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Best Non-Slip Spray for Shoes – 5 Products + 6 Shoe Traction Hacks

Best Non-Slip Spray for Shoes – 5 Products + 6 Shoe Traction Hacks

If your shoes aren't providing traction, non-slip spray for shoes could be for you! Read on to find the right shoe traction spray for your needs! 

I mean, slick shoes are great until you find out that your outsoles are too! One thing we barely consider when buying new shoes is the slip factor. This, especially if it’s dress shoes or heels we’ve purchased with fashion in mind. However, slippery soles can also be caused by wear on rubber sneaker soles.

I've previously discussed how to make shoes non-slip, but today I'm narrowing down the subject to speak specifically about non-slip sprays for shoes.

Wanting to know why, if, and how traction spray for shoes works, including the pros & cons? Welcome to, where I discuss everything all things shoes – from shoe care to shoe styling!

Wait – what is this non-slip spray for shoes, you ask? Shoe grip spray is just that – it sprays on a tacky substance that adheres to the shoes’ outsoles in order to add traction aka grip and make shoes less slippery

However, that's not the case for all traction sprays. Some athletic shoe non-slip spray for rubber outsoles actually softens them, returning the traction they were sold with, vital for court performance in court sports.

Thankfully there are a few top choice shoe spray products to increase shoe traction. But for your DIYers out there, there are DIY options too. These act as traction spray for shoes, like hairspray, while others are a different type of product altogether.

A word of warning: make sure you follow the product label’s instructions for best use and outcome. Use all products and alternative shoe traction spray ideas at your own risk. Not all outsoles are built for traction sprays. 

Why Use Non-Slip Spray for Shoes to add Traction?

You might be wondering why use traction spray for shoes in the first place. Who would someone need it and why? Here are 3 reasons to consider non-slip spray for shoes:

1. Slippery soles

Ok, so this one is obvious. Slippery shoes are no joke. They can be make walking not only uncomfortable but dangerous. Nobody wants to slip or fall, whether it be in the boardroom, sidewalk or on the dance floor!

Of course, scuffing the outsoles and most hacks listed in my post about how to break in new shoes are great, but traction shoe spray offers an easier, short-term solution.

2. Work safety

Although work shoes are often built with non-slip soles, not all are and sometimes outsoles can wear enough to slide around.

Preventing falls in the workplace, especially if your shoes aren’t specifically designed to avoid slipping, is important for keeping yourself and others safe at work.

3. Sports Performance

Many sports – basketball, volleyball & racketball to name a few – require shoe grip in order to enhance performance as the player manages the ball. Creating just the right amount of shoe traction to the ground will help with the player’s balance and prevent slips.

5 Best Non-Slip Sprays for Shoe Traction

Text reading top 5 non slip traction spray for shoes over close up of woman's legs floating sideways in black heels and white skinny jeans.

Looking for specific non-slip shoe sprays to increase shoe traction? Below are the 5 best top-rated products to help prevent slippy soles. 

1. Shoe Grip Ice & Snow Non-Skid Adhesive Spray

Canister of Shoe Grip brand ice and snow non skit non-slip shoe spray.

From preventing slips on sidewalks, snow, stairs roads and icy patches, Shoe Grip Ice & Snow spray-on shoe grip spray adds traction to shoes by gripping cold, icy and slick surfaces. 

Just spray it onto shoe outsoles, wait for it to dry and you’re ready to go! Bare Ground’s product states that doesn't harm rubber or leather and is particularly grippy on ice and snow. Great for those of us who live in a cold, snowy climate.

2. Performance Grip Basketball Shoe Spray

Bottle of Performance Grip Basketball brand non-slip shoe spray.

Performance Grip Basketball non-slip, non-sticky shoe spray meant for all rubber-soled athletic shoes. It improves their performance to grip, rather than just stick, on sports court floors. It also cleans dirt and dust from shorts shoes.

It does so by softening and renewing athletic shoes' rubber outsoles. This way, it brings back the performance outsoles that the perfect amount of traction, like new athletic shoes do.

Routine use of the Performance Grip spray improves rubber-soled shoes' performance on new or used rubber outsole shoes. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive and bio-friendly and known to outperform much more expensive brands. It does need to be sprayed on frequently, especially if court floors are dusty.

3. Bare Ground Slip-Grip Non-Slip Shoe Spray

Canister of Slip Grip grip inon-slip shoe spray.

Bare Ground's Slip Grip is another non-slip shoe spray that works in the same way as many other traction sprays. It adds a layer of adhesive substance to prevent shoes from slipping on various floors and surfaces, including ice.

Slip-grip works best on clean, surfaces as the sticky film that prevents slipping will also attract dirt and debris, possibly causing more slippage. As such, it works best indoors for dress shoes.

It is safe to use on leather and rubber outsoles. It is one of the stickiest non-slip shoe sprays, so use sparingly as needed.

4. Python Racquetball Anti-Slip Court Shoe Spray

Bottle of Phython brand raquetball non-slip shoe spray.

Another athletic shoe traction spray for shoes is Python Racquetall's Anti-Slip shoe spray. It gives shoes a firm grip on slick floors, especially when your shoe outsoles are worn or you're playing on dusty courts. dusty courts.

This non-slip shoe spray is a great product to use on athletic trainers on squash, basketball, or volleyball courts.

5. Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

Canister of Stickum brand non-slip shoe spray.

Mueller's Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is an aerosol adhesive spray designed for use on hands and sports equipment. It adds a layer of stickiness for better grip and traction, especially under wet conditions. Add this spray to a football to prevent fumbles due to slipperiness.

Many also use this product at the bottoms of their footwear to improve shoe traction, but it also works on vaulting poles, bat handles & more. It can be washed off with soap and water.

DIY Traction Spray for Shoes


Do you not have any non-slip shoe sprays lying around? Don’t be hard on yourself – this isn’t something many of us have on hand. But hairspray? More likely! 

So if you’re in a pinch and need to find a quick solution for new or slippy shoe outsoles, a bit of hairspray can work wonders.

5 Alternative Shoe Traction Ideas to Non-Slip Spray for Shoes

Below are some methods, some more permanent than others, that I and many recommend in order to create outsole traction. 

  1. Scuffing the Outsoles of Shoes by:
    • Walking on a rough surface 
    • Sandpaper
    • Nailfile 
  2. Adhesive Bandages
  3. Non-Slip Shoe Grips
  4. Adhesive Bandages
  5. Puff Paint

I go over these methods in detail in my post about how to make shoes non-slip, which covers way more than shoe sprays to help your shoes stay on the ground!

Final Words on Non-Slip Sprays for Traction

Slippery outsoles can make it difficult to wear shoes and heels effectively. Slipping around in your shoes can be extra frustrating when shoe grip is essential for sports… and can get frustrating, especially when you have to actually walk in them.

Of course, the ideal shoe situation would be to have grippy outsoles from the get-go. That way, we could avoid needing to rectify a slippery situation, especially with new shoes.

And the good news is that many brands that make heels, dress shoes and winter boots have built-in outsole grip technology or rubber outsoles for this reason. However, as we don’t always look at slippiness as a factor when buying shoes, we might have slick soles.

Thankfully there are many options, including non-slip spray for shoes, even hacks like hairspray as a solution. I hope that this post has given you ideas on how to effectively use traction spray for shoes and which brands will suit your shoe needs. 

Do you use shoe traction spray? If so, which is your favorite product or hack? If there are other non-slip sprays or DIY options that you like to use, let me know in the comments below! Feel free to check out more shoe repair posts!

Disclaimer: The methods and non-slip shoe sprays on how to add traction to shoe outsoles should be used with caution. ShoeTease and its partners are not liable for any damages to persons or property arising from any of the advice given in this post. Follow advice at your own risk. Please also note that adding shoe traction sprays or other methods to add traction to shoes may void your footwear’s warranty & ability to return them.  

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