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Gucci’s Hairy Shoes for Fall are Actually Really Scary

Gucci’s Hairy Shoes for Fall are Actually Really Scary

During their Fall show last year, Gucci had their runway models strut their stuff in what appeared to be wig adorned & human hair lined footwear. Hair shoes, really. Seriously, though, some of the ugliest shoes of 2015, if you want to check them out!

But apparently these horrid shoes were soooo popular, that they've come out with the exact same line of wigged out shoes for the current, Fall 2016 season. With some newly added special designs. And yes, I'm talking that kind of special.

Let's have a look at these weird shoes, shall we?

Fendi's furry, fluffy shoes that Simone from recently blogged about here on the shoe blog, might have been a little-over-the-top, but not vomit inducing. At least Karl Lagerfeld's ponytail sneakers were pink, albeit still awful.

Natural hued, real long animal hair is particularly grotesque. Like these Gucci designs, that give me a serious case of the creepy crawlies. And I'm not even a vegetarian or anything. Can you imagine the disgusted reactions of the vegans to shoes that look like wearable, taxidermied animals? Ick.

Except to the magazine editors during fashion weeks, because they live in a world that is theirs (and their alone!).

Show up to a regular corporate world job in these hairy Gucci shoes, and a few of your clients may very well leave you for a classic heeled alternative.

But the above hairy/blonde wigged loafers solely appropriate for cousin IT, aren't the only beastly designs that Gucci has on sale. I've particular disgust for their distant relative, the short haired clog, like below. Just, no.

The zebra striped pony heels? Also ridiculous, but in a funny haha (vs. bleh) way. Still wouldn't wear 'em, though.

Props to the hair-filled loafers, however, especially the hot pink ones. For some odd reason these don't repulse me. They remind me of the fun, colorful slipper we should all have as we lounge around in our satin robes at home!

What do you think of Gucci's hairy shoes? Can you believe furry, hair shoes are actually one of the biggest Fall 2016 shoe trends? Not a bad options for Halloween, though, right!?

xo Cristina

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Saturday 24th of September 2016

My daughter saw these just now over my shoulder and worryingly said that this is messed up! I second that! Hahah... ;) They would NEVER work in rainy Scotland anyway

Tatyana x LAFOTKA


Saturday 24th of September 2016

OMG, can you imagine these all soggy and smelling like wet dog? Oh goodness, and here I thought they couldn't get any worse lol! xo Cristina