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Freak-Shoe Friday: Converse Conundrum

ugly shoe strawberry platorms lace up all star chuck taylor

Ah, Converse: Loved by popstars, fashionistas & the mere masses alike.You are a classic. Iconic, really. Everybody knows a Chuck Taylor. Everybody loves an All-Star!

Then one day while shopping the net, you find yourself parked at, where you're unwittingly confronted with bizarre footwear creations bearing the Converse logo. You are perplexed. Confused. Yes, that means the same thing, but at this point you're in aesthetic shock & can no longer master the English language. You do, however ask yourself if you've happened on Strawberry Shortcake's shop of choice, or if, perchance, this platform high-top is simply an enlarged image of a toddler shoe.

ugly shoe flats white lace up all star chuck taylor

But more shocking indeed is the sight of a poor little hacked-up Chuckie standing alone, quasi-naked & afraid. Not quite a sneaker, not truly a sandal. Hardly a Gladiator. Not quite anything, really.

That is all.

xo Cristina

***This post was written in collaboration with Blackleaf. All opinions expressed are my own. Obviously!***

Photo Credit: First image courtesy of Blackleaf. Other: Google

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