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I Have Long Feet: These 9 Chic Shoes Make Them Look Shorter

I Have Long Feet: These 9 Chic Shoes Make Them Look Shorter

If you have long, narrow feet and want to make them look shorter, there's not much you can do to change your feet. But you can choose certain shoes to help to help your long feet look smaller!

I only wear a size 8.5 women's. However, because they are very slim and I have small ankles and skinny shins, they look more like a size 10 and out of place with my legs. 

So I look for shoes in certain styles and with particular details to make my feet long looking feet look shorter.

These are not only foot-shortening shoes, but also stylish shoes that will make your overall outfits look chic!

Shoes That Will Make Your Long Feet Look Tiny!

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1. Contrasting Cap-Toe Pumps

Shoes with contrasting toe caps or color blocking at the front help create a visual stop, reducing the appearance of foot length.

This detail makes a stylish choice when it comes to flats and pumps. Especially Chanel-style slingbacks like the ones pictured above, which are trending at the moment, but always a classic choice.

2. Square-Toe Shoes

Unlike pointed-toe shoes, square toe shoes crop the foot length visually and proportion the foot size. A perfect choice for either flats or sandals. 

These shoes are the perfect example of this in a heel and sandal form

3. High Heels

The easiest but less comfortable option to making long feet look shorter is by wearing high heels. And the higher, the better! 

You can even get away with a pointed toe like I’m wearing above, when your heels are 4 inches or taller.

And I know the kitten-heel slingback pumps with a really pointy toe are trending, but these will make your long narrow feet look even longer! So best to avoid them if your feet are very long. Sadly.

4. Horizontal Straps

Shoes with horizontal straps, such as Mary Janes or Fisherman sandals with multiple horizontal straps, create visual breaks along the length of the foot, making it look shorter.

Birkenstock Arizona sandals or similar styles, with their thick straps, are an ideal comfort sandal that helps make long or very slim feet look even chunkier due to their design.

5. Black & Dark Color Shoes

Like black or dark clothes, dark footwear makes your feet look shorter and thinner, reducing the overall visual size.

This is why dark shoes work best when paired with another foot-shortening detail, such as a high heel or square toe.

6. Patterned Shoes

Cropped side view of woman wearing leopard print shoes on a wooden floor.
Bueno Leopard Print Oxfords

Shoes with patterns or prints can distract from the length of the foot. Look for designs that have a lot of visual interest, like a cheetah print or spots that aren't a perfect geometric pattern.

7. Platform Shoes

The height of a platform reduces the visible length of the foot because the sole is thicker. This creates an illusion that the foot is shorter than it actually is, forcing the eye to focus less on length.

My feet look so cute and small in my Adidas Gazelle Bold sneakers above. The horizontal stripes and color blocking also help contribute to the shorter appearance, so I'm getting a 3-in-1 foot shortening!

8. Chunky Heels

Chunkier heels draw attention away from the actual length of the foot, balancing the overall size of the feet in the shoe. 

Aside from adding heel height and visually reducing foot length, a substantial heel also adds volume to the foot shape, similar to how platform shoes do.

The shoe above has both shoe design elements working to make my feet appear shorter.

9. Decorative Details at the Toe

Nine West Jewelled Satin Mules (older pair)

Look for shoes with embellishments, bows, or other decorative details at the front of the shoe, around the toe cap/vamp area. These can draw attention away from the length of the foot.

An embellished mule like the satin ones above, work double duty. That's because the know and jewels distract from teh length, white the mule cuts off the foot right in the middle. And makes it look much shorter than it actually is. 

If you have really long feet, try a mix of the above:

Cap toe, adorned toe cap, color blocking, high chunky heel
Patterned very high chunky heel with front embellishment
Toe cap jeweled black high heel

Choosing shoes with any of the above details and design elements will balance out a narrow and/or long foot and make them look shorter. 

If you have exceptionally long feet, your best bet is to combine some of the above shoe details–in one shoe.

Take a look at the shoes above and notice how short my feet look compared to the other styles in this article. You would almost say my foot is closer to a size 6.5/7 vs. almost two sizes bigger!

Shoes to Avoid if You Have Long Feet:

We've talked about great shoe choices to make long feet look shorter, but here's a rundown of the shoe details and types you should avoid:

  • White closed-toe shoes – especially flats (heels are usually ok)
  • High Vamp shoes – these will accentuate the length of the foot.
  • Pointed-toe flats or kitten heels

Shop Spring/Summer Shoes with Foot Shortening Qualities:

Now that you know what shoes make feet look shorter and smaller, it's time to shoe shop! Below are some cute and stylish shoes that should make your feet look less long.

Interested in particular shoe retailers and brands? Check out more options in my post on where to buy large size feet for women!

Shop Flats:

Shop Heels:

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