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Freak-Shoe Friday: Flatform Topped with a Toupé!

Minimarket makes some funky cool footwear. Apparently, this isn't one of the bunch. Brown flatforms are pretty bad on their own as they kinda look like squished loaves of bread. Most of us agreed on this while discussing this fine specimen! So what does toupé-topping, wrapping & adorning the flatform with buckles do for it? Not a whole lot of good if you ask me.

The aptly named “What The Frigg” is apparently rather mesmerizing to the people down at Solestruck. Their high hilarious view on the shoe, titled Ice Princess goes as follows:

One look at these glamorous, fur-topped flatforms and we were instantly transposed to the snowy mountains of Sweden (well, technically to our family castle with a view of the mountains, as we are obviously fairy ice princesses in this scenario). Something about this style just puts us in fantasy mode. The gorgeous materials, pretty coloring and wonderland styling come together in the perfect way. LE SIGH. Princes are not required with a shoe this good.

I'm sorry, but pardon moi? I dunno about you, but when I think “princess” I think of this type of shoe. Which is definitely NOT in any way, shape or form, a flatform. So yeah, for 515 bucks, they can keep their fairytale shoes & I'll take my prince, thank you very much!

Surely the good people at Solestruck must have got their descriptions mixed up. Or so I must tell myself.

That is all.

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Maya Hirschman

Friday 30th of September 2011

What the Frigg, indeed. Without a tread you can't even say they're useful in a blizzard.

Also, if you're a fairy princess, you don't need clothes. You're a fairy. Made of magic. If you want a (somewhat) practical fairy shoe, try the ones here: