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3 in 1 Convertible Boots from Ssh-oes: Review + Giveaway

It’s always fun to test out new and innovative shoes & shoe related products on the blog! Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett is a shoe brand that goes over & beyond a woman’s footwear needs with its design concept. Especially with respect to these amazing 3-in-1 convertible boots with noise reducing technology.

Read all about Ssh-oes & enter to win a pair of fabulous boots from their current collection, after the jump! And take a look at my fave quiet shoes from their Spring 2016 collection too!

Convertible Boots with Quiet Heels

ssh-oes convertible boots 3 in 1

With so many of us wanting functional accessories that speak to us on multiple levels, it’s great to have shoes that are both functional + attractive. And these convertible boots from Ssh-oes that stylishly disguise 3 boots in 1, that are built for comfort and have added noise-reducing technology, are just that.

To Click or not to Click?

Was I possibly sent a pre-production sample?

Now I’ve had a few Twitter conversations & discussions with friends about the sound of clicking heels & loud shoes in general after I wrote a blog post about how to stop heels from clicking. Some women hate having (and hearing!) noisy heels, while others wonder why the heck you’d ever want to silence them in the first place!

We’re a divided bunch.

So where do I weigh in, you ask? Honestly, I prefer people to notice my presence rather than sound of my noisy heels, especially indoors. It can embarrass me at times. I mean, I’m loud & obnoxious enough myself; I certainly don’t need my shoes to add to the mix!

And I know a lot of women who’d love the idea of a less noisy heel: litigators in court, teachers at school, realtors & also medical professionals working in hospitals.

Ssh-oes designer Mary Arnett came up with the idea because she herself didn’t like the attention her noisy heels were attracting & the disturbance they were causing her neighbors.

Special Ssh-oes Shoe Features: 

  • Memory foam footbed
  • Leather & “blister-free” lycra lining that molds to the foot over time for added comfort
  • Soft leather uppers
  • Shock absorbing non-slip rubber outsole
  • Fit tested on real women & designed by a woman
  • And of course, a patent pending noise reducing heel lift to decrease heel clicking while walking
  • The packaging is so sleek!

And these boots are also convertible, giving you 3 boots in 1. Which not only reduces the overall cost of buying Fall/Winter boots, but the horizontal “lines” the zippers create when they’re zipped up look phenomenal!

Just wait take a look at how great they look on! Did I mention Taylor Swift & Reese Witherspoon were both snapped wearing Ssh-oes heels?

Ssh-oes Convertible Boots – Review

Shh-oes convertible boots

Ssh-oes Silent Convertible Boots: Do they work?

Now are these boots with silencing technology actually quieter than regular shoes? And how easy is to convert between all sizes? Read on and/or watch the video, below!

Are they silent?

As a natural skeptic, I tend to be of the “believe it until I see it” school of thought. And now that I’ve seen & tried these boots, I truly believe. Tested by me on concrete, ceramic tile & hardwood floors, the minimal amount of noise these boots make is surprising. They’re actually almost completely silent on concrete.

The sound was difficult to capture in my video, however, but even so, there’s a difference between my regular high heeled boots & these Ssh-oes boots. Heck, my movie editing app even showed distinct differences in the sound frequencies between the two pairs!

Are they easy to convert?

In terms of the convertible nature of these boots: the zippers are strong, the snap buttons sturdy & yes, they’re simple to convert.Obviously constructed to allow multiple shoe conversions without much hassle, or wear & tear. You can see just how easy it is to switch between sizes in the video above.

Are they comfortable?

Google maps calculated my first walk in these boots to be 2km long. I didn’t get blisters or pain from the boots at all. And to think the special lycra lining is going to mold to my foot, further increasing my comfort! So yes, these are comfortable shoes!

How do they fit?

As Ssh-oes fit a tad small, I sized up to a 9 US (I’m usually around a size 8/8.5). A bit roomy for my narrow feet, but likely perfect for the average ladies’ foot width these shoes were fit tested on.

The boot shaft is roomy enough for a wider calf, but still looks great if you have a smaller one like mine. I’ll be able to fit in my handy boot wallet, woohoo!

In conclusion, these boots are everything they claim to be. Other than some minor creases in one section of the leather, these are truly gorgeous boots that are built to last. A quality that’s particularly important when you’re looking to purchase 3 in 1 convertible boots. You’ll be walking 3x more in them after all!

Now for the current giveaway

Ssh-oes Shoes Giveaway

ssh-oes 3 in 1 convertible boots

What you could Win:

1 pair of boots from of your choice from the current Fall/Winter collection, available in your size. That’s up to a $300 value!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Fineprint

Contest starts February 29, 2016 12AM EST and ends March 15 2016 12AM EST. 1 winner will receive 1 pair of Ssh-oes boots of their choosing from their current Fall/Winter collections, dependant on size availability. Winner must at least comment on this blog post and answer the required question to enter to win. The winner will be announced shortly after the end of the giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The prize is non-transferrable & cannot be redeemed for cash value or exchanged for another product. Applicants must be over 13 years of age and must reside in the USA or Canada. Prize will be shipped directly from Ssh-oes.

xo Cristina

*** This post is brought to you in collaboration with Ssh-oes by Mary Arnett. All opinions expressed are strictly my own ***


  1. I like silent shoes, because I’m a big fan of peace and quiet.

  2. I prefer silent shoes! I don’t like to cause a lot of attention.

  3. Trisha McKee Reply

    I prefer that my heels do not make noise. I don’t want them to hear me coming. 😉

  4. I prefer quiet heels or at least ones that don’t make a really hard sharp sound.

  5. Tasha Wilkerson Reply

    I prefer quiet so I can sneak into places since Im always late!

  6. I like clicky shoes. It irritates my hubby in public but my clicky shoes are hot 😛

  7. Lindsay Hess Reply

    I like noisy heels because I feel good about myself when I wear them, and I love the way it sounds!!

  8. Judy Hunting Reply

    As long as the shoe is comfortable I don’t have a preference if it is clicking or not

  9. I prefer silent heels. I already drag my feet so I make too much noise, loud heels make it so much worse.

  10. laurie murley Reply

    I love the quiet heels that does not make a lot of noise, why I don’t like to hear all those click clack heels on the floor it gives me a headache

  11. Stephanie Larison Reply

    I like the silent ones, hearing the sound over and over while I’m walking drives me crazy.

  12. If I’m at home and it’s just me I don’t mind the noise. However, at work these would be a godsend. What a great idea!

  13. Danielle Magee Reply

    I like clicking heels because everyone turns to look when you walk by.

  14. I like the sound of clicking heels, but no one else does — so I will have to vote for silent.

  15. I definitely prefer silent heels. I hate walking down an empty hall and hearing the clicking of my heels echoing so loudly.

  16. Stephanie Phelps Reply

    I prefer the silent because everyone already thinks I walk hard !

  17. I hate hearing other peoples heals. I find it annoying. Its cool in the movies because it makes the point.

  18. I prefer the silent ones. I feel like everyone is turning to look whenever I go clicking by.

  19. Jaime Cummings Reply

    I prefer silent because I don’t like drawing attention to myself.

  20. I prefer quiet footwear. Not only do I like to hear what’s going on around me, the clicking of heels can get annoying if you are doing a lot of walking.

  21. Valerie Schlicht Reply

    I cannot stand loud shoes, everyone stares at you as if they know you are coming!

  22. ivy pluchinsky Reply

    I like the silent ones so i can sneak up on a person lol

  23. I like silent ones for the most part, nothing like the click clank clop of noisy heels! lol

  24. I prefer silent ones. Noisy clicking heels are too distracting especially when it’s really quiet.

  25. Sherry Lambing Reply

    I like silent ones! Sometimes it is distracting hearing the noisy ones!

  26. I prefer silent ones because I don’t like people looking when I wear noisy ones

  27. I like silent ones because clicking heals are irritating to listen too.

  28. I prefer the non click because nothing worse than walking into a quiet place only to have everyone turn around to see who it is.

  29. I like the silent ones because they usually are lighter and more comfortable.

  30. Belinda McNabb Reply

    I like silent. don’t want people to know I am coming!

  31. nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) Reply

    I like the click. They make me know that I am all dressed up and look fabulous.

  32. I prefer silent heels because I don’t like to draw attention to myself. I find myself trying to tip toe sometimes when I wear noisy heels!

  33. I’ve always liked the sound of heels clicking on the floor maybe because it brings me back to my childhood when I heard that sound I knew there was a lady present.

  34. I like the clicking heels, they let me know I am noticeable. Just the opposite with my sneakers.

  35. Brenda Penton Reply

    It depends on where I plan to wear them. Inside I prefer to have a quiet shoe because I hate drawing attention to myself. Outside I love to hear the sound of my shoes.

  36. Sarah Cool Reply

    I prefer quiet shoes because the clicking always bugs me, makes me feel like im interrupting people.

  37. Carrie Jenkins Reply

    I prefer quiet heels – noisy ones make me self conscious

  38. Luminous Angel Reply

    While I like the clicking, I prefer silent ones just in case I’m going somewhere that requires less noise – a library, hospital, etc. – and then you can still sneak up on someone! ;p

  39. Heather Ritz Reply

    silent heels, there is enough noise around without adding to it

  40. I prefer silent heels, to make a notice with my presence not the sound of my shoes.

  41. Ashley Martell Reply

    I use to love the sound of shoes when I was a kid, but as I’ve aged, I much prefer my shoes to be silent.

  42. I prefer silent. I’m self-conscious as it is and hate drawing attention to myself with noisy clothing or shoes.

  43. i prefer silent… because i am always self conscious… i don’t want people listening to me

  44. Most of the time I love my heals to click but there are times when it is awkward to have your heals clicking loudly and they are annoying them!

  45. Shannon Heitt Reply

    I prefer silent ones, i hate being noticed in quite stores lol

  46. Tammy Morgan Reply

    Silent. I teach high school and sometimes don’t want students know I’m coming up behind them:)

  47. Silent heels but what I care most about is what the actual shoe looks like.

  48. Sandy Couzens Reply

    I Loved clicking heals when I was younger. Now I prefer silent heals. Is that sad ? I still Love heals though. Thank you for this amazing giveaway 🙂

  49. Brittney House Reply

    I like silent ones because when people wear noisy shoes in the office, everyone can hear them.

  50. Crystal Porter Reply

    I love the clicking ones, they feel powerful. Honestly though, there is a time and a place for both.

  51. Priscilla P. Reply

    I love silent heels. Clicking heels make me feel self -conscious. I don’t like being noisy.

  52. Silent heels are my preference. Noisy clicks while I’m walking make me feel like Godzilla, lol.

  53. I prefer silent but sexy heels because I never want to be noisy.

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    I like silent ones this way you can sneak up on someone lol

  56. Julie Bolduc Reply

    I like silent ones that way I can sneek in on people hehe

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    I like silent heels because that’s the sound of less heel pain (for me)!

  58. silent ones, please! We have tile hallways in our office, and people’s noisy heels drive me nuts!

  59. I like silent as I like to be able to be out shopping and not feeling uncomfortable about the clicking of my heels.

  60. i like silent ones because i can move around without drawing that much attention

  61. Karla Sceviour Reply

    I like silent ones,because I don`t like to attract attention to myself.

  62. Bobbie Smith Reply

    I like the sound of silent hills. The clicking sound after awhile gets on my nerves.

  63. I definitely prefer silent shoes because I like to sneak up on people 🙂 And I am a fast walker, so it would get annoying to hear a lot of noise.

  64. I prefer silents ones because sometimes the clicking is too noisy.

  65. Cindy Peterson Reply

    Usually I like silent hills but there are times when those clackers sound like power.

  66. It’s funny, I prefer different sounds depending on my surroundings. Sometimes I really love the statement that clicking heels makes, and other times I’d rather go unnoticed as I walk around.

  67. Alexandra H Reply

    Silent heels – walking down an echo-y hallway with loud heels is the worst!

  68. emily benzing Reply

    I actually like clicking ones because it makes me feel empowered hearing my heels!


    I don’t like to draw the kind of attention that noisy heels bring so yes, I do prefer the silent ones.

  70. I love the idea of convertible boots, they look so versatile! The fact that they’re quiet to walk in too is a bonus too!

  71. Angelie Essiembre Reply

    Silent ones! I feel so awkward walking when they’re loud.

  72. Kimberly O Reply

    I prefer silent ones – I don’t want the boss to know when I am coming & going! 🙂

  73. I have to go with the quiet ones. You never know when you may need to sneak up on somebody.

  74. Amy Heffernan Reply

    It really dont matter to me I can wear them with any noise!

  75. lisa bolduc Reply

    Silent heals are awesome. That way people won’t notice the pace I walk at which is very slow

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    I prefer silent heels. I’d like to sleek up on people 😉

  77. Richard Hicks Reply

    I think my wive like the quiet ones because draws less attention.

  78. Jennifer Reed Reply

    Of course I prefer un noisy heels because I do not want to call attention to myself before I am ready to.

  79. heather sibley Reply

    I prefer the quiet kind. I don’t like the clicking at all!

  80. I like silent ones. I hate hearing myself walking around, especially in otherwise quiet hallways at work!

  81. Tari Lawson Reply

    I prefer silent. Where I work, making a lot of noise can be distracting.

  82. I definitely prefer silent heels because I don’t like sounding like a horse clip-clopping lol

  83. Silent is so much better, especially for places like our office building where there’s a lot of women in heels, it can be very distracting with all that “clicking”. These are awesome boots!

  84. Jennifer W Reply

    I love silent heels. As a performer I’ve had to deal with some rather loud shoes clunking across resonant stages; I’ve gotten good at walking “quietly” in loud heels, but it’s always best to just have quiet shoes 🙂

  85. Catherine R Reply

    I prefer my shoes to be silent, at least most of the time. If I am intentionally making a showy exit, then the click of me walking away is fine by me.

  86. I never thought about it before, but I guess I come down on the Team Loud Heels side. I’m not sure why. I guess it’s fun to have your own rhythm section accompanying you everywhere? I like the loud, clicky keyboards too 🙂

  87. Nicole Vosburgh Reply

    I like silent ones. There’s already so much noise going on around me, a bit of peace and quiet is really nice sounding. 🙂

  88. elizabeth p Reply

    I love the sound of clicking heals. I’m not sure why, but maybe its because it makes me feel like I’m playing dress-up.

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