's hockey gear & soccer shoes & I'm more than happy to share 🙂 I mean, if 6 hours of StinkBOSS doesn't eliminate the smell, then I don't believe anything will!

You get your own StinkBOSS ozone shoe deodorizer & sanitizer from Amazon or directly from the brand's website over at

The StinkBOSS has recently been named a finalist in the IHA Global Innovation Awards. A well-deserved congrats to them!  You can read more about it here.

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Tuesday 11th of April 2017

Amazing! Now you an have stink-free shoes too, woot!!


Tuesday 28th of March 2017

I guess I'm lucky I can still wear size 14. :)