Ugly Shoes


Ever spotted a shoe and wondered WTF? Yep we’re talking ugly shoes here, people!

Well over at the ShoeTease shoe blog, no freaky shoes are left unturned. We absolutely love our deliciously decadent high and low footwear. We love to teach you how to style them! But we do have a soft spot for scouring current online stores & past designer shoe styles to find you the wackiest, tackiest & ugliest shoes ever thought (or even dreamt) possible, on Fridays. Yes, Fridays! So look out for our Freak Shoe Friday posts & space a few minutes for a much needed ugly shoe & ugly boot eyesore! Because if weird shoes is what you’re after, we’ve got your fix! And you know you love it ;)

Have you come across a shoe and thought it just might be one of the ugliest shoes in the world? Email us at shoetease(at)gmail(dot)com for a chance for your shoe to be featured!

 WARNING! The following images may offend most humans & certain animals.

Most of us peek at runway photos from the world’s most fashionable cities in search of shoes trends & fashion inspiration for the upcoming seasons. But have you ever found yourself somewhat miffed to utterly appalled at the ugly shoes certain designers have in store for us? Well, folks, this season is no exception. And from the responses to my Fall 2015 Shoe Trends post, you certainly feel more baffled than anything! Riddled with what both you & I deem to be a slew of offensive footwear, I present you with the 10 ugliest shoes from the Fall 2015 runways. Just hit “Read More” at your own risk, kay?!