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Shoes Too Big? This May Be Your Quick Fix!

You know that moment when you’ve literally found your sole mate? It’s the perfect style, the perfect color & it’s even on sale! But maybe, just maybe you’ve overlooked that these pretty-as-pie shoes are too big? Or maybe you found that fabulous pair, but somehow managed to stretch them out & now they no longer fit so well?

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That’s what happened to me with one of my newer pairs; these gold capped beige heels from Ivanka Trump, pictured in this post. After a night of dancing, what I believed to be a perfectly fitting shoe, became too large, with an obvious gaping hollow back-end of my heel. Now, not only are these shoes too big, they’re relatively uncomfortable to walk in & look sloppy. Tragic, I know.

Between insoles, inserts & various shoe accessories, there isn’t a lack of choice when it comes to gadgets you can use to make shoes smaller.

But many regular insoles will simply lift your foot, rather than correcting size length. Great at creating an all-over tighter fitting shoe, but some of us don’t want that. Some of us ladies just want to resolve the problem of our shoes being too long in length!

Shoes too big? Shoe Inserts

That’s why I had to try Shoe Sizers as soon as I spotted them on Twitter! They’re a fab little foam shoe insert for shoes that are too big.

How does it work? Well, the product fits at the tip of your closed-toe shoes (please note that the don’t work in an open toe shoe!!) to reduce the shoe size & close up that silly looking gap at the back. I mean, we don’t want to look like we’re wearing our mothers shoes, now do we?? Small side note: I am simply baffled at how MANY friends & fellow bloggers I see wearing shoes that are obviously far too large. It makes me cringe. Every. Time. But I digress…

shoes too big sizers shoe inserts 2

As Sizers sent me a multi-pack sampler of their shoe inserts, I was able to try them out in the 3 available sizes. Yes, you can make shoes shorter by a quarter, half or full size, which is completely novel, considering the one-size-fits all options out there! Each Sizer “size” is also color coded so you don’t get the inserts mixed up. I love how colorful they are & think they look pretty comical, because at certain angles they look like dentures! And there’s a reason: they’re purposely scalloped to fit the rounded tips of our toes, so that they stay in place.

How to Use Sizers Shoe Inserts

Shoes too big? Shoe Inserts

It’s a simple 2 step process really: pick the size that works best & insert into the tips of your shoes with the rounded edges facing your toes. That’s it, folks!

Shoe Sizers – Review

I tried Sizers in a couple pair of closed-toe shoes that were either purchased too big or somehow stretched out. This is what I noticed:

  • Loved how easy these are too use: no mess, no fuss.
  • They stayed in place & after a few minutes of getting used to, didn’t feel bothersome. Just make sure you use the correct size correction for optimum comfort & look.
  • The foam inserts are squishy & bendy enough to fit into a pointed-toe pump too.
  • Most importantly, this shoe accessory actually works to make shoes smaller! Check out the comparison with & without the shoe inserts, below:

Not Wearing Shoe Sizers Inserts to Make Shoes Smaller

Shoes too big? Shoe Inserts

Wearing Shoe Sizers To Make Heels Fit

Shoes too big? Shoe Inserts

10 Reasons to use Sizers in your Big Shoes

  1. They’re light & portable with a smooth non-sticky surface
  2. They’re idiot-proof. If I can use them, anyone can 😉
  3. Make big shoes much more comfortable to stand & walk in
  4. Save you money: You can wear that too-large pair without any more “I bought it too big” regrets!
  5. Makes you look less sloppy. You think people won’t notice but I they doooo!
  6. For all you allergy ridden people, Sizers are hypoallergenic & latex free
  7. They’re waterproof, so they won’t get soggy
  8. They’re reusable: simply pull them out
  9. They’re fully washable. Because if they weren’t….eew!
  10. Discretion is key: Sizers will solve your “shoes too big” problem & no one will even know!

5 People Who’d Benefit from Sizers Shoe Inserts

  1. Well, if you have any closed-toe boots, flats or shoes that are too big & long in length. But you knew that already, ha! Gotta have fun pointing out the obvious sometimes 😉
  2. Petite feet? If you have trouble finding your shoe size in the style you desire, these are a great solution for you
  3. Have one foot that’s bigger than the other (and most of us do)? Use one Sizer with the smaller foot to fix the problem!
  4. Models & Bloggers: make your sample sizes fit you just right
  5. Stylists: Your perfect styling needs not to be ruined by ill-fitting shoes (so put those cotton balls away!)

So yeah, I’m giving this novel little product that happens to create big results, a 2 thumbs-up. That all being said, I do highly recommend buying shoes in your exact size for optimum comfort & fit. Nothing will fit & feel better than your actual shoe size. But ladies, I get it: once that too large shoe has been purchased/has possibly been stretched out/your feet have shrunken in the winter (and we can’t buy 2 sets of shoes now can we?!), these fun little shoe inserts are your best bet to fix shoe that are, or have become too big.

Now if Sizers could only make a reverse insert that makes small shoes fit bigger, we’d be all set 😉 You can purchase Sizers as a multi-pack, or individually directly from their website at or from Amazon.

Need more options for your closed-toe too big shoes!? Try these unisex shoe fillers from Toronto-based Shoolex. 

Due to the many inquiries I’ve received via email & in the comments section below, I’ve created a brand new post to help solve even more of your “shoes too big” dilemmas!

Check out my comprehensive post on how to make shoes smaller, for all shoe types 🙂 Some of these hacks might surprise you!

Photos 1, 4-6: Conrad Collaco Photography

xo Cristina

**This post is brought to you in collaboration with Sizers: shoe inserts for shoes that are too big. All opinions expressed are my own**


  1. I have a lace pair of pumps to large. Do you carried nude colors, I would think the colors would shows through the sheer lace.

    • Hi Nancy. If you’re skin tone is light to olive, Shoolex inserts (link -> will be the correct “nude” color for you. As with Sizers, they only work in closed-toe shoes.

      However, you can also opt for insoles or other types of products to tighten shoes. See the full list & article here –>

      Cristina 🙂

  2. Betty K Cale Reply

    Schechers have a new design giving them more toe room , but it makes my size too loose in the heel area. I can’t keep them on. Help me find someway to use my new shoes.

    • Hi Betty,

      It depends how & where they are big. If your shoes are just too long (with gaps at the front and back) but the width is working for you, I’d go for a shoe filler such as Shoolex’s “Make ’em Fit”. The larger version of it will prop your foot back enough to fill your heel area. If the width is also large, go for an insole make for sports such as this one here from FootinSole or if you’ll be running in them, a shock absorbent one like this one from Footsmart could work too, possibly used in combination with a toe front shoe filler.

      Check out my latest post to learn how to make shoes smaller for even more hacks. Hope this helps!
      xo Cristina

  3. Betty K Cale Reply

    I bought a pair of Schechers , they have made them have more toe room in the new design ones. It makes them too loose in the heal area. I need help to make them fit my feet because they are too loose. My size doesn’t fit anymore.

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  5. Hi! I am a Director on a non profit board to raise money for schools. Every year we hold a huge ball. I didn’t have the money for shoes and a new dress so I was lent beautiful Stewart Weitzman shoes. They were a little big so I ordered sizers. Guys I was so excited I didn’t realize they go in the front of the shoe- these are peep toe 🙁 Any way to make them work or is there another item you can recommend?!!! Thanks so much

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear! Yes, Sizers do go in the front and only work for closed toe shoes. However, there are options, so don’t worry!

      If your shoe is large width-wise I’d opt for a half insole (these go under the balls of your feet). My faves include Dr Scholls gel inserts ( and real leather insoles ( The gel inserts are bigger so fill up the space more. They might make your feet a little sweaty, however. The leather ones are a great feel, but will take up less space in the shoe.

      If your shoes are too long you can add a heel liner, which goes in the back interior of the shoe where the heel rests. This is a good one:

      You can also use a mix of a half insole + heel liner to greatly reduce the overall size of the shoe.

      I hope this helps! If you need more info feel free to contact me here or at shoetease(at)gmail(dot)com.
      xo Cristina

  6. Hi ShoeTease!

    Love your blog! I have a CL So Kate.. In size 4. Even size 4 was 1/2 size or mire big :(. I can see a big gap at the back of the shoes. Will these sizers work for me? What else do you recommend?

    • Hi Kelly!

      If your So Kates are a perfect fit width wise & in the toe box area and shoe length is the only problem, I would recommend the purple 1/2 Sizers (you can get them from Amazon here ->

      However, if your shoe is also feeling larger width-wise I’d opt for a half insole (specifically the ones that are placed under the balls of your feet). For those, I have 2 faves: Dr Scholls gel inserts ( and genuine leather insoles such as these ( The gel inserts might make your feet a little sweaty, but are so darn comfortable! The leather ones are a great feel, but don’t “fill” in the shoe as much. I hope this answers your question, and if not please let me know here, or feel free to contact me at shoetease(at)gmail(dot)com.
      xo Cristina

      • Kellythank you for your reply! Let me send you a pix of mye in the ahoes. See what you think! Reply

        Hi ShoeTease!

        Love your blog! I have a CL So Kate.. In size 4. Even size 4 was 1/2 size or mire big :(. I can see a big gap at the back of the shoes. Will these sizers work for me? What else do you recommend?

    • Oh my what a little dainty foot you have. I can just imagine the struggle to find decent fitting shoes! These should definitely help 🙂

      xo Cristina

  7. My hubby surprised me with a pair of hyper prive laboutins I am a 4 these are 1/2 size too big can’t use sizers as they are open toe please help. As laboutins would not help me I need to sort this for Dec 19th thanks

    • Hi Becky! So sorry you’re having sizing trouble with your Louboutins. The good news is that being only a half size too big makes compensating for sizing easier. I’d highly suggest an insert such as Dr. Scholls Ball of Foot Cushions that not only make the shoe fit more snugly, but grip onto both the foot & shoe so that you won’t slip out of your open toe. I have used them multiple times in a pair of peep-toe sandals that are about a half size too big with great success. Please let me know if these work for you! xo Cristina

    • lisa woods Reply

      What city do you live in? There are CL cobblers that specialize in making your Loubs fit. Mine was 1.2 size too big, and I only found out after wearing once. Forget it, no exchange. But in London there is a cobbler. They have 3 types of inserts & also heel grips. The cobbler inserts them UNDER the insole of the shoe, so that you never have to see them and they don’t move. I am also having the rubber grip soles put on. I would call the store and/or if they can’t help you send a online request asking where their certified cobblers are.

  8. Whoever is looking for fixing shoes which are 1 size too big cheaply can consider just inserting folded paper into the front of the shoes as much as pretty well.if u want just stick it inside using double sided tape but that is not really needed because the paper n toes keep each other in place

    • Great tip, thanks Elizabeth! I’ll try using folded paper next time & see how it works 🙂
      xo Cristina

  9. Wouldn’t this then make your toes show more toe cleavage? Since your foot is being pushed further back now, depending on the cut of the shoes, your toes may now show. I need to try these to see if that’s the case!

    • Yes, yes it would! But only if you have enough room at the back of your shoe to push your full foot backwards into it. I like your strategic shoe-cleavage thinking!!
      xo Cristina

  10. Whoever develops that insert to make too-small shoes fit just right should be nominated for a Nobel Prize in alchemy or something.

    • Hahaha!!! Yes, yes it should! Such a great innovative product.; small with a big impact!
      xo Cristina

    • lisa woods Reply

      Oh yes – my Isabel Marant sneaker wedges were about 1.5 size too large. But with these inserts they are just fine now!

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