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Grassy flip-flops. Summer sunglasses. A #Giveway!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m a little bummed that summer’s coming to an end. More so because everyone’s talking about it (and I guess I am now too, huh?). But as the temperatures are still high & I’m happy to bask in the sun for a few more days (hopefully weeks!?), I am in no rush to seek anything cold-weather related.

So I’ve equipped myself with a few new vibrant jewels & summer sunnies including these lime green sunglasses & wood framed specs from Shop for Jayu.  (And yes, those are turf-lined flip-flops I’m wearing from Groundwalk!)

And as I also want you to feel like it’s #summerforever, @shopforjayu and I have partnered up to bring you a fab summery giveaway, with 1 $60 gift card up for grabs. Details on how to enter, below…