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Shoolex Gender Neutral Shoe Filler Inserts to Make Big Shoes Fit

Shoolex Gender Neutral Shoe Filler Inserts to Make Big Shoes Fit

New Shoe Accessory! “Make em Fit” Shoe Filler  Inserts to Make Big Shoes Fit! If you read my shoe blog frequently, you'll have noticed that I get ridiculously excited when new gadgets, gizmos & shoe accessories come out of the woodwork to help shoes feel & fit better.

So how much MORE stoked was I to find out that Toronto-based company Shoolex developed a shoe filler to help us shoe lovers out in our quest on how to make shoes smaller?

Shoolex Shoe Fillers – Product Review

Shoolex Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes Photographed by ShoeTease

Shop all 3 Shoolex shoe filler sizes below:

The idea for Shoolex's “Make em Fit” came about because the company's founder is the sweetest dad ever. Ok, I actually don't know this for a fact, but the story behind it is pretty cute! His daughter was having trouble finding shoes that fit & he wanted to help. After some research, he realized that a lot of people struggle with the same ‘finding the right shoe size' problem for a variety of different reasons.

So he developed a product to help out the many shoe-troubled individuals, including his daughter, enjoy better fitting shoes.

Aside from the fact that some of us buy shoes that are far too big because we couldn't find our size on sale or our size sold out & we just had to have those shoes (you know who you are!), others are actually forced to buy larger shoes. Why? Let's list a few of these foot problem-ridden folk, shall we?:

  1. People with wide feet or large ankles who can't fit their feet into their actual shoe size
  2. Those with a notable size difference between their feet
  3. People with swollen feet: due to medical conditions, some people's feet can swell up considerably & they have to take that into consideration when buying new shoes
  4. Those with teeny tiny feet that don't want to be stuck sporting a pair of kids shoes
  5. Shrinking feet. This might not happen often, but it sucks when it does. Just ask 2 of my friends with this problem!

Shoolex Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes Photographed by ShoeTease

Shoolex Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes

Lucky for me, I Shoolex sent me a pair of “Make em fit” to test drive before they even hit online retailers eBay & Amazon (where they are now sold).  I've already written about another shoe insert for big shoes here, but this product is a little different: it's for men or women & made out of memory foam, so it's malleable & easily conforms to the areas in which they are inserted.

UPDATE! Shoolex “Make 'em Fit” come in 3 sizes: large, medium & small!

I consider these more shoe fillers to make big shoes fit rather than simple shoe inserts, because being bigger in shape & size, they can really help fill those empty areas in the front portion of your shoes, known as the toe box.

Pros and Cons of Shoolex Shoe Fillers

Pros – Shoolex “Make em Fit” Shoe Fillers

  • The product is genderless, so guys and anyone else can use these too!
  • These shoe fillers come in 3 sizes, but you can be cut each with regular ‘ol scissors to fill your shoes the desired amount
  • Work great in sneakers, boots & dress shoes that are roughly one size+ too big
  • Easily washable: just a little soap, water & air drying does the trick!
  • “Make em Fit” helps maintain the form of the front portion of your shoes, so they literally don't get bent out of shape
  • Because of their rubbery nature, they stay put in your shoes as you walk
  • This product is latex-free
  • They smell nice (yes, I went there; no, don't judge!)
  • The memory foam it is made from is flexible & soft, yet sturdy. See images below:

Shoolex Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes

Shoolex Shoe Inserts for Big Shoes Photographed by ShoeTease

Cons – Shoolex “Make em Fit” Shoe Fillers

  • Large size works best in shoes that are a full size too big. The smaller size works best if the shoe is a half size or more too big.
  • The product works better in flats than it does in high heels
  • More of a funny observation than a ‘con', but these somewhat resemble those ‘chicken cutlets' you can stuff into bras, which may make things a little awkward if they fall out of your bag. That being said, as you will likely be wearing them in your shoes vs carrying them around, that shouldn't be an issue for most LOL. Thankfully they have updated their design and these shoe fillers are now colorful!

I hope you found this product as useful as I did! My left foot is actually longer than my right by about 5mm, so depending on footwear type, I often have to move up one or a half size, leaving extra space in my right shoe. So finding shoe inserts &/or shoe fillers to make big shoes fit better is always exciting for me!

What's your go-to way to make big shoes fit? I have written a comprehensive post with 5 amazing hacks on how to make shoes smaller, here for all needs & every shoe type!

Check out more posts on shoe care <– here!

xo Cristina

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Monday 1st of May 2023

These all sound like great ideas! I have bought many pairs of shoes at places like Burlington, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and thrift stores. It can be VERY limited in what size you're able to get and how it fits because 10 steps in the store is NOT always how it fits at home! I never know if a 7.5, 8, or even an 8.5 is the best fit for me. *I've tried the toilet paper or paper towels or cotton balls in the toes and it has never worked for me, it all just makes me scrunch up my toes for some reason...

I'm going to do some research on what will hopefully work best for me and not worry so much when a store may not have the EXACT size I need because I can "make it work!"


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

I bought online, ugh, a gorgeous set of cowgirl boots, but alas a whole size too big. Suggestions??


Saturday 3rd of December 2022

My post about stretching out cowboy boots is for you!


Thursday 26th of January 2017

I have a question my husband feet are two different sizes from a birth defect . So one foot is 8 and the other is a 14 how can I fill the shoe for his smaller to fit size 14?


Thursday 26th of January 2017

Thank you for your question. I would only recommend shoe inserts and filler for shoes that are up to 2 sizes too big, absolute maximum. Any larger, filling the shoe would be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, making trips and falls more likely.


Saturday 15th of October 2016

Would these work for childrens shoes? The reviews on amazon aren't great.


Thursday 11th of February 2016

Hi! I was just wondering, between the two shoe sizers which one do you prefer more. The Sizers or the Shoolex Shoe Filler? I'm asking because I have a pair of sneakers that are 1 size too big, so which one would you prefer for sneakers?


Thursday 11th of February 2016

Hi Colleen!

Both Sizers and Shoolex are great shoe inserts for shoes that are too long in length. Shoolex inserts are going to stay put in the front of the shoe a bit better than Sizers. Also, Shoolex shoe fillers now come in 3 sizes (I have updated the shopping widget in the post, above).

However, if your sneakers are a whole size bigger (not just in length, but in width too), I'd opt for a shock absorbing insole such as these ( or especially if you plan on doing a fair bit of walking and/or running in them. If not, I'd recommend the medium sized Shoolex.

Hope this helps & please let me know what you end up choosing & how it's working for you! xo Cristina