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Shoe Graveyard – This One Goes Alone

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Born in China, raised in Canada & buried in Toronto

R.I.P. black strappy flats

Yes, it has been a while since a shoe of mine has made the 6 foot drop. Thankfully.

This time, however, it's with particular sadness that I bury these flats. Actually, flat. Yep, only one shoe. All by it's lonesome: without it's counterpart; its twin; its significant other. Where did it go? No one really knows…

All in all, these B2 multi-strap shoes from Browns did live a full & well-rounded life. They trotted off to Europe. Toured the Caribbean. Voyaged in Canada. They were paired with cute & colorful fashion items. They also underwent extensive cosmetic surgical procedures. (OK, maybe just one procedure, with the aid of paper scissors to turn four buckles into two, but a an enhancement nonetheless!).

They had style. They lived well.

This shoe might have not missed out on much, but it shall be missed. R.I.P. black, strappy flats.

xo ShoeTease

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