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Freak-Shoe Friday: Clown Candy Striper

It doesn't happen often, but this time around I am somewhat at a lack for words. If I hadn't seen this Jeffrey CampbellSporty” flatform shoe on a reputable online retailer, I would have perceived it as a joke. This shoe scares me & it's not only for the aesthetic debauchery it embodies.

It scares me is how a team could have designed, approved, produced, and most unbelievable of all, sold this particular design. If I came out with my own line of ShoeTease shoes & created with this item, would anyone be forking out $129.95/a pair? I believe not. Goes to show how far fashionistas will go to acquire a particular ‘It' brand.

What frightens me to the core, however, is that this particular style, in this particular colorway, is OUT OF STOCK at Solestruck. I'd really love to have a little chat the apparently blind people people who bought it. Seriously, either I'm missing something or ya'll need help!

Now the big question is: what kind of sports could you possibly play while wearing these things?

That is all.

xo ShoeTease


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Wednesday 16th of November 2011

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Grand Mademoiselle

Friday 21st of October 2011

Whoa... Freaky indeed! Great freaky find.