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These are the Shoes I’m Wearing with Full-Length Flare Jeans this Spring/Summer

These are the Shoes I’m Wearing with Full-Length Flare Jeans this Spring/Summer

Full-length flares are flattering jeans to wear all year, but spring brings all kinds of fun shoes to pair with them!

You can sneak comfortable high heels and platforms under them to lengthen leg length and height. For us shorter girls, that can be helpful!

Long flare jeans are perfect bottoms for showcasing a laid-back bohemian style. But with different shoes, like a pointy-toe pump you can turn your look into a chic business casual outfit.

So let's get you styled from the shoes, up, and get you wearing the best spring shoes for flare jeans this season!

5 Spring Shoes to Wear with Flare Jeans

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To showcase the best spring shoes for flare jeans, I'm wearing size 27 full length high rise 70s denim flares from GAP. They have a 22″ leg opening with a regular 32″ inseam.

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1. Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers will give you a lift and look perfect tucked under your flare jeans. Not only are they a great spring and even fall shoe for casual outfits, but they'll also give you a sneaky boost in height and leg length.

I wear my platform sneakers either with a t-shirt under a denim jacket, or choose a contrasting color cotton knit sweater.

2. Platform Sandals

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing platform sandals with full length blue flare jeans.
Platform Cork Sandals from Dream Pairs
Cropped view of woman's legs wearing platform sandals with full length blue flare jeans.

Nothing says winter's over more than a platform sandal. Worn with flare jeans, platforms give off a 70s feel that just seems right for this denim style.

These sandals look great with extra-long flare jeans and bell bottoms too! And they will add a ton of full height and leg height–great for petite women or those with long torsos/shorter legs.

You can give off boho vibes in a semi-tucked loose tunic, a studded leather belt and a rounded crossbody purse. Flatforms also pair well with flare jeans, if those offer you more comfort.

3. Block Heel Sandals

Cropped view of woman's legs wearing block heel sandals with full length blue flare jeans.
Shoes: Camper “Twins” from Spring 2023

If platforms are too much of a height issue or not your style, a mid-height strappy block heel sandal is another way to go.

The chunkier heel will balance out even a wider flare, and the straps will add some interest, especially if you go for a colorful pair like the one I'm wearing.

A patent or metallic strappy sandal can easily dress up your flare jeans. Add a tailored linen vest, strappy top or sleek blouse.

4. White or Nude Pumps

White or beige pumps are great transitional shoes for going from winter to spring and spring to summer. They don't look as ‘heavy' as a darker color and will brighten and lighten up your outfit for spring!

Pumps with a pointed toe and a higher heel, like the ones I'm wearing above, look best with more slender flares or bootcut jeans.

I would avoid them with wider flares like bell bottoms, as generally, the finer aesthetics of the pointed toe don't match a heftier jean.

If leather shoes heat up your feet, pick a cute woven material, which you can also wear into summer. With any pumps and full length flare jeans, have the pant hem hit the mid-section of the heel. This way, your heel tip won't trample over it.

Avoid a slingback with longer jeans and your jean hem will get sandwiched between your heel bottom and shoe–never a good look.

5. Western Ankle Boots

Western ankle boots are the only boots I'm keen on wearing with longer flare jeans in the springtime. They are less bulky and have a more warm-weather feel with their stacked leather or wooden-looking heel.

However, if you want to find a similar or non-Western-looking boot in a canvas or raffia fabric, these will work great for the spring season.

Now that you've picked your shoes:

You can go on to finish up your flare jeans look for spring. But don't worry, styling your flares with the right shoes is the hardest part!

Start thinking of where you will be going, what the dress code may be and what works and feels best for you. I'm styling my outfits over at Dressing Your Style if you want to get some inspiration.

Need styling advice? I'm happy to answer quick styling questions in the comments below or in my private FB group!

xo Cristina

Collage of 4 cropped views of woman's legs wearing long blue flare jeans with different spring summer shoes.
Woman posing wearing a black tank top, long blue denim flare jeans and white high heel pumps standing in front of a white wall.

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