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Trending Pinterest Shoe Storage & Shoe Closets!

Trending Pinterest Shoe Storage & Shoe Closets!

You'd think the most trending pictures on Pinterest would be those of celebrity style, perhaps even the latest Spring & Summer designs. But no! If the ShoeTease Pinterest boards are of any trend-indication, Pinterest shoe storage & shoe closets have hit an all-time high (with the black/white vintage pic above, taking the repin cake!).

Kinda makes you rethink how many fashion voyeurs are really out there. That TTC Subway passenger next to you? Yep, they might very well be a shoe-closet peeping Tom! And if you happen to be one of these, come take a peek into Canada's sex & relationship blogger Simone's amazing shoe closet.

And if you're into Barbies & want to fill your Barbie's (or Ken's!) shoe closet with designer goodies, check out my post featuring Tiny Frock Shop‘s amazing selection of Louboutin & high-end brand inspired Barbie doll shoes, here!

xo Cristina M.
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