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Socks with Sandals – An Ongoing Fashion Dilemma

Socks with Sandals – An Ongoing Fashion Dilemma

So for a second time around on Freak-Shoe Friday, we examine the socks with sandals issue. The real conundrum being whether this style means being fashionably avant garde, or if it's a sign of some serious creative constipation. I mean, it's one thing if the old little man down the street walks around the neighbourhood wearing his white tube socks & sandals. He's old. You empathize (albeit slightly shudder). Ultimately, however, you just let it go.

But a presumable fashionista aligning herself (himself?!) to this aesthetic during London Fashion Week (the only difference being a platform version of the sandal & black sock layering on stockings) is just perplexing. And by LFW I'm talking this last one. Yep, just a few days ago. It's a little scary that high-end Birkenstockesque sandals donned with sporty socks are deemed worthy of the concrete runaway in such a stylish city.  There should be a special fashion jail for this type of infraction. Just saying.

That is all.

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