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Freak-Shoe Friday – Purple Disco-Ball Horror!

I honestly have no words – or rather, not many. Am I too small-minded to understand the purpose of this boot? Why is it glittery and purple? Why does it exist other than to offend? I attempt to dissuade myself from heavily weeping with the thought that these aren't intended to be worn by anyone over the age of 10. But at a closer glance, UGG Australia categorizes these Classic Short Sparkles Boots as “Women's”. Sigh 🙁

In case you're an ex-mermaid (à la Splash) who's interested, sadly for you, these gems are currently unavailable for purchase at the Canadian online UGG store. But the rest of the Canadian population can remain utterly thankful.

That is all.
xo ShoeTease

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Saturday 3rd of December 2011

I've seen similar UGGs in the UK, those were red and cost a whopping Ł200. I couldn't believe my eyes.


Monday 5th of December 2011

I also thought my eyes were lying to me, but soon realized what I was seeing was actual fact!