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Cake Shoes? Shoe Bakery’s Sweet Shoes is the Perfect Sugar-Free Treat!

Cake Shoes? Shoe Bakery’s Sweet Shoes is the Perfect Sugar-Free Treat!

Cake Heels by Shoe Bakery – Delicious Sweet for your Feet

It should come as no surprise that someone writing a shoe blog has a bit of a shoe problem. If you follow ShoeTease at all on Pinterest you'll already know that I also have a slight chocolate/cake/sugar/sweets issue.

So to be confronted with a blend of my 2 biggest vices can be a little overwhelming. Please bear with me!

Shoe Bakery's Cake Shoes, Ice Cream Cone Heels & More!

Freak-Shoe Friday: Shoe Bakery Shoes

I blogged about Shoe Bakery‘s sweet shoes in 2014 back, but they have added so many cute styles, that I just had to post again!

I mean baby cupcake shoes, gooey sprinkled tote bags & beautiful cake shoes & ice cream cone heels of all types & “flavors”…who could resist?

And since they opened their accessory “bake” shop, they have added all kinds of new bags and accessories that you can even customize yourself! Just check out their Instagram for all the latest creations.

Shoe Bakery - Baby cupcake shoes

shoe bakery cupcake purse

And yes, these are immensely popular. How do I know? Well, other than a gargantuan following on social media, Shoe Bakery cake heels & flats for women have a 4-10 week waiting list.

Luckily, if you're wanting a cute shoe treat for your little one, their baby cake shoes “Pink Sprinkle Toes” only take 2 day to process before delivery. Oh, and they deliver worldwide!

shoe bakery cake shoes heels

The craftsmanship on these outrageously amazing cake & pastry inspired flats, heels & accessories from is incredible.

Seriously good enough to eat! But alas, the only flaw that these incredible creations have is their inedible nature.

shoe bakery cake shoes

And yes, they take custom orders. Perfect for the Valentine who won't eat sweets! Also a wicked bridal shoe idea, where you can match your shoes to your wedding cake or to commemorate a special occasion (they have holiday-themed sweet treat shoes as well!).  

Such a fabulous idea, that many bloggers & YouTubers have posted DIY versions of making these footwear treats. Especially popular are the home made ice cream heels & sprinkle cupcake flats.

shoe bakery chocolate cake shoes

I'd definitely love to own a pair of the sprinkled icing flats. Heck, I might try a to DIY them for Spring! The high heels I wouldn't see myself wearing, yet for max $300 a pair, they're a heck of a lot quirkier than anything Charlotte Olympia or Sophia Webster would dare create. And much, much less expensive!

Seriously worth at least a visit to the Shoe Bakery visually devour these amazing cake shoe creations. But if you've got a sweet tooth, enter at your own risk!

Shoe Bakery Sweet shoes cinnamon bun

Would you buy a pair of these shoes? And actually wear them?

xo ShoeTease
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Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

where can i buy a pair?!

Shawna Lenee

Thursday 18th of February 2016

These look sexy...and tasty lol :D Where can i buy these??


Thursday 18th of February 2016

Haha, yes, VERY tasty. Almost wish they were real :) You can get then at, although as mentioned in my post, the waitlist on most of the high heels is up to 10 weeks. Certainly worth the wait if smitten! xo Cristina


Saturday 6th of February 2016

The idea of matching one's shoes to one's wedding cake is almost fiendishly clever.


Tuesday 9th of February 2016

It is, isn't it? Even if not one's taste, one must gush over the artistry! A very creative company for sure! xo Cristina