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Freak-Shoe Friday – Let the 70s just, Be

Jeffrey-Campbell-shoes Rainbow Brite solestruck shoes

As it's Solestruck's motto to “rid the world of ugly shoes“, I often wonder what the heck goes through their buyers' minds when they pick up a shoe such as Jeffrey Campbell's “R Bright” sandals, pictured above. Are they simply being ironic?

I don't know about you, but I'm rather bury the 70s in the past, rather than re-resurrect the era's repulsive shoe style (particularly the tacktastically ugly flatforms that plagued those times!).

But if Rainbow Bright-inspired multicolored platforms with gold straps are your thing, then head right over to Solestruck to get your fix. At least for $134.95 US, you're not going to go into shoe-bankrupcy anytime soon.

That is all.

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Rachel Jay

Friday 24th of February 2012

Yea, I've seen these while browsing JC's shoes, and they are definitely among the "WTF is that crap?!" pairs. I can't think of anyone they'd look good on, nor any outfit they'd look good with, spare some sexy Halloween rendition of Rainbow Brite, and even then, they wouldn't look GOOD, they'd just... add to the absurdity of the costume, which on Halloween, seems to kinda work.


Friday 24th of February 2012

I've also been scratching my head, wondering what "look" would work with these monstrous shoes and I think you've hit the nail on the head!