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Where to Buy Shoes for Small Feet in Size 5 Women’s Shoes & Smaller

Where to Buy Shoes for Small Feet in Size 5 Women’s Shoes & Smaller

Buying the perfect shoe is infinitely less frustrating than buying the perfect dress. That is, until you start shopping for petite shoes for small feet!

Standard shoe sizes tend to be similar between brands with a few odd ones running small or large. But for the most part, if you're a regular size 6, you're a size 6. No need to pull your hair out by being a 6 in one store and a 10 in another.

But for those with small feet who require petite shoe sizes below size 5? Well, options are limited enough that you sometimes seriously wish you had a fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo you a pair of shoes that actually fit & are cute. And are decently made & comfy too!

Luckily, some retailers seem to have caught onto the demand and have begun to offer shoes for women with small feet.

Good news for small-footed women, who have had to stuff their shoes, wear ugly shoes, or shop the kid’s department. Honestly, I can't even imagine. 

Have a pair of two that are a little too big, because you didn't know about these retailers? Check out my handy tips on how to make big shoes fit smaller for heels, sneakers and more!

Where to Buy Shoes & Heels for Small Feet 

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There are stores out there that have cute shoes for small feet. Although not every store will have every small shoe size available, some listed below will even allow a small woman's size 2 to find shoes to love!

If you're searching for where to buy shoes for small feet, this Shoe Blog has got a great list of options for you. And it's divided into 2 sections: department stores & small online boutiques (pun totally intended!). 

Special thanks to petite fashion blogger Candace from The Minted Mama (who has a tiny size 4 foot!) for helping fill us in on the best places to buy shoes for small feet!


Department Stores that Sell Shoes for Small Feet

Some of the best retailers to buy size 4-5.5 women's shoes for small feet is through a multi-brand retailer. Not only will you get the best selection of styles, you will also be able to score small shoes for different seasons & at diverse prices. 

You will find everything from cheap shoes for small feet, to the daintiest of designer petite heels! 

Well known brands that sell small size women's shoes include Steve Madden, Naturalizer, Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Aldo, Christian Louboutin, Gucci & many many more.

Multi-brand retailers will carry the best variety & offer the largest range of sizing. 

1. Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Shop small shoe styles from Nordstrom:

If you're a shoe size 4-5 and are after mid-range to designer shoe brands, Nordstrom‘s small size women's shoe section is a must for you.

You can find favorite brands like Sam Edelman & Vince Camuto, yet also find new — even exclusive -brands such as fashion blogger Arielle's Something Navy line, along with a vast collection of designer shoes.

Designer examples? Stunning, yet work-appropriate Manolo Blahnik pumps, comfortable Gucci mules, and sparkly Valentino heels that would make Cinderella herself envious. Nordstrom is a must-stop for shoes for women with small feet.

If you're looking for petite shoes at discounted prices Nordstrom Rack is also a good place to look for women's size 4-5.5 shoes! 


Shop fave ASOS shoes for small feet:

Another place to look for cheap shoes for small feet is at the fashion powerhouse ASOS. They carry sizes 4-5.5, and offer shoppers basic black sandals to fun & trendy shoes with stripes and bows.

If you're looking for designer inspired shoes (read: pretty close knock-off) ASOS is for you.

Not to mention, most of their in-house brand shoes are available in wide fit. ASOS offers a variety of affordable shoes for small feet, from brands such as Missguided, New Look & Public Desire. 

3. Zappos

Shop Small Women's Shoe Sizes at

It's not surprising that one of the biggest shoe retailers also carries small shoe sizes for women.

Zappos carries an enormous array of shoe styles, shoe types from fashion brands (Sam Edelman, Franco Sarto, Stuart Weitzman) to comfort brands (Ecco, Crocs, Naturalizer, Birkenstock) to weather resistant brands alike. And these are just to name a few!

From work shoes, party heels to more rugged boots & running shoes, Zappos is a one-stop shop for women's small size shoes.

The largest selection is available in women's small shoe size 4 & over. Many of the brands they carry also offer diverse width sizing. 


Shop Petite Shoe Sizes from Size 4 at

In line to outfit your small sized shoes, is a similar destination to Zappos in terms of the selection it carries.

Their range is extensive & focuses on mostly conservative footwear with a few high fashion Sam Edelman designs sprinkled in. A good selection of Doc Martens & Vans from a size 4 women's shoe too! 

Independent Brands that Sell Shoes for Small Feet

Independent stores & brands offer a lot more than the more well known retailers, above, because of sizing. But there are some that offer size 5 women's shoes and much smaller.

While department stores offer expansive offerings, smaller boutique-like shops online cater to those hard to find women's small size 4, 3, 2 and even size 1 shoes!

5. Pretty Small Shoes

Based in the UK, but shipping world-wide, Pretty Small Shoes has been around for a long time. Not only do they have a vast selection of small shoes, boots, and heels for small feet, all of their styles are handmade.

They specialize in under size 3 petite shoes for women who would normally have to wear children's shoes. Pretty Small Shoes, with their refined & elegant designs definitely live up to their name!

What this brand is not, however, is cheap. Prices are within the $200-$300 range.


For those looking to go the custom route, JG-Shoe is the best choice for cute shoes for small feet. All shoes start off with a pre-made design that users can customize with specific fabrics, embellishments, and even heel heights!

Every shoe is made by a team of Korean artists with over 30 years of experience hand-making shoes.

For the cost of a regular shoe, you can design something that is the perfect fit for you.  Spend less time looking for cute shoes for small feet because at JG-Shoes, you can make them.

7. Petite Shoes

If you're looking on where to buy shoes for small feet, Petite Shoes specializes in shoes for women with small feet. Sizes range from a size 2-5 women's shoes.

One thing that's special about Petite Shoes: all shoes are designed & made by the company, so you'll never see the exact shoe at another retailer. They offer basic styles to custom made designs & use genuine leather materials. 

Petite Shoes is a small family-owned company based in Miami with over 25 years of shoe-making experience.

This shop is a must for women with feet smaller than a size 4 looking for a shoe that's truly special.

8. Cinderella of Boston

The selection at Cinderella of Boston may seem meager compared to the other entries on the list, but for shoppers looking for good and classic shoes, this is the place.

They've been specializing in women's petite shoes for over 70 years, and they're definitely worthy of a look. Everything is affordable, & they carry shoes from 2-5.5 in a variety of widths.

9. Zara

When Candace from The Minted Mama named Zara as a store option to buy petite shoes for small feet, it kinda blew me away. I had absolutely no idea that Zara carried cute shoes for small feet.

And apparently, in terms of women's shoe sizes they don't offer women's shoe sizes under a size 5. However…

…the kid's shoe selection looks so similar to the adult selection, that women with petite feet can comfortably shop from this retailer, all under $50 too. I kid you not.

Seriously, check out their current season selection in the girl's shoe department, here.  

Final Remarks on Where to Buy Shoes for Small Feet

So this our round-up of the top department stores & independent online retailers that carry shoes for small feet for women.

Thankfully, gone are the days that a woman with small feet has to sacrifice style for her correct shoe size! 

Not to mention be subjected to the children's shoes section (which is anything other than professional looking at work or sassy looking at a fancy soirée!).

The shoe industry has made great strides in designing large size womens shoes too, which you can read about in this post

If you're a woman with petite feet, I would love to hear what you think of our above shopping list. Did we miss any of your favorite places to buy shoes for small feet?

Let us know in the comments, below or send us an email at shoetease(at)!

xo ShoeTease 

Photo credit: Leah Kelley

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Erika G

Monday 17th of April 2023

I'm just wondering if you can send me a catalog


Sunday 23rd of April 2023

Hi Erika, I'm not a store. However, you can contact each shop listed in this post individually to see their collection.

Bette Blaze

Saturday 28th of January 2023

Thank you for the information in this article. As a woman with size 4 feet, shopping for attractive high heels usually ends in disappointment and frustration. This article supplied me with several shoe companies which with I was previously unaware. Converting to the metric system would provide the 1% of women in the United States with the ability to shop for shoes with ease. Thanks, again.

Kathy Peronti

Thursday 10th of March 2022

This is very helpful! I have a handicap daughter attending her brother's wedding in July. We don't have a dress picked out but she would LOVE a cute pair of shoes to go with her dress! It would make her day! Only problem is she has a very high instep. Her feet won't fit in most of these style shoes unless she goes the custom route and those are a little pricey. Not ruling it out completely. Glad I found this and now we have many more choices.


Saturday 6th of October 2018

Back in the early 1980s, I dated a woman who wore size 4: she could literally stand in my hand, She never seemed to lack for shoes, though.


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

Those are some teeny tiny Cinderalla feet! Size 4s are hard to come by, unless you travel a lot and are able to snap small sizes up a specialty shops. Thankfully, we have online shopping these days!