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10 Most Fashionable Shoes to Wear with a Little Black Dress in 2022

10 Most Fashionable Shoes to Wear with a Little Black Dress in 2022

Nothing styles a little black dress better than the right pair of shoes. As a firm believer that footwear easily makes or breaks an outfit, I think the right shoe type can take your black dress outfit to the next level. And what are the best shoes to wear with a black dress you ask?

Well, let's just say that not all shoes are going to fit the bill & certainly not for every occasion. I mean, we're not vying to be fashionable street style stars at all times!

And maybe you'd think that all shoes with a LBD work wonders, but there's a time & place for each shoe type n'est ce pas?

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If you're unsure about what color shoes with black dresses to wear, check out my post all about that, here

Because let's face it: a black frock will look fabulous with oh-so many shoes. Similar to when thinking what shoes to wear with a white dress: sooo many options! But to keep things concise & useful, I'm going to list the best & most fashionable shoes to pair with your pretty black dress right now.

And it's not about being a fashion victim, here, it's about looking stylish & chic especially if your LBD isn't the most recent of specimens.

Whether you're looking for a sporty look, office casual outfit or glam ensemble, this shoe blog gets you set up in the black dress styling department for various real-world scenarios. With shoes, of course!

10 Fashionable Shoes to Wear with a Little Black Dress

So here are the most fashionable shoes to wear with a black dress in 2016 right on into 2017! Of course, style is subjective & someone's ‘casual' can easily be another woman's ‘office' look (depending on your office environment, of course).

Just keep that in mind when reading this post, which I created as an easy go-to reference guide for the no-nonsense modern lady.

Casual Shoes to Wear with Little Black Dresses

Firstly, let's start with shoes that will complement a casual look, consisting of an LDB. Of course, some of the shoes types below are more or less casual than others.  Here are 5 types of shoes to wear with black dresses to create informal looks.

shoes to wear with black dress 2

1. Sneakers

Gold, colorful or a pair of those fashionable white Adidas Stan Smiths will make your LBD ready for a sleek tourist adventure or a grocery store run. Now that sneakers are all the rage, all it takes is a swift shoe swap to take your look from desk dressing to errand running! Sneakers are particularly cute shoes with a little black dress.

2. Strappy Sandals

There's nothing that screams casual chic more to me than strappy sandals with a simple little black dress. Even though we see high strappy sandals and gladiators in magazines so much during the summer months, it's a sandal type that's often neglected by the general population.

So you'll surely be an original when you wear a pair to a casual coffee date or a window shopping spree around town. See more on how to wear gladiator sandals, here.

Best Boots For a Little Black Dress

3. Black Dress with Ankle Boots

The easiest go-to boot for every season, is the ankle boot. The ankle boot style will definitely carry over to your LBD, so if you want to keep a rock ‘n roll vibe, go for buckles & fringe ankle boots will give a boho-vibe.

Ankle boots are also a great shoe type, when worn correctly & depending on boot style, to create not only casual, weekend looks, but office appropriate looks as well. A block heel or wedge will make the boots even more casual.

4. Knee High Boots

This I've added for Fall 2018, as the knee-high boot is definitely coming back in style! Easier to wear than a thigh high boot (and much more comfortable!), you likely have a pair in your closet that will look great with short, to just-above-the-knee black dresses.

Check out how I styled my 3 in 1 convertible boots with my LBD!

5. Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee & even higher boots are a great boot type to wear in between seasons, weather permitting (living in Toronto, Canada, this is of utmost concern, lol!). I've put them in the casual section of the black dress styling post, because as they're a little on the sexy (as worn most often without tights).

The higher up the leg they show, the less likely they are to be appropriate in a typical work dress environment. However, when paired with a thick stocking or worn with a longer dress, these boots can go the distance in the corporate world too!

Chic Office Shoes to Wear with a Black Dress

As I said, there's a time & place for different shoe types & pairing them with your LBD. The office or a more conservative office environment will give certain shoe types a thumbs up & others, the polar opposite!

If you want to make sure you're staying safe at work, here are my top 3 choices. Of course, if you work in fashion…well, you can throw all of these suggestions right on out the window!

office shoes to wear with black dress

1. Refined Ankle Boots

Yep, ankle boots as stated above, are fabulous for casual black dress style parings, but can also be a great shoe to wear to the office too. Best if the ankle boot is polished & minimal.

Block heel or stiletto, as long as it's a clean, minimal design (and of course styled for the occasion!) it's a winner even in the most conservative of office environments. That's why ankle boots are possibly one of the most versatile of shoes to wear with a black dress! 

If you have a more serious work dress code, I'd stick with simple leather & suede ankle boots in neutral colors (black/brown/tan) vs. say, sparkly disco purple or bright red.

2. Pointed Toe Flats & Pumps

Pointed toes on heels & flats are so fashionable in everyday life right now. A pointed toe pump will look polished with your work wardrobe & chic enough to carry you straight to dinner & drinks!

Of course, the higher the heel the more ‘fancy' the shoe becomes. Be careful of showing too much toe cleavage if you're working in a more ‘traditional' work environment.

3. Brogues & loafers

Join the boys club & add a dose of androgynous chic to even the most feminine of black dresses at work with a pair of brogues or loafers. Pointed toe, color-blocked loafers, monk strap brogues being the most fashionable of the moment.

However, a classic lace-up oxford, brogue & even the most preppy of penny loafer will never, ever go out of style (especially not at the office!).

Just make sure your little black dress is on point with the latter styles, otherwise you risk looking completely out of touch with the present. Or at best. very vintage, but maybe that's what you were going for all along 🙂 Check out how I recently styled my black off the shoulder dress with loafers!

How to Dress Up a Little Black Dress with Shoes

Off to a glamorous evening or champagne & cocktails? Well, then a dainty shoe is your best bet & blocky, sporty looking shoes need not apply! Think classic elegance here, especially if it's a black tie affair.

But you can also make it fun & funky, especially if you're off to a more eccentric themed party such as a holiday or New Year's eve bash! Head on over to my post about how to pick shoes for cocktail dresses, where I chat about the different types of shoes to wear with party dresses with different fabrics & finishes. 

I love me a sophisticated black dress with heels & below are my best shoes to glam up your LBD:

glam shoes to wear with black dress

Classic Pointy Stiletto Pumps

With a pointy toe & a sexy svelte heel, stiletto pumps will never do you wrong on a red carpet, fancy gala or wedding reception! Maybe it's the toe cleavage or the sinuous design, but in any color, skinny heeled pumps with a black dress will look sensational. Mirror metallic & glitter pumps will dress up your outfit even more!

Multi-strap Heels & Sandals

The shoe details of the moment are definitely straps & laces. Even better when combined into one shoe! Multi strap pumps, sandals or booties are a exceptional pairing with a black dress, especially if you're wanting to kick it up one notch. Even & especially in black, straps will visually shine (especially against a fairer complexion), so don't be surprised if no one is looking at your cute LBD, but gawking at your shoes instead!

Minimal sandals

The Stuart Weitzman Nudist took minimal shoe dressing to the next level! Seen multiple times on every red carpet in the past few years, the minimal sandal (usual one slight toe strap paired with a similar ankle strap) is your best shoe bet when you want your dress to take centre stage.

If this is your case, go for a shade that is ‘nude' for you. It will lengthen your legs while allowing your black dress to get all the attention, no matter how plain or attention-grabbing it is! The sexy nudist is a surefire way of showing off your style savvy manner of knowing how to to dress up a black dress!

So if you came here wondering what shoes to wear with a black dress, I hope you came out of the post feeling good about possible shoe type & dress pairing! Depending on the occasion, shoes can definitely make all the difference 🙂

Check out my other posts: what shoes to wear with a black and white dress & how to wear red shoes (quick answer on the last one: a black dress!). Or read all of my posts on what shoes to wear with dresses!

Happy dress & outfit styling!

xo ShoeTease

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Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Yes, styling black dresses with certain shoes will determine the style & occasion that the outfit as a whole & less whether it will/will not look good or not. And you're so ugly shoe is an ugly shoe no matter what you wear it with lol! xo Cristina


Monday 19th of October 2015

I think you can pretty much get away with wearing almost anything with a black dress. I mean, a garish/ugly shoe is going to be a no-go no matter what but I think a black dress provides a pretty nice base for whatever style you have.