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Freak-Shoe Friday: Melted Brogue Alert!

Acne's brown “Spin” lace-up brogue wedge boot

A classic case of what I'm sure was a great idea in theory, gone terribly wrong. Or in this case, just having sagged away. I get, it, Acne, you wanted to spruce up the classic men's brogue to be all 2011 & whatnot. But clearly, this was not the stylistically successful (or remotely commercial!) route to take.

All for the conversation-starter shoe, I'm not sure this particular shoe convo would go very well. I can almost hear “vomit-inducing” & “material overload” in the hypothetical discussion. Albeit, if you took off that ridiculous rounded heel & outsole, the result wouldn't be so terrifying.

Acne should take a cue from another designer's updated brogue, Pedro Garcia‘s “Channer“, which transforms the men's style into a quirky & fun women's creation, with a sumptuous form & sexy heel. The exaggerated design elements are still present, but with a visually appealing, sinuous result.

 Pedro Garcia‘s “Channerf” lace-up shoe boot

Funny enough, both styles are available at I wonder which will sell faster, Acne's atrocity for $821.70 US, or Pedro's contemporary boot at $486.75? Hmmm…

Shoes for thought.

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