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Crochet Frog Sock Heels: Ugly or Interesting?

My friend Simone over at is always thinking of ShoeTease when ugly shoes cross her path (wait a sec…is that a good thing)? Just the other week, she forwarded me this amazingly bizarre frog high heel from Pinterest. It’s a shoe. But if you look closely, it’s really a sock. Or maybe a sock over a shoe?

Actually, I’m not quite sure what it is! Either way, it’s one of those shoe designs that I can’t help but appreciate. I mean, who thinks of designing shoes with knit sock overlays? And with a frog, lily pads & daisies on them…for adults?

Such a crazy conversation starter & surefire way to get your photo snapped at fashion week! I’d be so curious to see these shoes in person. Even if just to find out how they’re made & how the heck they were able to slide a sock over the pump. Or perhaps they crocheted it right onto it? Who knows?!

It comes as no surprise that this is a shoe designed by Junko Shimada. You’ve likely seen the spectacular floral appliqué strappy McQueen-esque wedges Junko designed from her S/S 2008 collection. If you haven’t, these are them, below, also grabbed from Pinterest:

Flower wedges Junko Shimada

Whether you think these designs are quirky or insane, it’s hard to deny the creativity factor. Such a great escape from everyday shoe reality. Which can be just. So. Boring.

What’s your take on these eclectic shoes, particularly the crochet frog sock heels?

PS: If you like checking out weird (and sometimes wonderful) shoes, be sure to check out my curated selection of weird shoes here, or my ugly shoes Pinterest board as well.

Happy Friday!

xo Cristina


    • Haha, yes, I hear you. Although if you’re near a pond you might get a frog on your foot anyhow LOL
      xo Cristina

  1. Well…I can’t say I would wear those, but you never know! If a mass retailer decided to take the idea and make it wearable, I’d realistically probably want them!

    Something About That

    • Ha, right!? Once a few brands start making them and people start wearing them, they become completely acceptable so we can all feel comfortable wearing them too! I would probably only wear them to go to fashion week or to a crazy dress up party.
      xo Cristina

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