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Fringe & Tassel Sandals Never Looked so Bad

Fringe & Tassel Sandals Never Looked so Bad

Ugly Sandals Brown Straw N21

If you thought those Proenza Schouler woven straw boots were bad, today's Freak Shoe Friday item reaches new heights. I haven't seen ugly designer shoes quite this appalling since….well, I can't even remember.

And if these weren't hideous enough, they come in a flat & multi color version. Not sure which is the lesser of the 3 evils.

Help me decide?

ugly sandals n21 straw heels

Pom pom sandals & tassel shoes are all the rage right now. And for good reason: pom poms, fringe & tassels are freaking awesome! Yet, brand N.21 has somehow managed to ruin the unruinable (and yes, I just made that word up).

Ugly sandals N21 Designer Heels

There's just so much brown….

I mean, I get how these might possibly be sought out by the anti-fashion crowd who, for some ideological reason, refutes fashion & shoe trends. Yet these are technically trendy, in their detailing and with their block heels & “corset” lacing. Only done terribly wrong. And I'm certain no one spewing out anti-convention would pay the asking amount for them. Just saying.

For your amusement, I have included a snapshot of the retailer's description. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But to give them credit, they did get something right: these sandals will definitely stun. Day or night.

ugly sandals n21 straw descriptions

If someone can clue me into what “bohemian romantic vibe” means, I'd be grateful.

So where are the other two styles I was talking about earlier? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to include these marvels. Check them out, below.

Here is the flat sandal version

ugly sandals n21 straw flats

Here is the same heel in another colorway

Ugly sandals n21 straw heels Spring 2016

Hmmm…let's try to say something nice, shall we? Here goes: at least you can visually make out the pom poms & the tassels in this last pair of ugly sandals?! OK, I'm obviously just grasping at straws. Pun, definitely intended!

If you're wondering “how much?”, let me tell you: 1.2K. Yes, over ONE THOUSAND American dollars for this big mess of a shoe that looks fit to be thrown into a bonfire. Just thinking of the poor animal that got skinned for this hunk of junk makes me want to go vegan.

So tell me, am I off my rocker or are these sandals just as preposterous as I see them?

What!!? This shoe's not hideous enough for you? Well, aren't you in luck?! Take a look at our other “selection” of ugly shoes <– here!

xo Cristina

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Saturday 16th of April 2016

Kill me now, but I actually don't mind the burgundy pair! The other 2 are a no-no for sure! It's the straw bits - they seem so unnecessary! haha

Tatyana x LAFOTKA


Sunday 17th of April 2016

You know I think you're onto something. Once you see the other two, the reddish-brown pair doesn't seem quite so bad lol!! But yes, you called it: the "straw" is what broke visually the camel's back on this one! xo Cristina