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With an expert sampling of Spring to Fall shoe trends, we bring the best trendy shoes to your attention! We scour the runways & pick up the most beautiful, hideous & interesting of the bunch. Take our shoe snob (aka expert advice!) on which shoe trends to wear, how to wear them & where to buy the hottest shoes for the current and upcoming season. From Fall shoes, Fall boots to Spring shoes & Summer heels, no seasonally trending shoes are left unturned!

Also find answers on how to pair your new shoe styles with specific outfits for the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer seasons. Any questions? Contact ShoeTease via the contact form or via one of the many social media channels and we’ll help you find the right footwear trends for you!


In case you haven’t noticed, bright + colorful shoes, heels & sneakers are a big shoe trend this Spring/Sumer season. If you (*GASP*!) didn’t know this yet, then get yourself trend schooled & shoot on over to my post featuring the best shoe trends for Spring 2015Nine West has incorporated the über colored trend into their current collection, having created some vibrant shoes in fun styles using velvety soft suedes.