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Freak-Shoe Friday: Uggly reaches new heights

“Known for footwear that is as cozy at is chic, Koolaburra's boots offer a smart, sophisticated take on this classic footwear.”

Hilarity from the dissilutioned people at Revolve Clothing. And at 350 bucks a pop…Seriously, WTF?

xo ShoeTease

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Friday 17th of December 2010

Tragedy is a nice word... Captain Hook could have used these to go with his hook-arm. And I luv Uggs "Pink" of course. LoL


Friday 17th of December 2010

OMG!!!! I totally missed these I did a post on the Fugg-Ly tragedy too lol these have thrown me over the edge smh! xoxo


Friday 17th of December 2010

Yes, I know. Tragic. Hope this image didn't ruin your Friday xo


Friday 17th of December 2010

OMG those are just ugly.. and i love my uggs just cuz they keep my feet warm.. but those are soo ugly..