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Ever Bamboo Natural Shoe Deodorizer Review 

As you may know by now, I love startups with novel, shoe-related ideas. With a soft spot for shoe accessories, I especially love startups with innovative products that benefit shoe care & wear. Today we’re talking about Calgary, Canada based company Ever Bamboo that would like to make you #rethinkthestink in all aspects of your life, including your shoes!

natual shoe deodorizer

Yes, we’re talking about how their bamboo charcoal powder filled, natural shoe deodorizer will help eliminate shoe odor from your heels, sneakers, boots, ice skates & more in a sustainable & eco-friendly manner.

If you suffer from stinky shoes, you’re not alone. Many a man woman & child have this problem in their soles. I find at this time of year, winter boots & athletic footwear are the biggest offenders, but let’s not forget those favorite office dress shoes that get worn more than they probably should!natual shoe deodorizer bamboo charcoal

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And although there are a slew of DIY ways in which you can deodorize your shoes, many involve moisture & products that can actually damage the inside of your shoes. And who wants that!? And let’s not forget the many sprays & deodorants that simply mask over the stink. Yuck! This is a much better solution for your shoes, let me tell you!

  1. Firstly, it’s made of sustainable material (bamboo charcoal powder), which contains an exorbitant amount of porous holes that attract odor & excess moisture. Not only does it act as a natural deodorizer & dehumidifier, moso bamboo is widespread in Asia, grows rapidly & can be recycled without adverse effects, right back into our ecosystem.
  2. Secondly, bamboo charcoal eliminates odors at a higher capacity than regular charcoal does, having more surface areas & 4x the absorption rate. It also effectively captures & filters toxic airborn pollutants & chemicals derived from formaldehyde, ammonia & benzene, just to name a few
  3. Due to its ability to capture moisture, these natural shoe deodorizers prevent smelly bacteria from forming in damp, sweaty shoes, among other places
  4. Bamboo charcoal powder purifies & mineralizes water by absorbing harmful minerals including chlorine, all the while releasing its own natural minerals such as calcium, sodium & magnesium

Ever Bamboo Natural Shoe Deodorizer

– New Packaging-

  • Sachets contain 100% natural bamboo charcoal & are rounded at the tip to easily place into shoes, even those hard to reach pointy pumps! They work really well in children’s shoes too 🙂
  • Easy to use: simply place inside of shoe. No need to wet or modify them
  • Unscented to absorb odours rather than mask them
  • Starts working just after a few hours in the shoes
  • Reactivates under sunlight every 1-2 months
  • Lasts up to 1 year
  • Renewable: when 1 year is up, empty the pouches into soil to regular moisture. How eco-friendly is that?!

Ever Bamboo doesn’t just make a great natural shoe deodorizer, but many other house & home related odor & moisture capturing products. These include bamboo charcoal deodorizers for boots (these are extra long to accommodate odor absorption in the shaft of the boot), cabinets & drawers, fridge/freezers, hockey bag, closets  & entire rooms!

xo Cristina

**This post is brought to you in collaboration with Ever Bamboo. All opinions expressed are my own**


  1. I swear I have the stinkiest feet for a woman. I feel like I’ve tried all powders, sprays, liners and still nothing can conquer my teenage boy smelly feet.

  2. Natalie Crossan Reply

    I put mine in the washing machine! And yes, it works 🙂

  3. I don’t have a go-to. I have put a Bounce in my shoes when I knew I’d be in them all day. It worked until it got bunched up at the heel. Fail.

  4. I use Odor Eaters spray and it does work quite well, as long as you do it each time you wear the shoes..

  5. I try to change up my shoes often so that no pair is getting stinky from overuse. I have also tried using a fabric refresher spray, disinfectant spray, washing (where possible), and charcoal insoles. None seem to work great though.

  6. Victoria Prince Reply

    I don’t have one! Which is why I need to win this lol

  7. Jennifer Rhymer Reply

    I just put them outside for a while but it doesn’t work for long!

  8. Bianca Munoz Reply

    Leave them outside to air out and baby sometimes lol thank you for the giveaway 🙂

    • Martina Evans Reply

      It does work but it’s quite messy – gets all over my tights & socks /:

  9. Lorraine Mabbitt Reply

    I always talc my feet if I don’t use socks or tights

  10. Margaret Imecs Reply

    My son shoes stinks. Summer I keep his shoes outside on the porch. I use baking soda but it’s not working.

  11. Tracy Newton Reply

    I fill two old pop socks with bicarbonate of soda. Tie a knot in them and pop them in the shoes. It works for a while.

  12. Amy Lovell Reply

    I use a combination of baby powder and baking soda, it works for a tiny bit, before its back with a venegeance

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  14. I sometimes use a body spray/spray deodorant inside the shoe OR I use dryer sheet.

  15. Deb Philippon Reply

    I roll up newspapers and put them in my boots. It absorbs any moisture or odors, and also keeps them upright and in better shape than flopping over does.

  16. amy tolley Reply

    usually i use either newspapers or dryer sheets in our shoes

  17. Morgan Stewart Reply

    I don’t really have a go-to solution then spraying them with perfume for a quick solution.

  18. We also have a powder we can put into our shoes but I think this would be better!

  19. sometimes a quick wash but depends on shoe and I know there are better ways!

  20. I sprinkle baking soda in them, but this would be way better!

  21. Ashley Martell Reply

    I don’t really have a go-to solution. If I can’t air them out, I toss them out.

  22. my only solution so far is odor-eaters, or don’t wear those shoes

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