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Rick Owens X Adidas White Leather Island Sole Sneakers

Rick Owens X Adidas White Leather Island Sole Sneakers

I'm all for conceptual, avant garde design, but there is a fine line between an interesting object & an aesthetically pleasing article of clothing. I mean I love Rick Owens, I really do. Most of his sneakers are downright fabulous & his shoes have a dark, sophisticated edge. I will not confirm or deny, but I may have worked with the guy. However impartial you think I might be, I believe this Rick Owens for Adidas sneaker is monstrous. Maybe I should mention that it is in fact a men's shoe. But either way, ick.

Be it, I have never been a fan of clunky shoes or sneakers, (I cry a river every time I see a oversized bright white basketball sneak), but this one is just unsightly. Or would be, when worn. Looking at it footless, it's actually pretty amazing. But the fact of the matter is that this ‘object' is meant to be worn.

Honestly, I'd rather  have my better half wear Croc clogs. And they don't cost $860.

That is all.

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