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Bringing Back The Knee High Boot!

Bringing Back The Knee High Boot!
ssh-oes boots 2

If you read my post & review featuring these fabulous Ssh-oes convertible boots last week, you'll know I'm a big fan. Not just because they're a 3 in 1 boot with special quieting technology, but they'll add a touch of je ne sais quoi, no matter what your outfit.

As these boots make me feel instantly glamorous, I decided to style them accordingly for winter. Yes “winter”. Because, in Toronto, it's still pretty cold!

ssh-oes boots outfit

Boots: c/o Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett. Bag: Co-Lab. Furry vest: Joe Fresh (similar). Bracelet: c/o Psihii

Now that I think of it, I don't actually own many pairs of knee boots. Of course, my definition of “not many” with respect to footwear does mean less than 10. I write a shoe blog, what can I say? 😉

Including these new boots, I am currently a proud owner of 3. Betcha thought it was gonna be more, right!? And one of these pairs I have stuffed in my shoe closet doesn't even really count: I've had them for over a decade & they're literally falling apart!

With over-the-knee boots having taken centre stage in the tall boot department the past couple Fall/Winter seasons, I think many of us have been overlooking the simplicity of a knee high boot. And it's a refreshing change to be sporting this boot height again. My knees are thanking me!

Speaking of height, the chunky heel is a perfectly walkable 3 inches, while the rounded almond toe makes them a timeless addition to my shoe closet. 

Knee high boots are not only more appropriate for the office, but some people would say they're a heck of a lot easier to wear, especially if you're self-conscious with respect to fashion. And I get it: OTK boots do attract more attention!

Of course, these particular boots are not merely knee high boots: because of their convertible nature, they're also mid-calf & ankle boots.

And considering it's so easy to switch between sizes & play around with them, I consider them my new shoe toys 🙂 Check out the 3 heights, at the bottom of the post (and well worth the scroll!!).

ssh-oes boots 4

The look of these Ssh-oes boots are particularly fun with the 2 dividing zipper “lines” & silver snap buttons. They have a rugged look to them & similar feel that a moto jacket has: slightly edgy & just plain cool. Or at least I think so!

They'd be a surefire contender to outfit sexy, leather-clad Kalinda from The Good Wife…not that she's on the show anymore *sigh*.  And only a few episodes left 'till the show's over!! 😥 But I digress…

Did you notice the added pop of color on the heel tab? It's more than to look pretty & has been built with a special technology to quiet heels. Yep, to make heels less noisy! Don't believe me? Check out my YouTube video where I test them out!!

ssh-oes boots 5i
knee high boots ssh-oes
ssh-oes boots 6i
convertible boots outfit

Photos by Leo Shen

xo ShoeTease

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Tuesday 8th of March 2016

These boots looks absolutely fantastic !! and Perfect outfit. Thanks for sharing, and keep sharing such amazing post.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Thanks Jazmae! These are fabulous boots. I highly recommend them! xo Cristina