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Clickless high heel protectors giveaway

It’s Day 7 of ShoeTease’s #11DaysofGIVEAWAYS & another amazing shoe accessory is up for the taking! 5 lucky winners will be receiving 3 Clickless branded instant high heel protectors & silencers. Yes, that’s 1 pack each of black, brown & taupe in different sizes, so no stiletto of yours will be left unturned!

Read all about how these heel tip savers that double as little nuggets that help reduce the sound of noisy heels & win yourself a few!

Enter the giveaway, open to US & Canadian residents, after the jump!

How to Stop Heels from Clicking

There are many reasons to love these high heel shoe accessories. Here are 5, right off the bat!

  1. They’re silly simple to use. Just literally click the right size on & you’re good to go!
  2. They stay put & no fear of them slipping or snapping off mid strut
  3. They’re hardly noticeable when worn on your heels. Just check out the picture above of me wearing them on my pink heels to see for yourself
  4. Because they’re tapered & slightly larger than the heel tip, they make walking on grass & cobblestones easier
  5. Clickless adds padding to the heel, softening your step so that the sound of clicking heels doesn’t travel as far as it would without

Clickless High Heel Protectors Giveaway

How to Stop Heels from Clicking

What you could Win:

5 Readers can each win 3 packs of Clickless High Heel Protectors (1 Black/1 Brown/1 Taupe)

Who can Enter:

 Anyone 12+ years in age, located in the USA & Canada

How to Enter:

It’s easy! Enter by using the Rafflecopter widget below. Each entry has its own value. Gain more entries by tweeting daily (see all options below).


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Fineprint

Contest starts November 29, 2015 12AM EST and ends December 12, 2015 12AM EST. 5 winners can win 3 packs of Clickless High Heel Protectors each. The winners will be announced at the end of the #11DaysofGiveaways series. The winners will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter. The prize is non-transferrable & cannot be redeemed for cash value. Applicants must be over 12 years of age and must reside in US or Canada. Prize will be shipped to the winner by Clickless.

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  1. Laurie Emerson Reply

    The clicking sound of heels is so annoying. It is hard to concentrate when you are doing something but all you can hear is the clicking.

  2. I like these. Sometimes, I don’t want to shoes to make so much noise.

  3. I don’t like the sound of clicking heels, These would be great

  4. Robyn Bellefleur Reply

    I think that these are fantastic. I really don’t like when I am at an event and everything is quiet except for me, walking and clicking!

  5. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I would like to try it to see if helps with the life of the heel!

  6. I don’t mind it but I work in a male dominated industry and the office that I work at has titled hallways, so I feel like I’m always “clomping” around the office.

  7. Definitely not a fan of clicking heels. I don’t like calling attention to myself, much less with noisy shoes.

  8. Tammy Morgan Reply

    My students would appreciate this – I make so much noise walking around the classroom!

  9. Actually I’m hoping these would save shoes where the heels have cracked and fallen off.

  10. Ashley Martell Reply

    I’m intrigued by this product. I don’t mind the sound of heels (as long as the lifts/tips aren’t worn down the the screw) in public, but when I’m in the office, I’d prefer my shoes to be quieter.

  11. I think these are brilliant! I could really use some right now!!! When with my husband to town, and he suddenly said that my shoes where making to much noise, and yes indeed, the taps of my manolo’s were gone! So these will make an emergency fix!!! I hope I win!!! 🙂

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