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8 Best Canadian Winter Boots Brands to Keep You Cozy in 2023

8 Best Canadian Winter Boots Brands to Keep You Cozy in 2023

Canadians know a few things about winter & warm footwear. Because let's face it, it's freaking cold over here.

And this coming from someone in Toronto, where the weather is comparatively “mild” to the likes of Yellowknife & Calgary.

Best Canadian Winter Boots Brands – 2023

That being said, when people scour the internet for warm weather boots, Canadian winter boots are the most popular boot brands searched for.

Not only, but are also seen as some of the best winter boots brands worldwide! And that's not to discount Canadian shoe brands that offer everyday styles as well!

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Made in Canada and/or designed in the country, here are some of Canada's favorite winter boots. Proven to keep your toes comfy cozy, warm & dry. 

Not only that, many of these brands mentioned don't compromise in terms of women's footwear style – which is what this blog is all about!

And they also happen to be the best shoes to wear in the snow, even for below-freezing temperatures! In my humble opinion 😉 

Which are the complete opposite of the shoe types I mentioned in my post about shoes not to wear in the snow!

Snow and winter boots are definitely one of the most important types of boots for women – and all people, really – when living in a colder climate.

1. Kamik Winter Boots

Proudly Canadian-made & based in Montreal, Kamik offers a number of winter-worthy styles with a touch of glam & a hefty dose of Canadiana!

What I love about this Canadian boot brand is its sustainable manufacturing process & well thought out recycling program.

Their most rugged boot – a new style for the 22/23 winter season – is the Momentum 3. Temperature rated at -40F/C and available in 3 colors. This one's very popular, so get it before your shoe size sells out!

Kamik offers ankle to knee high boots for varying degrees of weather conditions for women, men & children.

The low winterized Sienna Mid duck boots are one of their most popular styles & come in many colors. The Sienna 2 which is the mid-high version in a similar style & I absolutely love it!

A few winters ago they launched their Herigate 1898 Collection. It features quilted & patchwork details on a selection of their winter styles and a pair of very original Abigail boots. I wore & wrote a post about these insulated rain boots that I test-drove in both rain and slushy conditions!

Kamik also offers some classic styles such as these Kamik Jennifer rain boots that I also reviewed.

Adult winter boots range from $90-190 Canadian Dollars & are temperature rated for up to -40 Degrees C. Among all brands mentioned in this post, Kamik offers some of the most affordable Canadian winter boots

You can snag a pair of Kamik boots at Zappos, Nordstrom or from the Kamik website.

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Kamik Lauren
Greenbay 4
Kamik Rogue

2. Pajar Canada Boots

Montreal-based Pajar is renowned for both its warm winter boots as well as its Canada-proof winter coats & jackets for men & women.

This Canadian boot brand is a bit pricier than some of the snow boot brands mentioned in this post. However, they offer a huge selection of boot styles that are built for longevity.

From their extremely warm & thick-soled styles that will keep feet warm in crazy below 40C, you can find many of their boots with “Grippers, like on the Moscou 3.0 bootie.

These built-in, click-out spikes, help your soles grip onto those icy patches to prevent winter wipeouts!

Their more popular boots start at around $225. Yes, pricey, but what can you do? Pajar is one of the best Canadian Winter boot brands around! You can shop a plethora of at Zappos, TJ Maxx US, Saks OFF FIFTH (at a discount).

Shop Pajar Boots:

Glossy gold metallic nylon waterproof upper plush faux fur tongue and lining lace up winter boot on white background.
Tacey Low 2.0
Galat Wine

3. La Canadienne Montreal

Canadian Winter boots Brands La Canadienne

From our most stylish, albeit freezing city: Montreal, comes popular women's fashion winter boot brand La Canadienne.

And their winter boots made in Canada and Europe! Their styles are streamlined to blend seamlessly with your classy business casual attire.

Available primarily in black, this Canadian boot brand has many flat, wedge and high heel styles that are weather resistant and will easily take you from your commute, to the boardroom, then to dinner.

Like the Saint waterproof riding boot & the amazing Carolina waterproof combat boots. Seriously swoon-worthy with great tread sto keep the traction on the snowy sidewalks!

A sleek waterproof La Canadienne winter boot that matches the lug sole trend? The Kora waterproof Chelsea boot with rugged outsole. You can barely tell they're even made for the elements!

Most of their luxurious winter designs are lined with shearling. La Canadienne‘s cold weather boots start from $425 US and are meant to last both in style and durability. You can also find stylish coats & handbags in La Canadienne‘s collection. 

They have a great selection of La Canadienne boots at Saks Fifth Avenue, Zappos, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

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4. Cougar Canada Boots

I love Cougar Canada boots and I've been wearing them long before I started shoe blogging. Designed in Canada, most of Cougar waterproof boots come with a 6 month guarantee. 

Since 2019 in particular, the Womens Cougar Boots Collection have been particularly amazing, with both many chic styles added to their classic favorites. Many of which are still going strong in winter 2023.

My favourite snow boots from this Canadian brand? The 39068 Original, aka the Pillow boots which is amazing also in both brown or patent leather.

With their slight platform & deep track sole, they are way up on my list. As are their very popular Avril winter boots that have a sporty yet chic appeal.

If you're looking for a cozy looking winter boot, the plush-lined Union boot style (comes in 3 colors) is a must-have!

They have many winter boot styles for women, men & kids. Like other brands of their kind, they've started making winter boots that look nothing like your typical winter boots. Such as the Suma & Stafford Combat boots, making it to my waterproof combat boots post.

These two styles are similar to the older version Delson, which I have been wearing for over 3 years now!

But don't be fooled, as they are just as insulated and weather-resistant as their more rugged styles. And let's not forget Cougar is one of the best boot brands to wear in the rain too (their Ignite rain bootie is a top seller!).

Prices of Cougar boots for women range from $120-240 with various temperature ratings up to -30C. You can purchase them from Zappos, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

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5. Santana Canada

3 Canadian Winter boots brand Santana.

Santana Canada is certainly the more sporty-looking boot brand of the bunch. From the more classic lace-up winter styles with an après-ski boots appeal, check out the popular Marlyna boots or the lower Milly boots.

Both styles available in multiple colors with some fun contrast color laces!

Santana also designs less sporty-looking, slick boots, such as these fully waterproof leather faux-fur lined knee boots.

With a -20C temperature rating & the look of a casual moto/riding boot hybrid, these are the perfect winter boots that don't actually look like winter boots!

Also notable from the brand is their weatherproof chelsea boots that are perfect for looking chic in the city.

This Quebéquois footwear company utilized Pro-Dri waterproofing, warm wool lining, & thermal insoles in their footwear to ensure that they stand up to the harshest winter conditions. 

Grab the latest Santana styles from Nordstrom!

Shop Santana Canada:

Milly Boot
Majesta3 Boot
Marlyna Boot

6. Sorel Snow Boots

One of the most recognizable Canadian winter boot brand designs comes from Sorel. Especially with their famous & fabulous Joan of Arctic and newer quilted equivalent Tofino II lace-up knee boots with furry accents (pictured above).

This Sorel style has become one of the most iconic and beloved winter boots to wear either in the city or as a stylish après-ski boot. Here I am wearing my very own pair of white Vintage Sorels back in the day!

Fun fact via Wikipedia: although no longer Canadian-owned, Sorel was born in Kitchener, Ontario before it was purchased by Columbia in the 60s. 

I love how Sorel plays with various textures, patterns & colors to offer fun alternatives to the simple black winter boot. This is definitely a fave boot brand for Canadians!

Along with their more rugged winter boots, they also offer cute, city-friend booties too. These include their newest Brex Heel Cozy Lace boot, Lennox Hiker and the Kinetic Breakthrough bootie.

Their boots go between $110-300 Canadian and many of the styles can keep your toes warm in up to -32 Degrees Celcius!

Aside from a great variety of styles for the whole family, Sorel has expanded their range of winter footwear to include less bulky boot alternatives, fashion footwear, slippers & stylish winter coats & accessories.

Shop Sorel boots from Zappos, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Shop Sorel Boots:

SOREL Joan of Arctic
Joan of Arctic Next Boot
SOREL Caribou Boot

7. Baffin Boots

3 different Canadian winter boots for women by Baffin Boots brand.

If you're looking for a Canadian boot brand that has extreme cold weather in mind, Baffin Boots might be for you, as they offer super warmth with their Snogoose, Dana and Impact boots.

Born in Canada, with many styles made in Stoney Creek, Ontario this brand crafts some of the warmest winter boots along with other cold weather products to perform in the coldest climates!

The look of all of their boots – women's styles included – is mostly tough and rugged. So if you live in a rural area and/or particularly cold region (think, Calgary, Yellowknife, Alaska) these might be the winter boots for you!

However, they also offer this pair of Light winter boots and cute lower shaft boots such as the stylish Tessa and adorable Yellowknife styles.

They also offer waterproof city-slick boots such as the Liberty bootie and Stratford knee-high boots. You can shop Baffin Boots at Zappos and Nordstrom.

Shop Baffin Boots:

Baffin Snogoose Boot
Baffin High Park Boots
Baffin Jess Boot

8. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks is a wonderful Canadian winter boots brand for various reasons. Not only are their moccasins-inspired boots stunning, warm and fully winterproof, but they care about social impact.

The company – whose founder and president, Sean McCormick, is from Indigenous ancestry – is passionate about preserving and economically benefiting the Indigenous culture while supporting Indigenous artists.

This last is exemplified through their Storyboot Project, which aims to revive the traditional Indigenous arts through collaborations with artisans and elders.

You can shop women's winter boots, shoes and accessories at Nordstrom, or directly from their website.

Shop Manitobah Mukluks:

Pacific Winter Waterproof Boot
Pacific Half Waterproof Boot
Reflections Shearling Boot

Final Thoughts on the Best Canadian Winter Boots

I hope you'll take it from a Canadian that our winter boots are some of the warmest, most weather-proof & durable boots you can find!

The brands above are what most of my fellow Canuks & I deem the best Canadian winter boots you can put on your feet in the coldest months of the year.

Of course, there are many winter boot brands that aren't made or designed in Canada, like in my Warmest Winter Boots post, featuring styles from Emu Australia.

But if you're looking for sturdy, rugged no-nonsense boots with extraordinary features to trek in the snow & ice, Canadian styles are surely some of the ones to beat!

Don't forget to check out my post about the best Canadian shoe brands, with Canadian brands that offer casual, formal and rain boot styles too!

Are any of these Canadian boots among your favorite winter boots brands

Oh, and if you're looking for a great shoe deodorizer to un-stench your winter boots, mid or end-of-season, check out this amazing product! Also, come read my post on how to store winter boots too!

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Saint Knee-high Boot
Joan of Arctic Next Boot

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Friday 28th of April 2023

What do you think of hunter’s Women's Intrepid Insulated Short Snow Boots?


Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Looks like a great, sturdy boot with a decent temperature rating and great reviews! I ould have definitely included Hunter in this post, if it were a Canadian brand.

Tahl Alana Ghitter-Kalsi

Friday 4th of February 2022

i LOVE my Pajar boots. I never knew just how warm my feet could be. highly recommend.


Sunday 9th of January 2022

I can not find a waterproof warm winter boot that goes to the knee! Our snow is that deep and not nice to get snow in your boots lol


Monday 10th of January 2022

I feel you! Unfortunately, there aren't many warm winter snow boots that come to the knee. However, there are some hybrid waterproof winter/dress boots that are that high. Such as these Timberland Malynn boots and these boots from La Canadienne. If you don't mind a rugged look, check some of these out: these from Sorel, these from Bearpaw, these from Pajar and these from Baffin. I linked from Zappos, but there are lots of retailers that carry similar styles!

Taylor Nelson

Monday 6th of December 2021

Good article, but I noticed that many of the brands have rubber covering the feet which keeps the heat in and hinders breathability, which is not ideal if also planning to wear the boots in an indoor destination. If you are looking for boots that can handle both -40 temps and wet snow, find boots that keep the rubber on the bottom and cover the top of your foot with leather/ inner felt and just use a water repellant spray. BTW, I live in Minnesota which is often colder than most of the heavily populated areas of Canada. I ditched the Sorels and bought Mukluks (Artic style), which are made in Ely, MN out of moosehide. They are warm, comfy, stylish, and handle slippery conditions well. For sheer ice, I strap on ice cleats.


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Hi Taylor, thanks for letting me know about your personal experience with some of these boot brands. Do you think Sorels have gone down in quality as of late? I used to own pairs, but haven't recently. That being said, I see a large amount of the population here in Toronto still happily wearing them. I added Mukluks this year to this post, as it's such a wonderful brand that makes stunning weatherproof boots! Thanks again for stopping by :)

George Deshaies

Monday 1st of March 2021

The Old Sorel Boots, 45 yrs and still going strong (with occasional upkeep). Should last another 45...without me in them unfortunately.


Saturday 1st of January 2022

@George Deshaies, The new Sorels are made in Vietnam and are useless for extended outdoor work or hunting. The old Sorels were very well made.


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Well, you never know! May I ask if the style you have is still available today?