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Double Striped Shoes with Stripes on Stripes…

Double Striped Shoes with Stripes on Stripes…


I talk a lot about shoe styling: you know, how to pair fashion & street style outfits with certain shoes. I tend to stick with the rules. So if I wrote a post on “how to wear a striped dress”, striped shoes would likely not figure into a double stripes on stripes fashion equation! It's not that I believe in sticking blindly to certain rules, but when discussing general outfit & shoe pairings online vs. in person, it's better to err on the side of caution. Better be safe than sorry. That kind of thing. I mean, I don't want to be the reason anyone looks anything less than a street style star after reading any of my shoe advice, of course 😉

I definitely did not keep it safe in styling these double striped shoes with a striped dress. They say life is short, so buy the shoes. Sometimes I say life is short, so break the rules! In fashion, it's really the manner in which you break them that counts!

Certain supposed fashion faux-pas can definitely be made to work. In the end it's really a mix of how you carry yourself (closely tied to how great the clothes make you feel) along with the general proportions of the garments, accessories & shoes. Both individually & how they mix.

Until recently, I had never worn what I've dubbed my “Creamsicle” platform sandals by Jessica Simpson that I picked them up at as shoe warehouse sale in Toronto. As my good ‘ol flare pants from years ago were still packed in a box somewhere, I couldn't wear a denim-clad 70s styled ensemble that is so very 2015.

I also didn't have any clothes that I felt right pairing with these chunky heels. But when I spotted this navy & heather grey stripe dress from Gap, I knew I had found my perfect match!

Double Striped Platforms & Stripes on Stripes

Shoes with Stripes on Stripes

As the winter has been less than kind to my mid-section (and I do like to blame the winter for a lot of things!), this dress hides what I dislike, while exposing what is want. And it's a perfectly roomy & short hemmed mid-season piece to throw on go, even as a long t-shirt on top of skinnies.

It's especially handy for a lunch or dinner date; you can eat all you want & no one will see your food baby! It's modest up top with its boxy shape & sleeves, but is very short hemmed, which makes for a nice contrast.

Anyhow, I couldn't think of pairing it with any other shoe in my closet aside from these new striped shoes. Double stripes on stripes, really! They look fun together because the 2 different stripes on the platform sandals are both smaller & larger in width with respect to the dress' stripes.

And is the same reason why the double stripes on the shoes themselves make for a good match. My favorite fringe purse was a good off-white compliment to the heels. The fringe also adds some subtle texture not to take away form the vibrantly striped pieces.

I kept the jewelry almost null not to confuse things too much (which is always a good idea if you're going a little overboard with the rest!).

I desperately wanted to showcase other examples of ladies wearing striped shoes with striped outfits, but alas, could find none. Not even on Pinterest. Which is, dare I say, rather shocking!

What the heck can't you find on Pinterest these days? What I did find were some fun striped platform sandals & wedges on sale for Spring/Summer 2015 (these orange “Sundown Yacht” stripe platforms are sold out) to pair with striped dresses (this one is currently on sale at the Gap). See my picks when you scroll down the post!

Photography by Conrad Collaco

Shoes with Stripes on Stripes

Shoes with Stripes on Stripes

Striped shoes: Jessica Simpson, Dress: Gap, Purse & Earrings: Winners

xo ShoeTease

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Wednesday 27th of May 2015

Nailed it sweets! You know my love for stripes so this is amazing! PS that dress look so comfy and love those tassels ;)


Friday 29th of May 2015

Thanks lovely! Yes, you and I and denim ;) It is so comfy & easy to style!

xo Cristina


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

Absolutely LOVE it, Cristina!!



Tuesday 26th of May 2015

Awe, thanks Terry! I'm so glad you like :) xo Cristina