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5 Favorite Color Shoes to Wear with an Orange Dress

5 Favorite Color Shoes to Wear with an Orange Dress

My 5 Fave Color Shoes with Orange Dresses

Orange is becoming an increasingly fashionable color to wear these day & I’m not at all surprised. It is a fabulous, rarely worn shade that looks great on any skin tone & plays well with other hues. I truly believe orange is the new red!

It’s a cheerful hue and the perfect color dress to wear to a wedding or party, especially if you want to be a little different! And so many options exist such as coral & peach, so bright orange outfits are not your only option.

I know I’ve worn my peachy-orange dress, above, to a slew of parties & events. But because orange is such a particular color, shoe & accessory pairings might seem a bit tricky. So I’ve rounded my the top 5 favourite shoe colors to wear with an orange dress, or any orange outfit.


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Shoes to Wear with an Orange Dress

1. Gold Shoes with an Orange Dress

Gold Shoes with Orange Dress

Shop Gold Shoes:

Gold is so so pretty with orange! That’s why I picked gold shoes as one of my favorite metallics with an orange outfit. It’s still a neutral & a warm tone like the dress, but it’s festive & adds an element of interest to the outfit. Also, I really love gold anything 🙂

Purse Styling Tip: Your best choice is a beige or black purse here, although purple could look quite fun, depending if you’re wearing a plain orange dress (yes) or not (yes, if purple’s another color in the dress, otherwise, not).

2. Purple Shoes with Orange Dresses

Orange Dress Purple Shoes

Unexpected & a perfect compliment to orange, purple is a great shoe choice. Not only will it contrast beautifully with your outfit, but you’ll be the most originally dressed gal at the party (while showing your styling know-how to all!).  I prefer a deeper purple vs. a lavender shoe myself.

Purse Styling Tip: Because you’re already wearing two bright colours, keep a neutral purse on hand. Quite literally 😉

2. Nude. Blush or Beige Shoes with an Orange Dress

Orange Dress Nude Beige Shoes

Easily my favorite orange outfit & shoe color combo, is beige or blush! If beige is your “nude” like it is mine, even better, because it will elongate your legs & allow the brightness of the dress to speak for itself. Beige not your nude? Not a problem! It will still look fab, but it you want a leg-lengthening effect, pair your orange dress with the nude for you (maybe from Louboutin’s New Nudes collection?) and you’re good to go!

Purse Styling Tip: Because beige or skin tone shoes are so neutral, you can go for a contrast purse in say, a purple (my fave). Easily pair it with a black, white or a metallic handbag too.

4. Red Shoes with an Orange Dress

Shoes to wear with Orange Dress Red

Funny enough, I would usually tell someone to avoid red shoes with orange dresses. Had I not seen the dress or shoes, of course!

Now, because this dress is multi-colored and has pink & beige in it, a primarily red shoe with pink, gold & beige looks rather good. And yes, pink shoes would have worked well with this dress too 🙂

Purse Styling Tip: I’d remain neutral when you’ve got a colored dress & shoe happening at the same time. That way, it doesn’t call too much attention to itself & allows the shoes & outfit to shine.

5. Brown Shoes with an Orange Dress

Brown Shoes with Orange Dress

I chose brown as my 5th shoe color choice for an orange outfit, because not only does it works as a visual pairing, but it is such a coveted accessory color at the moment.

Keep in mind that brown shoes with pretty much any dress or outfit (unless it’s glittery brown) is going to make your outfit more casual. Especially with a pair of fringe sandal like these ones from Ssh-oes, that I reviewed here.

Purse Styling Tip: Beige, white or gold are your best purse choices with this combination.

Of course, there are many color shoes with orange dresses that will look fabulous. Like black, white and even silver (these three will go with just about anything!). That includes orange!

I’ve omitted these three colors, not because they won’t look good with orange, but because they’re not necessarily my top choices, especially with this particular dress.

Now, when thinking what color shoes to wear with what outfit, always keep in mind the outfit itself. Does it have a pattern or other colors in it? If it does, just like mine featured here, an easy way to select a shoe color is to match it with another, secondary color in the dress. If it’s a solid color, you can pair it with a shoe, even a multi-colored one, that compliments the outfit color. That’s where a more neutral, black, white or metallic shoe can look its best.

The only shoe color with orange that I’m not a big fan of to pair with orange, is orange itself. Getting matchy-matchy with any outfit aside from black is a bit of a no-no in my books. Unless, you’re going to a gala or the Oscars, where matching shoes to dress is appropriate. Any less fancy event likely warrants a contrast color shoe. Just like I illustrated in my “What Shoes to Wear with a Red Dress” post.

Colors to avoid with orange dresses & outfits:

  • Green shoes (unless it’s a halloween costume & you’re dressed up as pumpkin)
  • Yellow (that’s a bit much if you ask me)
  • Blue (unless a dark shade, like navy or deep, a bright blue could make you look a clown-ish)

But then again, if you’re a styling pro (and likely not reading this post!), we all know that fashion rules are meant to be broken 🙂

I hope this post has given you some useful and hopefully new ideas of what to wear with an orange dress (particularly what shoes which orange dresses look best!).

Any questions? Feel free to comment below!

xo Cristina

Best Shoes with Orange Dress


Saturday 18th of September 2021

Great it was helpful. Can l match a brown cheater sandals with orange dress


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Hi, glad you enjoyed it! Depending on the color of your cheetah print sandals (in that they are brown/beige toned), yes they can be paired with an orange dress. Also have a look at my post on what to wear with leopard print shoes.

Stephanie Walsh

Wednesday 7th of July 2021

This was super helpful, thank you!!


Wednesday 7th of July 2021

I'm glad I was able to help!


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Great shoe styling guide! I think a lot of people are always wondering what to pair with orange- this is a great how-to!

-Ashley Le Stylo Rouge


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Thanks Ashley! People hesitant with orange, but so many pretty coral & peach choices that are actually pretty easy to wear, if you get the accessories right :) xo Cristina


Monday 18th of July 2016

I can't say I even own an orange dress, but you're kind of making me want one! It's such a pretty colour on you, especially for summer. Out of all of these looks, my favourite is definitely those nude pumps. So classic and chic!

Jackie Something About That


Tuesday 19th of July 2016

Thanks Jackie! It's definitely an unusual outfit color choice that is fun to wear, if not to just stand out from the crowd :) xo Cristina


Sunday 17th of July 2016

Oh wow lady! Those pins!!! Love the nude pair so much!!!


Sunday 17th of July 2016

Thanks lady! The nude are my fave too, they do give some incredible leg length! xo Cristina