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Freak-Shoe Friday: Nina Ricci’s Wet Dog Droppings

At first glance, these two Nina Ricci Fall 2011 shoes would make anyone scratch their heads in confusion. Actually, I'm sorry. Let me speak for myself here: I was definitely scratching my head, asking WTF has landed on the top of these shoes? A small wet animal? A dismembered rat? Cow dung?

Fret not people, the highly paid designers at the Ricci headquarters created this mohair roadkill to act as a bow. Yes, a bow, confused folks! I'm guessing the underpaid design assistants/interns decided to play a little joke on the Peter Copping & the creative team to see if they would notice. Apparently they didn't! Funny enough, the other shoes in the collection are rather spectacular…

Would you pay more than a grand to wear shoes with freaky, shaggy little bows on them?

 Nina Ricci Red Pumps – US 1124.00 @ Luisaviaroma, Black Flats – $490.00 @ Barneys

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