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Where to Donate Shoes in Toronto, Canada

Where to Donate Shoes in Toronto, Canada

Where to Donate Shoes in Toronto & Canada

There comes a time where every shoe enthusiast must relinquish some of their hoard. Maybe your shoe closet is overflowing. Or your significant other would prefer some space for their stuff too 😉 Or maybe you want to make room for new pairs. (No judgment here!)

But looking for where to donate shoes can be more of a headache then actually giving them up. Googling “where to donate shoes near me” may not find you the right place you'd like your objects of affection to ultimately end up.

Luckily, we've done the research for you. Here's a list of where to donate old shoes that accept gently used shoes near Toronto & throughout Canada!

Because if you're going to give up some of your favorite shoes, they should go to a good cause. We even have an option on where to donate dance shoes, located at the bottom of the list!

Where to Donate Shoes in Toronto & Canada


Find It: While Soles4Souls is an organization based in the USA, it has many drop-off locations throughout Canada. There's five in Toronto alone! And if you have too many to drop off, there's an option to ship your shoes as well. Find the location closest to you here!

Why Them: If helping reduce poverty is something you're interested in, this is where to donate shoes. Soles4Souls main mission is to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

Your donated shoes go to North American families who struggle to afford basic necessities or overseas where they can help citizens in developing countries start & sustain small businesses.

In countries where walking is the primary mode of transport, donated shoes can be the difference between having clean drinking water or not.

Added Benefits: No tax receipts are given here, but if you drop off your gently used shoes to a DSW, you can receive 50 DSW Reward Points. A major bonus for the shoe fanatic looking to do good, but also look good!

Shoe Bank Canada

Find It: Primarily based in British Columbia, Shoe Bank Canada has drop-off locations scattered through the Ottawa-region. If you have multiple shoes (20+), you can easily ship to one of their BC locations. Find the location closest to you here.

Why Them: Shoe Bank Canada has been collecting footwear from Canadians & distributing them to individuals in need since 2015. This is the place if you're in Western Canada looking for where to donate old shoes. They sometimes partner up with Toronto-based shops to collect donations.

They're committed to servicing Canadians in need first & foremost. Any shoes left over are then donated overseas to other deserving individuals. They dbelieve that taking the first step out of poverty begins with a pair of gently used shoes.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately, no tax receipts. But you'd be helping a Canadian in need!

Diabetes Canada

Find It: Diabetes Canada donations are located all throughout Canada (check here!). Diabetes Canada also offers at-home pickup at your convenience. All they ask is that any donations must be under 40lbs/bag.

Why Them: They accept all types of in-kind donations as well including clothing, select electronics and sports equipment & household items. Perfect if you're cleaning out more than your shoe collection!

According to their website, donations helps benefit $5 million in diabetic research and sends 24,000 kids to summer camp, annually. If diabetes is an issue close to your heart, this is where to donate old shoes. You'd be helping 11 million Canadians.

Added Benefits: First time donating? Then you're in luck! You may be eligible for the First-Time Donor's Super Credit. That means that when tax time comes around, you get a higher federal credit on donations depending on the value donated. Your future tax self will thank you.

Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy (OFCP)

Find It: Items for OFCP can be dropped off at select Value Village locations (check here) as well as multiple donation bins located throughout Southwestern Ontario. They also offer free at-home pickup.

Why Them: If cerebral palsy is an issue close to home, this is where to donate old shoes. OFCP is dedicated to supporting people with cerebral palsy as well as their families by providing helpful services, resources & programs.

These programs and services are funded directly from the sale of donated items!

Added Benefits: No tax receipts are issued for non-monetary donations. You can, however, donate a whole slew of items including clothing, bedding, linens, toys, games, small appliances, etc. If you're doing a house cleanup, OFCP is the perfect place to donate!

Haven on the Queensway

Find It: Items can be dropped off Haven on the Queensway at 1533 The Queensway, from Monday to Thursday 8:30am-4:00pm. Donation needs change with the seasons, meaning you won't be able to donate summery sandals during the fall/winter season or insulated winter boots during spring/summer.

Why Them: Haven on the Queensway is dedicated to helping those who find themselves in crisis. They provide community members in need with food, clothing, and other basic necessities. They're committed to helping people become more self-sufficient.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately no tax receipts are issued for non-monetary donations.

Jessie's | The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Find It: Items can be dropped off at 205 Parliament Street on Tuesdays 9am-7pm if you have more than three bags, or on Thursday from 9am-5pm. Street parking is available right outside their door except from 4-6pm daily.

They ask that donations not be placed in garbage bags, but regular bags & boxes are fine!

Why Them: The Centre provides services to pregnant teens & young mothers and their children who face poverty and social isolation. They're dedicated to being the difference between a lonely and scary start to motherhood and a new beginning filled with support and care.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately no tax receipts are issued for non-monetary donations. But this is a place to donate more than old shoes. They accept gently used clothing for women and children, car seats and strollers, small household items, baby equipment, and all things related to young children. This is the perfect place to donate any gently used baby items.

Oasis Clothing Bank

Find It: The Oasis Clothing Bank donation drop-offs are located throughout the city of Toronto. Use their locator to find the one nearest to you! They also offer free at-home pickup if you have a minimum of three bags, which is amazing!

Why Them: Oasis Clothing Bank helps fund the Oasis Addiction Recovery Society. They help provide employment services to recovering addicts. These people have made the commitment to sobriety & want to integrate themselves back into society.

Your donations are either given to participants or help fund services and programs that help them achieve this important & difficult goal. They also accept all manners of clothing as well.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately, no tax receipts. But you'd be helping struggling community members get back on their feet!

New Circles – GLOW (Gently Loved Outfits to Wear)

Find It: New Circles GLOW is located at 161 Barley Drive in Toronto during regular business hours. On Thursdays, they're open until 7pm. No appointment needed, but donations in bags are preferred during office hours. They accept all types of shoes, clothing  & accessories for women, children and men. Seasonal items are preferred.

Why Them: the GLOW program offers free clothing to community members in need. They service low-income residents living in Flemingdon Park, Thorncliffe Park, Victoria Village, Taylor-Massey, and Oakridge. Low-income individuals & families, as well as recent refugees outside of these areas, may apply by contacting New Circles directly.

Added Benefits: Tax receipts are not provided for gently used goods, but a letter of acknowledgment is provided for new donations with tags still on as long as they're accompanied by a purchase receipt.

Dress For Success

Find It: You can find Dress for Success at their new location is at 5150 Yonge Street. You can drop off your gently used work-appropriate shoes on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.  You can find a list of all items they accept & do not accept, here

Why Them: If you're looking on where to donate old shoes that are work-appropriate, this is the place. Dress For Success hopes to empower women by giving them the skills (and wardrobe!) in order to achieve economic independence. They help dress low-income individuals in order to help them get the job they need.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately no tax receipts, but you'd be helping a fellow woman achieve her career goals. What's better than that?

Red Door Family Shelter

Find It: At Red Door Family Shelter, Items can be dropped off at 21 Carlaw Avenue during regular business hours. However, donation needs change every so often, so be sure to check their website if they're accepting shoes. It's also recommended to contact the shelter ahead of time!

Why Them: If homelessness is a cause that is dear to your heart, this is where to donate old shoes for you. Your donations will help assist families in need, newly landed refugees, and women fleeing from violence. Donated items will be given to those in the shelter to provide them with the basic necessities.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately no tax receipts are issued for non-monetary donations.

Where To Donate Dance Shoes in Toronto, Canada

Where to Donate Shoes Dance Shoes in Toronto Canada

Danceability Movement

Find It: Dance shoes may be donated at participating Danceability studios. They're located throughout the GTA in Milton, Bradford, Mississauga, Ancaster, and Richmond Hill. It's best to contact ahead of time! According to their website, tap shoes are needed!

Why Them: This is where to donate dance shoes. Danceability helps support special needs children who love to dance, but can't afford the often expensive hobby.

Your old dance shoes would go to a deserving dance student to help offset costly costume fees while giving them the ability to pursue something they're passionate about.

Added Benefits: Unfortunately no tax receipts, but maybe you'll score tickets to a dance performance!

Final Remarks

So that's our list on where to donate old shoes in Toronto & throughout Canada. I how it's helped you source a great cause where you can give back through your shoes & make a difference! 

What are your favorite causes to donate used shoes & clothing? Is there a place that you love donating to that we missed out on? Let us know!

Written by: Meagan Enciso

Photo Credit for last image: Pixabay

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