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Double Tassel Loafers from Shoes in Italy

Double Tassel Loafers from Shoes in Italy

As a shoe blogger, I receive a decent amount of shoes on a regular basis. Yeah, I know, poor me, right?! Shoe gloating aside, it's been a while since I've been this silly excited about the overall amazingness of a particular shoe.

Enter these fab womens tassel loafers. This pair of ShoesinItaly menswear-inspired flats are really something else. And it's not only because they're oh-so pretty (& a surprisingly easy shoe to incorporate into a chic street style outfit!).

I'm not usually into menswear type footwear, but these types of loafers are so charming! But as this is my year to switch up my look a little, I knew as soon as I spotted these shoes flash across my computer screen, that they were the ones that I had to add to my ever-expanding shoe closet. So I hit Enter…

Photography by Justin Boucher

Womens Tassel Loafers Fringe

But first, let's digress a little bit & talk about shoe shopping experiences, shall we?

What I've sadly become used to these days is trying to find a solid, high quality ALL leather shoe that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing AND affordable! Affordable shoes are easy enough to come by these days, thanks to many fast fashion retailers & budget friendly designer fashion lines. BUT one thing I've noticed with respect to almost all shoes under the $130 price range is a lack of comfort and/or a serious downgrade in quality. Both of these components usually go hand-in-hand. The latter includes the likes of plasticky man-made insoles, lining & sometimes even (hold onto your hats for this one!) a fake leather upper. Sadly, these are the things my champagne taste-radar quickly notices. Working in the shoe industry has also made me über observant in the shoe detail department!

Womens Tassel Loafers 2

White mini purse

Womens Tassel Loafers 6

So back to these golf-inspired tassel loafers from Shoesinitaly. This new, Italian husband & wife teamed company might be US-based, but gets its shoes & heels made right in Italy. And it has a lot more to offer than solely attractive shoes (pun intended, yes indeed!). Because, for the shoe snob, ‘pretty' on its lonesome is just not enough, am I right?!

Shoes in Italy Women's Tassel Loafers:


  • Aside from the outer most layer of the outsole, these shoes are made entirely of genuine, soft leather. That includes the tassels, the fringe, inner lining, upper & even 95% of the outsole.
  • You might not know that many outsoles are simply glued onto the upper of the shoe. This keeps prices down, but diminishes the shoe's durability & quality. Shoesinitaly remains old-school in its shoe-making process & the soles of these loafers are sewed on.
  • Worth noting that these shoes aren't mass-produced, but delicately hand crafted, which accounts for the ‘solid' construction of the shoe. The interior beauty shines through to the exterior of these womens tassel loafers!

Comfort & fit:

  • Sinking my feet into a pair of shoes made of soft leather even on the inside is an amazing feeling. I've walked a ways in these already, all without the need for extra padding in the insoles. And I thought sneakers were my only surefire comfortable shoes option!
  • I appreciate the addition of a rubber outer layer to the outsole, nixing my need to go to the local cobbler to get one added on. (I'm not a fan of the slippery nature of a smooth leather outsole. I need traction for Pete's sake!).
  • These tassel loafers fit my narrow feet perfectly, but are soft enough to expand where needed to provide extra comfort. So I'd say they will nicely fit a narrow to medium wide foot.
  • The loafers fit true to size, as stated on the brand's website


  • I don't normally wear masculine flats, but these are so beautifully shaped & lack not in feminine grace.
  • Perfect combo of a classic style with a trendy twist. I also love the delicate light grey with the stark white base.

Cost & Shipping

  • If I didn't know that these flats cost $139 USD, I would have guessed more. I haven't seen many well made shoes at this price point that didn't retail at around $250.
  • US shipping & returns are free & speedy.
  • The only con I can come up with in terms of these shoes & Shoesinitaly in general is that they only ship to the US….for now! I'm hoping that as the business expands, so will their geographical shipping area 🙂

Womens Tassel Loafers

Womens Tassel Loafers: c/o ShoesinItaly, White Purse: c/o Jeanne Lottie, Blouse: Sisley, Shorts: GAP

I'm so glad I decided to try a new shoe style this time around! Also because I never realized how easy it would be to integrate into a simple white-shirt-denim-jeans combo (my go-to look).

These grey & white tassel loafers also work great styled with a structured or flirty dress. I can't wait to find more ways to wear them!

Love tassels but looking for a higher heel? Check out last week's outfit post featuring these beige fringe sandals!

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xo Cristina

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Sunday 28th of November 2021

Was googling tassel loafers and came across the pics from this old post. Does this store/ brand still exist now( search on google for shoesinitaly didn’t come up with anything..)


Monday 29th of November 2021

Hi Amy, unfortunately the brand is no longer selling shoes. I will make sure to add a note to this post. Sorry about that!


Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Hi Cristina!

I love your posts and styling ideas for clothes and shoes and fell in love with Valerie tessel tips from Shoes in Italy and planning to buy one but I need sizing advice as these will be arranged to ship to Asia. I usually wear EU 40 to 40.5 if narrowed toe. Because of my big boned structure and long toes I have to professionally expand pointed toe shoes. The Shoes in Italy shoes sizing goes like EU40=US9=10inch, my feet as stretched out to max come around 10.5 which is EU41=US10. I'm concerned if I buy too big they'll become sloppy but too tight and wouldn't be able to wear them. Wish they did half size. What size would you recommend? I wear Tods/Kooples 40 (blisters until the shoes break or professionally expanded), Givenchy, YDL 40.5, Gianvitto Rossi Janis low 40. And thank you for the 20% off.


Monday 5th of September 2016

Hi Moon! Sorry, I just saw your message. I believe you should opt for the 41, but in the end, fit is so personal that it's a tough call! I am a size US 8 usually, however these Valeries are a tad short for me. Because the leather is so soft, they do stretch well width wise to accommodate a wider foot.

I hope this helps! xo Cristina

Secret little Stars

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

Absolutely adore this post! The whole look is incredible (can I have your shirt please?) and of course the shoes looks so cute. Love it!

Tatyana x Secret little Stars


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

Thanks lovely!! You can totally have this's from Sisley (which we don't get here in Canada!) but I think is everywhere in EU? I love these shoes, they're too comfy & chic at the same time. Can't speak any ill of them! Thanks so much for the fabulous feedback :) xo Cristina


Tuesday 28th of July 2015

I share all your sentiments about shoes lately. I would rather shoemakers just not line their shoes if they are going to do it with man made fabrics. And I don't even go near plasticy man made uppers as they hurt!

After going through a virus last winter where I had a bunch of swelling and as a result none of my "affordable shoes" fit well I am all about the well made shoe.

I really wish these shipped to Canada!


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

I know, those darn "affordable shoes" should have a warning label! Shoes don't last or feel like they should anymore. And lots of the materials used are crappy, just like the plasticky man made uppers you're talking about. These give me some amazing blisters let me tell you! Hopefully we can get more decent shoes, especially here in Canada. xo Cristina