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These are the 9 Shoes I’m Styling with Linen Pants this Spring/Summer

These are the 9 Shoes I’m Styling with Linen Pants this Spring/Summer

Linen pants are the perfect pants for spring or summer. Unlike jeans, they keep you both cool and covered!

The shoes you choose to wear with linen pants will determine what type of outfit you're putting together: the style, dress code and occasion. So they're an important part of your linen pant outfit!

Whether you're looking to take a stroll by the beach, or head into a hot summer office meeting and need to look polished, I've found the perfect sneakers, sandals and shoes for it!

9 Stylish Shoes to Wear with Linen Pants

Today I'm focusing on a wide-leg, full length linen pant style. My footwear suggestions will work with straight leg, ankle length and some even with cropped linen pants too.

The linen pants featured in this post are the Mid Rise Linen-Cotton Pull-On Cargo Pants from GAP, in a size XS (they fit large, so size down from your usual size).

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1. Birkenstock Style Sandals

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing green Birkenstock like sandals with full length wide olive green linen pants.
Similar EVA Sandals from Birkenstock

Birkenstocks (or similar sandal styles like I'm wearing here) are the perfect pairing with linen pants. They're both earthy in their own right and give off a laid-back, casual vibe. I went for a beachy EVA pair. What can I say, love olive green!

Your full length linen pants will drape over the sandals, but the chunky sole will compensate for it.

You can match your sandal color with your linen pants like I did, or contrast with another shade or color.

2. Slim, Sleek Sneakers

A slim sneaker, especially a classic style looks great with all pants, including linen ones. For warmer days, go for a white or off-white mesh style that allows the foot to breathe.

I love my mesh and leather Golden Goose sneakers and I think they're the perfect minimal sneaker for the season.

To be on the colorful sneaker trend, GG has lots to choose from. Or course Adidas Samba or Puma Palermos are great choices and are what the cool gals are currently wearing!

3. Ballet Flats

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing Mary Jane Ballet flats with full length wide olive green linen pants.
Similar Mary Jane Ballet Flats

Bring a touch of feminine, elevated style to any style of linen pants with ballerina flats. Fresh styles are a one or two-strap Mary-Jane (like the ones I'm wearing above), or a classic ballet flat updated with a rounded square toe.

To be most on-trend for spring/summer 2024, try a pair of mesh flats. Although not for everyone, they're breathable and interesting looking!

With any ballet flats and linen pants, try a breezy blouse or peplum shirt, with a structured handbag.

4. Chunky Loafers

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing black chunky loafers with full length wide olive green linen pants.
Similar Chunky Leather Loafers here and here

Want to wear your pants with a business casual outfit? Loafers are where it's at! With my style of linen pants, I prefer a chunkier pair. As you can see, mine have a bit of a lift.

Tuck in a simple tee with a contrast (or matching) linen jacket, or simply add a matching tailored vest for a more breezy look. Add a leather tote and you're set to go!

With cropped or ankle linen pants, or those that might be more slim-fitting, try a more classic and sleek loafer style like a penny loafer, Gucci-style horsebit loafer or slide.

For high summer, try a pair of woven raffia like these, or these. Read my loafer styling article for more tips!

5. Fisherman Sandals

Trendy but also classic, a fisherman's sandals are great shoes to wear with linen pants. Also a great alternative to loafers when the heat acts up.

They're casual, sophisticated, and a nice alternative to open-toed shoes to keep your feet cool all summer!

A black pair like I'm wearing above can look great in a business casual or simply casual settings. For summer gaunts to the park or lake, try a pair of jelly fisherman sandals.

6. Platform Sandals

If you want extra height this summer, try on a pair of sporty platform sandals. I love my colorful Teva Platforms, which are just as breezy as the pants and my go-to for days at the park with my kids.

You can wear the pair with an oversized tucked t-shirt, cropped top, tank, or short-sleeve linen top.

7. Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers do well under a longer, wide leg linen pant. Yes, they are chunky (and the pant width can handle them) but since dad sneakers have a sleek runner toe, they can look chic.

I can see dad sneakers styled with olive or black linen pants, matching linen top, baseball cap and tech crossbody bag. Perfect for every day and running errands while looking put together.

I'm biased, however, as I do my love my grey New Balance dad sneakers so very much! You can also try a platform sneaker, but it's not the best for foot breathability in the summer.

8. Slide Sandals & Strappy Flats

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing black and tan slide sandals with full length wide leg black linen pants.
Similar raffia-trimmed slides from Revolve & Lane Bryant
Cropped view of woman's legs wearing beige strappy sandals with full length wide leg black linen pants.
Free People sandals in 3 colors

Unlike with more sporty sandals like Birkenstocks, a sleek leather slide can be more easily dressed up, while still allowing the linen pant to do it's thing. You can even choose a more intricate slide like I have above, to add a bit of interest.

However, it's not an easy look to pull off with longer linen pants like I did, since it can give off an unkempt look from the waist down.

So if your pants fall lower than your slides, make sure you: A) look really put together with your outfit and 2) don't trip on your pant hem!

And unlike slides, strappy flats that tie at the ankle like these Greek-inspired ones won't have you worry of any pant leg catching at the hem and your shoe flying off!

Read more slide outfit advice in my dedicated post!

9. Block Heel Sandals

If you want to elevate your linen pants look for a night out, a pair of heeled sandals will look great. Choose a suede, woven leather or raffia pair for a more summer feel.

Aim for sandals with a low-to-medium heel height with ankle strap so your pant hem won't get caught between your heel and shoe.

✖️Shoes Not to Wear with Linen Pants✖️

Now that I've covered what shoes to wear with linen pants, let's chat about the styles that I would avoid if you want to look more put together:

  • Flip-Flops: Unless you're going to the beach and wearing your linen pants as a bathing suit cover-up, these will just un-elevate your outfit and make it far too casual for any other venue.
  • Leather Ankle Boots: fall/winter ankle boots are too sturdy for the lightness of the pants and go together like oil and vinegar.
  • Pumps: unless you're wearing a thick pair of tailored linen pants that don't look like linen pants, these are best for fall/winter pants.
  • Uggs: Please just don't do it. Same reasoning as why the above 2 styles aren't great.

Now that you which shoes to choose for linen pants:

You're ready to take on the outfit as a whole! I hope my rundown of how to choose shoes for linen pants and brief styling tips will help you with your summer outfits.

The right shoes will provide a solid style base on which to build the rest of your linen pants outfit.

If you're looking to style more linen or wide-leg, easy breezy looks, check out my relaxed all-year capsule wardrobe or the spring relaxed wardrobe, styled by me, in my Etsy shop!

If you have a shoe and are unsure how to pair it with your linen pants, feel free to leave a question in the comments below or join my private free Facebook group for feedback.

Woman wearing a light green tank top, olive green linen pants and green Birkenstock style sandals, pointing at words reading best spring shoes for linen pants.
Collage of 4 cropped views of woman's legs wearing olive green full length linen pants with different spring summer shoes.

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