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Best Pineapple Shoes for Spring/Summer 2017

Best Pineapple Shoes for Spring/Summer 2017

If the palm motif trend hasn't cast a shadow on every other design this season, you may have noticed that pineapples are kind of a big deal in fashion at the moment. Pineapple shoes in particular, are going strong & is the exact shoe trend I'm excited to share with you today on the shoe blog!

Pineapple Shoes Shoe Trends

Pineapple Shoes Trend – Spring 2017

I'm not quite sure what has us all excited about the ananas (yes, I like to talk about pineapples in French!) but there's something utterly cute & likeable about this gigantic fruit. It reminds me of summer with a caribbean twist, piña coladas & all things that are extremely appealing. To me, anyhow. I may actually be drinking the previously mentioned beverage as I'm writing the post! Seriously, don't put it past me 😉

But looking at the fruit itself; the textures, colour & funny little top hat (or crown, maybe!?), one can't deny it as a particularly darling detail sprouting in fashion & decor. Whether printed, embroidered or recreated into a 3D ornament, we can find all of them placed on various types of footwear for the 2017 Spring/Summer season.

Loads of high end designers have embarked on the pineapple shoes trend, most notably Dolce&Gabbana, Tory Burch & Gucci. These three have created some of the most incredible pineapple sandals & pineapple sneakers available this season. And if they were more affordable, I'd buy them all!

But if you're like me, fret not! I've found a few great lower end styles to suit diverse budgets, too. And if the selection below isn't vast enough, don't you worry. Next year there will be a plethora of designer copycat pineapple prints to wear on your feet, I can assure you!  So keep your eyes glued to this page, as I'll be adding more pineapple footwear designs as they roll out for summer.

Pineapple Shoes Dolce&Gabbana heels Spring 2017

One of the most stellar examples of fab ananas shoe styling is this amazing shoe by Dolce&Gabbana. Funny enough, I thought it was a Charlotte Olympia design, due to the sculpted heel & quirky look. If anyone wants to elevate their pineapple game, these are the shoes you must have!

Be it, they come at a steep price of upwards 2K US, but they are the bees knees. Or shall I call them the fruit's feet, bwahahaha?! Dolce&Gabbana‘s really elevated their kitschy shoe game recently & I'm loving it.

If you're looking for something low vs a high heel, there are quite a few  pineapple espadrilles & loafers to choose from too, on all sides of the price spectrum. Aquazurra makes a beautifully understated pineapple print loafer, in contrast to Romwe's bright pink loafer slip ons.

The pineapple sneakers on sale now are also pretty amazing. Like the Cougar Boots “Samba” rain shoe I featured in the first image of this post. They're like a rain boot, but look like a sneaker.  Cougar sent me these, so I got to try them out.

They have been certainly coming in handy to me during these insane rain showers in Toronto! If you do like them, I would strongly suggest to size down, as they're extra roomy. You can find all of the shoes mentioned above & more of my favourite pineapple shoes, linked below:

Pineapple Sneakers, Sandals & Sporty Slides

Shop the Selection, below:

Pineapple Loafers & Espadrilles


What do you think of the pineapple shoe trend: yay or nay?

xo Cristina  


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Saturday 13th of May 2017

I never realized there was a pineapple trend going on till recently when my good friends show me a pair of Kate Spade pineapple wedges and pineapple slides she was buying. She also suggested I look at getting into this trend, haha. I'm a huge Tory Burch fan and those espadrilles would be perfect but those Cougar pointy toed slip-ons are calling my name.