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Freak-Shoe Friday: Designer Socks with Sandals?

Freak-Shoe Friday: Designer Socks with Sandals?

black patent t-strap laser cut mary janes heels fall winter 2013

So the still-not-answered footwear dilemma persists. Socks with sandals: yes or no? Well, with the above Sophia Webster “Sadle” & Charlotte Olympia's “Gretel”, socks are not a choice. A laser-cut white leather mock-sock has been conveniently “installed” for you. I guess when you don't have the option to opt out, it's possibly ok. Just maybe.

Not necessarily them shoes women want. And although I find them quirky, some might say build-in socks in heels constitutes all the qualities of an ugly shoe.

What do you think?

That is all.

xo Cristina
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